Huawei E8372 Doesn’T See Sim

How to change IMEI on a Huawei modem: after understanding this topic, users will have the opportunity to use cheap mobile Internet on computers and laptops.

Now the use of cheap traffic is impossible, because operators do not allow using SIM cards for smartphones on other devices. Providers block access to the network, offering customers to purchase an additional sim or change the tariff plan. But a change in tariff will lead to more expensive traffic and higher Internet costs.

The only way to avoid additional costs is to change imei. By changing the identifier, the owners of USB modems make the operator believe that the SIM card is in the phone. As a result, the usual restrictions are removed, and unlimited access to the network is preserved. The main thing is to approach your existing goal wisely, without making mistakes and without making hasty decisions.

Entering AT Commands Through PuTTy

To change imei on a Huawei modem, you have to do the following:

  1. connect a 3G modem to a computer (laptop);
  2. Go to the device manager and find new devices;
  3. pay special attention to the added port, remembering its number;
  4. open the task manager, find the processes associated with the modem in it (usually 2 of them), disable;
  5. the next step will be downloading the conductor (PuTTy) and opening it;
  6. the explorer configures the connection with the previously discovered port;
  7. in the column “serial line” indicates the port;
  8. 4 type of connection is selected;
  9. the terminal tab is opened;
  10. and the “local echo” is turned on.

This completes the preparatory phase, and users can move on to collecting information that will be needed to make changes. So, to use the program you will need a special OEM code to unlock the modem. To get the mentioned code, you need to have a USB router.

How to find out Huawei imei modem and firmware version?

By clicking the “connect” button in PuTTy, users will see a program terminal in front of them, designed to control connected devices. To find out with imei, you have to:

  1. enter the ATI command into the terminal (the ATCGSN command is also suitable);
  2. wait for the request to be processed;
  3. Examine the information that appears on the screen.

It’s easy to find the information you need among the information provided. It is a long digital password consisting of 15 or 17 characters.

Also, the exact imei value can be found on the sticker from the box in which the modem was purchased, or in the warranty card, if the latter was saved. You can also see the desired combination on the Huawei website, using the serial number of the device for this and following the instructions of the portal for this.

Enter unlock code via AT commands

Upon learning imei, the user is able to obtain an unlock code. It should be borne in mind that for each model of the usb modem (e173, e171, e3131, e8732, e1550, e352, e3372h, etc.), a proprietary code is intended.

Huawei E8372 DoesnT See Sim

To get the right password to unlock the device and access the router software, you will need:

  1. Download a special calculator that calculates the desired code;
  2. enter into it the previously received;
  3. start the calculation process and wait until the program finds the desired combination.

After receiving the code, it remains to unlock the device through the terminal. To do this, enter the command AT ^ CARDLOCK = “code”. After that, it remains to be sure that the selected combination was correct and helped unlock the technique. If the result is negative, you will have to repeat the described procedure and select a different code.

How to enter an AT command through DC-Unlocker?

After unlocking, a direct imei change on the Huawei modem begins. This requires downloading and installing the DC-Unlocker program. When she is ready for work, it remains to do the following:

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  1. find the modem in the list of connected devices by clicking on the image of the magnifier;
  2. if the unlocking has not been carried out before, the mentioned command is entered into the DC-Unlocker terminal (sometimes datalock is written instead of cardlock);
  3. then the command at ^ cimei = “code” is written, but now instead of the code, the future name is entered from the phone;
  4. after which it remains to wait for the message “Ok”;
  5. reboot the modem (by disconnecting and reconnecting it to the computer).

The problem is solved, only the question of getting the right one, which will be used instead of the old one, remains unsolved. Usually a combination is used with old smartphones that have not been used for a long time, but it’s a pity to throw them out. A similar approach is used so that there are no 2 devices with the same number on the network at the same time.

What to do if DC-Unlocker does not detect the modem and does not see the COM port?

In situations where the program does not see the modem and port, you need to:

  • open the port (it may be closed);
  • start the task manager and disable all processes associated with the router that interfere with its use in third-party applications.

Usually these actions are enough, but sometimes users have to go for a trick:

  1. you need to visit the official website of the operator (under which the modem is flashed) and download the firmware to restore the device;
  2. start the software installation process, waiting for the item that requires the introduction of a flash code;
  3. cancel the installation of updates, because the device is already recognized by the computer and is easily detected by third-party software.

Then you can change the identifier using the instructions described earlier.

An alternative way to change it on Huawei modems

In addition to the described method, users are able to change the identifier in other ways. But it is important to consider that all methods of replacing imei on a Huawei modem require the installation and use of third-party software. In addition, you will need to take care of the unlock code and search for a new combination to identify the device. That is, the instruction presented above is the easiest way to remove the restrictions imposed by the operator. It’s easier to just turn to third-party masters, but no one will guarantee that they will help, and their actions will be effective.