Huawei Modem Flashing Red Los

If you are a user of high-speed Internet using GPON technology, then your router has LOS and PON indicators (depending on the model of the device, there may be only PON). They show the status of the Internet connection and signal problems on the line. How to decipher their signals, we will describe in this article.

The value of LOS and PON on the router

First, let’s briefly talk about what GPON is. This high-speed connection via fiber optic cable, in addition to the Internet, allows you to use the services of telephony and digital television. An optical cable is inserted directly into the apartment or user’s office, where a special ONT modem is installed, which is essentially a Wi-Fi router connected to an optical fiber line. Through fiber, it connects directly to the provider’s equipment (OLT).

In addition to the main indicators, the same as on conventional routers, the ONT-modem has LOS and PON indicators that display the status of connection to OLT.

Indication Description

During normal operation, the PON indicator should be lit continuously, and the LOS indicator should be off. The LOS light is responsible for the connection, while PON is responsible for registering with the provider’s network.

Consider possible display options:

  • The LOS and PON indicators are off. there is no OLT connection, the optical cable is not connected to the connector, or there is no signal in the cable.
  • PON flashes quickly, LOS is turned off. the router is trying to establish a connection with the provider equipment.
  • PON is lit continuously, LOS is off. the connection with the provider is established.
  • Both indicators often flash. it was not possible to authenticate to OLT, the router was mapped incorrectly using GPON technology. To solve the problem, you should contact your provider.
  • PON flashes quickly, LOS flashes slowly. insufficient signal strength in the cable.
  • Both indicators blink slowly. hardware malfunction.

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Problems and their solution

A connection problem is indicated by a red indicator light. The LOS indicator is responsible for connecting to the provider. If the red LOS light on the router is lit or blinking red, then there are problems with the Internet. Internet and telephony do not work.

Huawei Modem Flashing Red Los

If PON blinks red, it means the same thing. there is no internet connection.

You can try to solve this problem as follows:

  1. First you need to check the integrity of the optical cable leading from the router to the outlet. It may break if you unsuccessfully bend it or move furniture and crush it. The cable may also be damaged by pets.
  2. If everything is OK with the cable, check if the plug is firmly seated in the router connector. He should hold tight, not hang out. Disconnect and reconnect the cable.
  3. If, after these manipulations, the problem persists, dust may have fallen on the plug. This can happen if you moved the device from place to place and the cable remained unconnected for some time. Remove the plug from the router and wipe it first with a dry cloth. If it is not possible to remove the contamination, then use an alcohol cloth. After that, reconnect the cable and check if the Internet is working.

If the indicator continues to blink red, then this is a problem on the line or on the provider’s equipment.

In this regard, when working with fiber optic cables, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid damage or cable breaks. Do not crush it.
  • When the plug is pulled out, close it with a special protective cap. These caps should be stored in an airtight container so that dust does not get on them.

Thus, the LOS and PON indicators let the user know what is currently happening with the ONT router and identify connection problems. The user can independently try to fix these problems if the connection fails due to problems on his side. If the problem arose on the side of the provider, to solve it, you will need to contact the technical support service.