Huawei Honor 8 Not Charging

Huawei or Honor does not charge for several reasons. They are systemic or mechanical. But there are a number of problems that Android users encounter, regardless of the model or price of the phone. These difficulties are rather universal, since a non-working connector or problems with a charger are commonplace. Recently, owners of Honor 10, 9 Lite or 8 Lite models often complain about these difficulties. In this article, we will look at what to do if you have problems connecting to the power.


As already mentioned, the circumstances under which the Honor or Huawei phone does not charge are divided into two types. systemic and mechanical.

  1. Inoperative USB cable. If there is damage along the length or on the plug, there will be no contact at all.
  2. Broken USB connector. There is a chance that the socket of your phone is damaged and the charger does not stick in the hole.
  3. Damaged or outdated OS. Damage to the operating system is caused by virus programs and malicious components. They get into the device’s memory due to download from unverified sources. The phenomenon is quite frequent. than half of the failures of tablets and phones are due to virtual malicious components.
  4. Inappropriate charger. If your gadget should be charged from a 2 amp unit, then from 1 ampere the battery will not charge. There is simply not enough energy for this.
  5. There is a problem with the outlet. In the event of a breakdown, it can either supply a small amount of energy, or not supply it at all.
  6. The battery indicator does not work correctly. Perhaps your device is charging, but the indicator on the smartphone does not show this. There is a possibility that the indicator will not show the charging process and will jump immediately from 24% to 80%.

What to do if the Huawei or Honor phone does not charge?

Depending on which case you have, it’s worth considering how to solve the difficulty. If you have the first problem, then you should carefully inspect the cable and, if necessary, replace it with another.

If you have a second situation, you should contact the service center. Rarely craftsmen at home qualitatively change or repair nests.

To correct errors in the operating system, the most effective method is Hard Reset technology. This reset all user settings to factory defaults.

If you have a malfunctioning outlet, then we do not recommend charging Huawei or Honor from this, and generally connecting any device.

Failures in the operation of the indicator are often triggered by a lack of RAM for the correct notification. To fix this, clear the cache and remove unnecessary components.

Does not turn on, does not charge

If your phone does not turn on, the power button may be damaged or your device’s charge will drop to 0%. Then you need to give the wizard to diagnose the power button and the memory connection jack.

Does not charge when on

Check out the memory slot here. Use several different cables and use a couple of blocks. If the problem persists, it is worth repairing or changing the socket.

Charges for 4-5 seconds and turns off

One of the most common causes of this error is internal damage to the charger. Then the contacts go away and the signal disappears. After slight movement of the wire, the contact reappears, which the system notifies by the sound of connecting to the memory.

Huawei Honor 8 Not Charging

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