HTC One X Not Working Display Backlight

Our rapid development is closely connected with the appearance of HTC mobile phones in the Ukrainian market, the life of the service center began with the first HTC mobile device, and we are entitled to declare ourselves experts. The company “Remont-Mobile” carries out professional and qualified repairs of all HTC smartphones, we have the latest equipment that not every service center in Kiev can afford.

Mobile phones, smartphones: typical malfunctions

Repair of mobile phones htc is a completely separate segment in the field of repair of phones and communicators separately. HTC mobiles position themselves on the market as innovative and stylish, flashy and compact thereby making demanding technology. The farther the manufacturer of the HTC brand goes, the more difficult it is to repair, because the communicators are becoming thinner, the weight is less and the most important consequence of contacting an htc service center is not careful handling or violation of the operating rules. the phone has dropped to the floor, moisture has got into the phone, and “Custom” firmware, etc.

The service center provides a full range of repair services for smartphones from a Taiwanese manufacturer:

USB Replacement

This type of repair is performed if your USB connector is damaged, it does not synchronize with your PC and your phone does not charge.

Body replacement

Also, case elements, or replacement of the entire case: keyboard, navigation buttons, battery cover, cover with antennas assembly, front panel, frame of the case;

Speaker replacement

You do not hear the other person in the conversation well, the sound wheezes, the phone does not play a ringtone, it works quietly, etc.;

Loop replacement

As a rule, it is necessary if your mobile phone has lost the image, the image is distorted, if the component loop may also not work the proximity sensor, charging connector, volume buttons, power buttons, wi-fi module, camera, etc.;

Sensor Replacement

It is performed in cases when the phone does not respond to touch or does not work correctly (part of the touchscreen does not work, the sensor is buggy, it doesn’t open in the wrong place where you click) or the touchscreen glass is broken;

Display Module Replacement

It is required in cases where the user has streaks on the display, an incorrect image is present, the display is broken, or simply does not show.

HTC One X Not Working Display Backlight

But we do not stand still, and it is not in our interests to limit ourselves to carrying out a standard set of repair work, therefore, offering truly high-quality service to our customers, we carry out urgent repairs of high-level htc.

We are always confident in the quality of the parts we install. When replacing any spare part, the service center provides a guarantee for the replaced part and work performed.

If you have a question about repairing HTC, contact our specialists or ask a question about repairing your phone on our website and we will answer your questions.

Repair HTC One

The display is responsible for the correct reproduction of the image (picture). He is also a matrix. A faulty display exhibits defects of this kind: no image, no display backlight, dead pixels, distorted color reproduction, etc.

Touch glass is responsible for the response to touch of the fingers or stylus. Other names for touch glass are a touchscreen or touch screen. If the touchscreen is faulty, characteristic defects occur: it partially does not work, it does not work correctly, some letters are not pressed, function buttons do not work, etc.

Repair HTC One X

It is often found that on HTC One X there is no image, but the function buttons are lit. a common malfunction in the first installments. This problem is caused by factory defective image microcircuits. With this malfunction, the device is almost completely in working condition, except for the lack of an image.

If your device did not fall, was not exposed to moisture, but this defect occurred, then most likely you need to change the HTC One X system board. Accordingly, when replacing the board, this defect is eliminated, since it was completely eradicated in later batches.

Repair HTC One S

On behalf of the service center, in our opinion, the HTC one S model, the most reliable at the moment (spring 2013), this model does not have any factory defects. The device works fine and does not break, withstands even not large drops without any consequences. Unlike their famous brothers HTC ONE X and HTC ONE X, you have to change the glass with a display for this model (display assembly).

The One S volume buttons are located on a separate loop. When it fails, one or both buttons stop working, it is treated only by replacing the loop. Replacing the loop of the volume buttons on the HTC One S lasts only half an hour.

Repair HTC One V

One V The third model of the first launch of the “One” line, in terms of performance is much weaker than the HTC One S and HTC One X, is also significantly different in internal component. The charge / sync connector, which is also the system connector of the HTC One V power connector, is located on the system board, it is responsible for the correct synchronization with the computer and the perception of the charger.

If the power connector fails, the device will either not synchronize with the computer, or will not charge or synchronize. Replacing the HTC One V power connector with a soldering station lasts about one hour.

Repair HTC One SV

HTC One SV is running the Android operating system. Due to updates, failures occur on non-certified phones, the reason for this is that for each region “over the air” (wi-fi) is transmitted regional firmware, and if the phone is designed for one region, then in another, most likely, the update will take place unsuccessfully.

In case of failures, these defects are possible: it does not transmit SMS, it does not go to the Internet, there is no network, one of the functions does not work, applications do not work, it does not turn on, it does not load, and much more. HTC Service Center professionally specializes in software repair of HTC One SV, we produce not only software updates, but also system and bootloader recovery.

Repair HTC Sensation

On the component loop of Sensation are located: power button, volume buttons, Wi-Fi module, GPS module, audio jack. He is also responsible for the correct operation of the camera and speaker. If your device fails a component loop, similar malfunctions will occur: the power button does not work, the volume buttons (or one) do not work, the camera does not work, and Wi-Fi does not work (does not catch).

Replacing the HTC Sensation component cable, if available, lasts 50 minutes. Speaker HTC Sensation. a speaker that allows you to hear the interlocutor, he is also ear, ear, ear. Buzzer HTC Sensation is a speaker that plays external sounds like an incoming call signal.