Huawei Mobile Services What It Is

A modern mobile phone is a multifunctional device. It is not surprising that it is used not only for calls and communication, but also for other purposes. For example, almost any smartphone can easily replace the classic navigator. Usually it’s enough to just install a special program and run it.

Huawei Mobile Services What It Is

But sometimes a problem arises. the phone does not connect to the satellites and this makes it impossible to use such software for its intended purpose. In this article, we will talk about how to find a solution if the navigator does not work in Honor or Huawei.

What needs to be done to remedy the situation

Just want to note that the proposed methodology is relevant for all mobile devices that use the Android operating system for their work. not only for Honor and Huawei smartphones.

So what you need to do:

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  • First of all, we click on the settings icon, go through “security and privacy” to “location data”. It is necessary to make sure that the item "GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks" is in an active state;
  • Try alternative programs. Perhaps only a specific application is functioning incorrectly. And in the rest. everything is fine. Then you should refuse the problem software or try to reinstall it in order to get rid of a possible failure;
  • Sometimes the cause of this condition is the presence of some kind of obstacle. If you are indoors or in a vehicle, it is advisable to bring the mobile phone to the window for inspection. And when you are outdoors, do not forget to use the function responsible for positioning;
  • The reason for poor positioning can be a bad GPS signal. A similar phenomenon can be observed in places where there are some obstacles to its transmission. For example, when passing tunnels, in areas with mountains, in places with a large number of all kinds of buildings. Try to change your location in such a way as to reduce the likelihood of signal shielding;
  • Even a case that is used on a mobile phone can become a cause of a bad signal. Especially if it is fully or partially made of metal. It is worth temporarily removing it to check the result. If it turns out to be positive, then it will be necessary to think about changing the cover to an alternative product that is more suitable for the navigator.

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It is very important for the correct operation of such programs to make sure that the correct settings for the so-called location service are selected. To do this, you must:

  • Activate the control panel by swiping down at the top of the smartphone screen;
  • Click on the icon that is responsible for the location information. This will make sure that geolocation is in an activated state;
  • Go to geolocation settings. To do this, hold down and for some time do not release the icon of information about your location;
  • In the settings, you need to set the item “Use GPS, Wi-FI and mobile networks” as the main definition mode.

In the end, you should make sure that the program you use generally has access rights to information about your location. To do this, go through the settings in the “applications and notifications” section, go to “rights” and click on “your location”.

If all the recommendations described above could not correct the situation, then there is the likelihood of some kind of hardware malfunction in the mobile device used. You can fix it only in specialized workshops or in service centers of the smartphone manufacturer’s company. You will need to take your gadget to such a place, explain the reason for the appeal and leave the cell phone for diagnosis.