Huawei Freebuds 3 How To Connect

Active noise reduction is found in intra-channel models, but here Huawei went further by introducing an external noise control system in the earbuds. These are the first Huawei Freebuds 3 in-ear earphones with noise canceling system. The system will not completely remove external sounds, but lower the volume.


Freebuds 3 are dolphin-shaped. The package includes a case, a set of ear pads, headphones, a charging cable and an instruction manual. The stated operating time is 4 hours, and the charge time is 1 hour.

release date

The company announced the development of Freebuds 3 in early 2019, when it presented it at a technology conference. Sales opened for Russia at the end of 2019.

Ergonomic design

Huawei earbud design, although it suggests a comfortable location in the ears, but some users note the discomfort of prolonged wearing.

The design of the Freebuds 3 case differs from the usual ones in a rounded, non-convex shape, which provides convenient carrying. The case is made of glossy material, which makes it prone to scuffs, scratches.

The cover does not play, and the headset is mounted on magnets. On the back of the case there is a metal insert with the name of the company.
Freebuds 3 is easily removed from the case, has a pleasant to the touch material, as well as the case.

The device has three microphones, proximity sensors and bone conduction, which responds to tapping the headphone casing. This sensor also picks up the owner’s voice, cleans it of noise, the interlocutor hears a clear, clear speech.

Feature table

Intelligent sound

Huawei has a deep sound, although not enough bass. But the built-in bass tube provides deep bass, which is enough for jazz compositions.

Each Freebuds 3 has one microphone built-in, they provide detailed sound. Intelligent development is that even gusts of wind for microphones do not interfere.

Better the sound reveals itself in the room. then the detail of the instruments, bright high frequencies, clear mids becomes noticeable.

Active noise reduction system

You should not rely on Huawei noise reduction, as on cutting off all sounds, but they will save from office noise, unnecessary conversations. At the same time, sound insulation is less, others can listen to music at high volume.

Compare Huawei Freebuds 3 vs Airpods 2 Headphones

In order to visualize the differences, the advantages of the Freebuds 3 model before the development of Apple, it is worth considering the characteristics.

  • Design. both models are similar, with the exception of the design of the case. But both models have a compact, comfortable shape. Built-in speakers for both bluetooth headphones.
  • Moisture-resistant coating is only with Huawei, which makes them suitable for sports, but with movements the gadget may fall out of your ear. The case is also protected from rain, however, immersing the headphones under water is not recommended.
  • Weight. Both models are lightweight, differing by 1 g.
  • Microphone. only Apple has noise canceling the microphone, but Huawei has a bone conduction sensor that clears speech from interference.
  • Autonomy. Apple’s headphones last 5 hours on a single charge, and Huawei about 4 hours.
  • Time to charge. it takes 5 hours to charge an Apple gadget, and 1 hour is enough for Huawei.
  • Options. earphones from Huawei contain ear pads in the kit, which can be changed for comfortable use.
  • Wireless charging. both models have a wireless charging function.
  • Voice Assistant. built-in both in Apple’s headphones, as well as in its analogue.
  • Cost. even though the gadget from Huawei is cheaper than the analogue, but it can not be attributed to the economy class segment.

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A2DP is the advanced stereo sound in Huawei headphones. Thanks to the built-in stereo system, music sounds surroundly.

AVRCP. the ability to control music, incoming calls, while driving a car. Responds to voice commands embedded in the memory.

Hands Free Profile. allows you to control Huawei through voice commands, touch control. Switching tracks, increasing the volume is possible only through a smartphone. A battery check is also displayed on the phone screen.

Headset Profile. the ability to use headphones for both listening to music, an audio file, and for negotiating.

Smart charge

The run time of Freebuds 3 is 4 hours on a single charge. The headset is charged through the case. And the case itself can be charged both from the wire and using wireless charging for an hour.

How to connect

The initial connection of Freebuds 3 is the same as that of other models of other companies.

  • To get Freebuds from a case, having previously charged.
  • Activate the Bluetooth function on the smartphone.
  • Find the device in the list of found.
  • Start pairing.

Further connection does not require re-pairing, third-party Freebuds headphones will be connected automatically.

Important: when connecting Huawei to a new device, full pairing is required.


Actions are focused on the touchpad located on the body of the Freebuds 3 headphone.

  • Double-tap the left earphone. activate noise reduction.
  • Touching the right earbud twice. changing music or pause, play.

Help: it is possible to reconfigure the keys through a proprietary application.

Application and setup

The company has developed a special application with which you can configure touch keys. You can download the Huawei All Life app on Google play or AppGallery.

Huawei Freebuds 3 How To Connect

In the application, you can configure noise reduction, reformat the sensor keys, activate the voice assistant, monitor the charge level of both the headphones and the case.

The Huawei application is updated automatically.


A Freebuds 3 headset with several advantages:

  • sound
  • nice case design;
  • gadget assembly;
  • fast, stable pairing with the phone and other devices;
  • noise suppression;
  • good voice transmission through the microphone;
  • stable communication without interference, interruptions;
  • fast sensor response;
  • the ability to configure through the application.


It is worth considering the disadvantages of Huawei:

  • uncomfortable sitting in the ears, may fall out;
  • not intended for sports;
  • glossy coating is subject to scratches, abrasions;
  • little functional control, two sensors;
  • when watching a video on YouTube, the sound lags behind the video;
  • cost;
  • spontaneous inclusion of noise reduction or Freebuds themselves;
  • low autonomy, 4 hours of operation.

The Freebuds tws model met user expectations. A noise canceling system, which is rare among the in-ear headphones. They note the sound, the quality of the transmission of speech, the suppression of the sounds of public transport is noted.

Noise reduction Freebuds 3 will not save you from sharp sounds, loud noises, but it will significantly soften their sharpness. The design of the Huawei case pleases with its streamlined shape and compactness, and the quality of the materials is up to standard.

A proprietary application to configure the device will provide additional features, allowing you to control not only the sensor, but also noise reduction.

Compared to Airpods 2, Huawei headphones have many advantages, including a moisture-proof coating. Despite the small battery life, the device is charged for an hour until it is fully charged, and it works without a break for 20 hours from the case.

For sports, the Freebuds 3 headset is not so suitable. The charge indicator on the case gives an understanding of when to put the gadget on charge.

When watching a video from YouTube, the sound may lag behind the picture by a split second, but when watching movies this is not noticed. Ear pads in a set of different sizes, as well as the color of the device.