Huawei Cun U29 Not Turning On

If your phone does not turn on, it can make any user nervous, but in any case, before you bring the device to a service center, you can try to provide first aid for resuscitating your smartphone. Problems due to which the phone does not turn on can be either software, for example, a problem with the firmware due to an unsuccessful update, or hardware, for example, due to a failed battery.

Below we tried to bring together a lot of tips to help you figure out why your phone does not turn on. If none of the tips helped you. Please describe your problem in the comments.

The phone does not turn on after repair.

If you decide to disassemble the phone yourself, and after assembly it does not turn on, then the problem may turn out to be that you simply forgot to connect the power to the system board of your device. You must disassemble it again and make sure that the power supply circuit from the battery to the system board is not broken and all the cables are in place. If there is a multimeter, try checking the voltage on the battery, or after assembling the phone, try putting it on charge. Almost all phones notify when charging starts, even if the device is turned off.

Huawei Cun U29 Not Turning On

What to do if water gets into the smartphone

Let’s look at the hardware reasons why the smartphone does not turn on.
One reason may be a drop in water. What to do if the phone falls into the water? First, remove the battery, you need to do this as quickly as possible, then dry the smartphone with a hairdryer. Control the air, it should not be hot, otherwise the touch glass and some other components will simply start to peel off. Then, without inserting the battery into the smartphone, put it in a warm place. It is worth noting that you do not have many chances for salvation, and perhaps it will not do without losses. In particular, the buttons on the device may stop working. If you dried your smartphone, but it doesn’t turn on, it needs to be repaired at a service center. The worst thing that could be is a replacement of the motherboard, which, by the way, costs like a smartphone itself.

The smartphone does not turn on after a full discharge.

This problem is observed in some modern smartphones. In particular, Sony phones. Some Sony phones had such a feature that they cannot be turned on after a complete discharge, if the phone has been in this condition for a long time. One thing helps. long battery charge with a current of 2A. And these are almost all chargers.

In any case, as I wrote above, it is necessary to put the smartphone on charge for several hours. Usually the problem goes away on its own. You can try a charger with a larger current, for example, 1.5 or 2 Amps.

Also try making a hard-reset of your smartphone.

Check battery. The phone may not turn on due to a faulty battery.

This is a prerequisite. If you have a removable battery and you can put another one, do it. Sometimes, although not often, the problem that the smartphone does not turn on may be in the battery. By the way, is your battery fully charged? Maybe this is the case?

On some phones, especially if the phone is several years old, the actual battery charge may not match what your phone shows. If your phone does not turn on, try holding it on charge for several hours. It is possible that the battery is charging and the phone turns on.

The battery fails very quickly. Many mobile phone manufacturers give a one-year warranty on the device itself, and half a year on the battery. The reason for the failure of the battery is quite simple. very heavy load on him. We constantly charge the phone, and as you know, batteries lose their charge with each charge-discharge cycle. So, for example, standard lithium-ion batteries installed in our phones work properly under a load of no more than two and a half years.

Check the charger.

If your smartphone is exhausted and it doesn’t turn on anymore, can it be charging? Try charging the device from the computer. If the phone does not show any signs of life within half an hour, the problem is not with the charger. If the phone is charging, as it were, but cannot be charged. Check the charger on another phone. It may well be necessary to replace it with a new one.

The phone does not turn on after a fall. Mechanical damage.

Smartphone makers love to say that their phones cannot be scratched, drowned or smashed. Manufacturers give their phones Gorilla Glass shields, IP67 waterproof, shockproof housing and so on. Despite all the phone protection measures taken by companies, it often happens that the phone does not turn on after a fall. For example, about asphalt or falling into water. Unfortunately, all that can be done at home after a fall is to see if the battery, power cable or display cable has departed, in case there is a sound and vibration signal on.

To do something more with a dropped phone at home is unlikely to work. To do this, check the voltage on the battery and on the system board. If the phone has fallen and does not turn on, but there are no necessary tools at home, you will have to take the phone to a service center.

After flashing the phone does not turn on.

One of the most common reasons why the phone may not turn on is because of incorrectly installed firmware or updating. After flashing or updating the phone does not turn on due to improper installation of files. In this case, you will need to perform a flashing of the phone. For example, if your Samsung phone does not turn on, then you need to download the firmware from the official Samsung website and the Odin flasher program. With this program you can flash the phone. You will delete all the settings and files on the internal memory, but there is a chance that the phone will turn on.

If Lenovo phone does not turn on, then in this case you will need to go into Recovery mode, while holding down the power key and volume up. In the Recovery menu, you will need to select the menu item wipe data / factory reset, and then Yes. delete all user data. Unfortunately, different phones can enter the Recovery menu in different ways. If you are sure that you installed the official firmware or official update, then contact the authorized service center of the manufacturer, they will perform a firmware recovery.

But we recommend that you try perform hard reset, dropping the phone to factory settings. Very often this helps if the phone does not turn on. Below we have selected key combinations for popular phones.

Samsung phone does not turn on: simultaneously hold the volume rocker up, the center menu button and the power button.

LG phone does not turn on: Hold down the power button and volume rocker down at the same time, then select wipe data / factory reset.

Huawei phone does not turn on: Hold down the volume key and the power button at the same time. You can try to press the home button, the volume key up and the power button.

If you do not turn on another phone after flashing, write the exact model in the comments. We will try to help you.

The phone turns on and off immediately, what to do.

It often happens that your phone turns on and off immediately after updating or installing a program. Usually it looks like this: the phone turns on, the logo appears, downloads and the phone goes into eternal reboot or turns off. There can be a lot of problems here, from the firmware to the battery. If you have a problem with the phone after flashing or updating the device, roll back to the previous firmware or reset the settings. Will help.

Sometimes the phone turns off, even at the stage of loading the device. Consider your phone does not turn on and the tips from the previous paragraph will help you. You must perform a HARD RESET or flashing the device using a computer.

If you did not update the firmware, then the whole thing may be in the power button, which “jams” and turns off the phone. Unfortunately, this very often happens, especially if the phone is in the water. In almost all smartphones, the button is soldered to the system board and can be replaced.

If the phone turns off and immediately turns off after a full download, when you see the desktop and icons, then try to remove the last installed programs, if of course there is enough time for this.

The phone may turn off immediately due to the battery. Check battery cable and system board. Even if the smartphone “fixed” battery, removing it is not so difficult. In any case, if you are sure that the problem is not in the firmware, then it will be possible to find out the problem, due to which the phone turns on and off immediately, with a high degree of probability in the service center. Again, the problem is either in the firmware or in the power circuit.