Huawei Does Not See Sd Card

Does the phone not see the memory card? Some users face a similar problem. She has many reasons, and they will be considered in the framework of the prepared material.

Flash drives are a useful addition for a smartphone. Many modern devices do not have enough internal memory. This problem is solved simply. by installing an additional flash drive.

Today, memory cards are used exclusively in devices running Android. IOS devices lack a slot for expanding ROM. This fact can even be seen as a definite advantage. The device is protected from user installation of a low-quality flash drive, which will negatively affect the subsequent functioning of the system.

Not only Apple, but many other manufacturers are abandoning slots for expanding internal storage. This step is due to the desire to increase the company’s profits by increasing sales of devices with a large amount of read-only memory.

But there are other reasons for refusing flash drives:

  • Slots for expanding persistent memory can cause problems. This is an extra component in the smartphone that can fail;
  • Manufacturers are trying to save space inside the device. For the same reason, many companies are abandoning the analog audio jack;
  • The weakest component in any device is the user. You can think over every detail of the smartphone, and the owner will put in it a cheap memory card with Aliexpress, because of which the device will begin to slow down.

Many models from Honor and Huawei have a flash drive slot. But what if the device does not recognize the media and refuses to work with it? You must look for the cause of the problem to resolve it.

Why the phone does not see the memory card?

Initially, we consider the common causes of this problem:

  1. Invalid flash drive format.
  2. The memory card is broken.
  3. Lack of contact.
  4. Incompatibility of the drive with the phone.
  5. The error is in the operating system and Honor does not see the memory card.
  6. Damage to a slot in a smartphone, etc.

In case of problems with reading the flash drive, you must gradually look for the cause. Not the fact that the owner will be able to independently detect and eliminate it. Often, users have to turn to specialists for help.

Computer sees

Initially, you need to understand if there is a problem with a flash drive, or with a smartphone. To do this, insert the memory card into another device, such as a PC. If the computer sees the media, then with a high probability the cause of the problem is in the phone.

But there are exceptions. The computer may not detect a USB flash drive with an unknown file system format. In this case, you will need to use additional software for the PC to detect the media and format it.

PC does not see

Does the computer also not see the flash drive? The carrier is likely to have failed or its contacts have become dirty. It is necessary to look for the cause of the problem in the flash drive.

Invalid SD format

Often the cause of problems on devices with Android OS is the wrong file system format. Many modern flash drives are labeled in exFAT, which is not supported by all Huawei smartphones. To change the situation, changing the format of the media used will help.

You can carry out this operation on a laptop. You will need an SD adapter to install a memory card in a card reader. Install the SD Formatter app on your laptop. It will allow you to format the media and change the type of file system. Additionally, you can use the means of the Android OS. You need to go into the settings, find the section with memory, select the item for formatting the flash drive. The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot change the type of file system.

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After formatting, the smartphone does not see microSD / SD

Perhaps the slot for the memory card in the device has broken. It is better to ask for help in the SC so that the experts independently diagnose the device and find the cause of the problem.

MicroSD broken, out of order

Does the smartphone not see the memory card? It is possible that the microSD media has failed. Try to put it in various devices to check the functioning of the flash drive.


Incompatibility is another possible reason. Smartphones support flash drives with a certain maximum amount of memory. If this parameter is limited to 32 GB, and you bought 64 GB media, the device will not detect it.

Huawei Does Not See Sd Card

No contact

The contacts in the flash drive slot may have been damaged during use. It is necessary to contact the SC so that the specialists perform repairs and restore these components. Additionally, contacts on the carrier itself are often oxidized. It is necessary to carefully clean them from contamination, to check its functioning.

Software level crash

Has the phone stopped seeing the memory card? The reason could be errors in the OS. Try to perform a full reset, flashing, if you are an experienced user. Did not help? Contact the specialists in the SC.

Honor SIM card slot does not open

For some owners, the slot for the SIM card and drive ceases to open corny. The likely cause is a breakdown of the mechanism that is responsible for fixing the tray inside the case. The tip is simple. try to open the slot with a bundled paper clip or sewing needle. If you can’t open it yourself, then contact the service, there are no other options.

What to do if the phone does not see the memory card?

In addition, we will consider several more options for resolving this problem, which may help in certain situations.

Fix bad blocks

You need to check the flash drive for bad blocks. To do this, connect it to a PC and use the HDD Scan program. It well defines the existing problems with the media.

You can fix bad blocks using the HDD Low Level Format Tool. After using this program, you need to re-check the media.


Formatting is a fairly simple operation. It’s better to implement it on a computer, you can use both standard Windows tools and specialized software with additional features.

Change data transfer mode

When formatting, select the FAT32 markup, it is fully supported by mobile devices. When changing the data transfer mode, the existing media problems are usually resolved.

Contact Support

Could not find the cause and eliminate it? Contact a service center or manufacturer support. Specialists will provide you with expert assistance and answer your questions. You may need to make a repair for your smartphone, or exchange a failed flash drive.

Important! Do not attempt to repair the phone yourself or open the flash drive. External unprofessional interventions can cause serious damage and void the warranty.