Huawei Does Not See Memory Card

The phone does not see the memory card. a common problem requiring a quick solution, since the lack of a flash drive limits the capabilities of the device and prevents the smartphone owner from using all the functions of the device. But in order to cope with such a malfunction, you need to find out the exact causes of what happened.

Why the phone does not see the memory card?

Among the main causes of problems on Huawei are:

  • broken and incorrect card format;
  • unreliable contacts;
  • incompatibility with the phone, interfering with the operation of the equipment;
  • system malfunction;
  • user careless actions.

You will have to search for the source of trouble by trial and error, consistently checking all possible causes.

Invalid SD format

Compatibility with Android requires that the file layout of the flash drive be in FAT32 format. You can change the format with any suitable utility for this via a PC or using the Recovery mode on your smartphone. Usually, after setting the appropriate format, the difficulties disappear. If formatting does not help, you will have to look for other causes of the malfunction and use other solutions to the problems.

Microsd broken, out of order

In some situations, microsd cannot be restored. The foregoing applies to cases of breakdowns and factory defects that do not allow the use of a card. To verify the presence of insoluble faults, you need to:

  1. make sure that Honor does not see the memory card;
  2. check if the situation changes when using a computer.


The card is incompatible with the phone in two cases:

  • old smartphone does not support the work of modern technology;
  • the available memory is too large for the selected phone model.

The solution in each case mentioned is to purchase a new flash drive, since the existing copy is fully functional, but it will not work, the gadget will not see the installed card.

Computer sees

It is important to emphasize that the situations listed above imply that the computer sees the connected USB flash drive, which allows you to make the necessary changes to it or make sure that the device is incompatible with existing equipment, and it will not work to fix the situation. It is more difficult to understand cases when the PC does not notice the connection or does not see the files previously saved on sd.

PC does not see

In cases where both the computer and the smartphone do not see the memory card, it is recommended to make sure that drivers are loaded on the PC that allow the slots to work. If they are installed and updated to the current state, the probability of failure is high.

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In similar situations, you need to change the connection mode on the phone. There are 2 of them:

If the card is not broken, changing the type of connection will help to use it.

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No contact

In some cases, the inaccessibility of the drive is caused by oxidation of the contacts. To correct the situation, you need:

  1. make sure that there are no visible damages, scratches;
  2. wipe the oxidized places with alcohol;
  3. Check if the device is restored to operation by installing its corresponding smartphone slot or by connecting it to a laptop.

In the most difficult situations, you will have to contact a repair shop or service center.

Software level crash

One of the most common reasons preventing Honor from seeing a drive is a software crash. To restore the device, you should do the following:

  1. restart the smartphone;
  2. in the absence of positive changes, reset the phone to the factory level.

Before resetting, it is recommended that you save important files and contacts to the cloud, as unsaved items will disappear. Recover them will not work.

Honor SIM card slot does not open

To open the SIM card slot, Huawei has a special key. If you use third-party items, the mechanism that helps to remove the slot may break. Only a service center employee can repair a damaged part. You cannot try to remove or insert a slot by force, such actions will aggravate the situation and lead to additional damage.

After formatting, the phone does not see microsd / sd

If the phone stopped seeing the memory card after the user decided to format the device, it is likely that the cause of the trouble lies in the actions taken. For recovery should:

  1. check the availability of the drive through a PC;
  2. re-format, focusing on choosing the right file system.

What to do if the phone does not see the memory card?

In addition to the sources of problems already listed, users should take a closer look at viruses and antiviruses. The unavailability of additional memory is affected by:

  • the actions of viruses that interfere with the proper operation of Android;
  • antivirus restrictions prohibiting the connection of an unverified device.

In the first case, it is recommended to check and remove malicious files, in the second. temporarily disable the antivirus program.

Fix bad blocks

Bad blocks are non-working, damaged sectors that interfere with drive operation. Unlike a hard drive, the appearance of such damage on a flash drive displays the latter out of order. It is impossible to repair damaged sectors, but you can block them using special utilities. As a result, performance will be restored, but the amount of memory will decrease.


Formatting will allow you to change the file system, but users should be prepared for the fact that such actions will lead to the complete and irretrievable deletion of all information and files stored on the flash drive. Therefore, before formatting, it is recommended to save the necessary elements on a PC.

Contact Support

Sometimes in situations where Huawei does not see the memory card, contacting the contact center on the official Russian-language website of the company helps. But such actions will help if the owner of the phone is sure that the drive is working and working. Otherwise, the recommendations and consultations of the support staff will be useless.

Huawei Does Not See Memory Card

Change data transfer mode

Occasionally, a card stops working due to an incorrectly selected data transfer mode. It will be possible to correct the situation by simply replacing the mode with another available option.