Huawei Band 3 Pro Connection

The manufacturer strongly recommends that you carefully read these instructions before turning on the fitness bracelet.

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The application does not have the alarm function and smart alarm respectively. How to turn it on?

Huawei Health or Health app, try updating, there should be a section Alarms

I got a bracelet, there are no instructions in Russian. How to switch to Russian? thanks

After connecting the watch to the phone, they tighten the time and localization as on the phone

I turned on the bracelet, immediately wrote to install the program on the phone and a QR code on the program. How to exit this window and turn on bluetooth. There is nothing besides the “more” button.

Huawei Band 3 Pro Connection

By default, a smart bracelet is ready for pairing via Bluetooth, that is, it is already on, you just need to put the application on your phone

pulled out of the box and what further I do not know what to do

Install Huawei Health on the smartphone and pair the watch with the phone

How to set up a watch face

Press and hold the home screen button. Change the style of the dial

Charge the bracelet only up to 90%

Good afternoon. I have a huawei band 3 pro bracelet. I swim with him, exposing a certain number of pools and their length, respectively. I set a workout, for example, 8 pools, swim them, but the bracelet does not notify at the end of the workout. I thought it should vibrate somehow so that I could track the end of the workout. Tell me, is it a regular bracelet work, or didn’t I understand the settings? Is it possible to somehow enable notifications (vibro) about the end of a given workout.

Apparently, he only considers

stopped showing sleep analysis. write check device sleep data. on the clock, sleep time shows

some general problem with the application, you have to wait for the application to update

Hello, I got the same error this January 2 this year. in the analysis of sleep, he writes that I sleep in a daytime sleep for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I turned off sleep analysis. and began to show, equally on the bracelet, then on the phone. True, there is no description, but a deep sleep and a light percentage shows. If this suits you, you can try.

How to set up after resetting?

Apparently, for starters, it doesn’t hurt to remove and reinstall the Huawei Health application, as well as remove the watch from the bluetooth list on your smartphone and configure it as a new watch

I can not configure through the Huawei Health application from which application to receive notifications. IPhone 6

I knocked down all the settings, what should I do?

If you made a reset to the factory, then you will have to configure everything again

My heart rate monitor doesn’t connect

The Automatic heart rate monitoring function is disabled by default, it must be enabled from a smartphone through the Huawei Health app.

Please tell me how to connect vots app?

See that the application itself is set to receive notifications

Huawei Band 3 Pro is a multi-functional fitness bracelet with an abundance of capabilities and measurements. The highest quality materials combined with the presence of a magnificent touch screen. And with GPS you can run long distances without fear of getting lost.

I can’t connect the clock to the phone, it gives an ip code error

Try rebooting the device, if it doesn’t help, then try to set the default theme and if all else fails, reset the settings