HP notebook does not turn on black screen

What to do if the laptop screen is black when you turn it on, but the light is on and the cooler works?

In this article we will talk about such an unpleasant symptom for any laptop, as a black screen when turning on. And the light bulbs may be on and even the cooler will spin. But there will be no image on the screen.

Now you will learn what to do when getting into a similar situation, to try to bring back to life on their own at home.

Deciphering of blinking of Caps Lock on HP laptops

Almost all HP laptops have a built-in special diagnostic utility, which displays a certain sequence of light signals on the indicator of the key Caps Lock (in some cases Num Lock) in the presence of problems with turning on. On a combination of blinks (1 blink, 2 blinks, 5 blinks) you can determine which specific component is defective and where to start troubleshooting.

Similar role in the system unit of a desktop computer is performed by a speaker, which by sound sequences of signals indicates the source of problems in the working computer.

To correctly identify the number of flashes of Caps Lock you need immediately when you turn on your laptop start to count them until there is a pause of 3-4 seconds.

Simply put, if you turned on your laptop and, starting with the first blink, counted 3 (including the first), then the Casp Lock blinks stopped for 3-4 seconds, then it means that in your case, Caps Lock blinks 3 times, after which the cycle repeats.

Consider the following possible combinations and their meanings.

There is no power in the notebook

This is usually indicated by no LEDs on the power supply near the power inlet, as well as on the Num Lock and Caps Lock keys. A strong discharge is indicated by a diode indicator next to the battery icon. In any of the above cases:

  • Check that the power outlet and its voltage are in good condition;
  • make sure that the power cord is connected to the unit;
  • Check that the power supply unit is in good condition;
  • Connect your computer to the network without a battery.

Sometimes the computer does not start because one of the internal or external devices connected to it has a short circuit, which indicates its malfunction. If the computer does not start, you can observe a sequence of flashing LEDs. Depending on the model, HP laptops may be equipped with LEDs of one or more colors.

For a more detailed explanation of the lights, you can refer to the instructions of a particular laptop model. You can also visit the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, go to: https://support.HP.com/ua-ru/document/c01993201

Laptop hangs during Windows startup

In addition to faulty PC hardware, stopping, freezing or restarting without error may also occur due to problems with the operating system.

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Such problems may occur on Windows splash screen or black screen, with or without blinking cursor.

Help! Before you carry out the recommendations below it is important that you follow the steps under “Make sure that the notebook is completely switched off” at the start of the article.

Switch to the safe boot mode

Press and hold down the “F8”, “F1” or “F12” key when switching on the keyboard.

Press and hold the

When the special menu appears select “Safe Mode” with the cursor arrows and press “Enter.

Boot from the recovery disk or bootable USB stick.

Press “ShiftF10” in the language selection window.

Type the sequence: “bcdedit /set safeboot minimal” and press “Enter.

Remove any conflicting drivers

After the safe Windows startup press “WinR” key combination.

Type “devmgmt” in the menu.Press the “msc” key combination and then press “OK.

Identify conflicting and uninstalled devices marked with a question mark or exclamation mark in Device Manager by expanding the device branches by clicking on the triangle icon.

Expand device branch by clicking on triangle icon to detect a conflicting or uninstalled device

Uninstall the marked devices by right clicking on them and selecting “Uninstall” with the left mouse button.

Click on “Yes” when asked about uninstallation.

Scan PC for viruses

A virus or other malware may be causing Windows startup problems. NOD32 antivirus is suitable for scanning in the safe mode.

Check your hard drive for errors

Press “WinR”, type “cmd” and press “OK.

Type “chkdsk /f /r” and hit “Enter. System will check the drive for errors and repair them.

Start with the last successful configuration

If Windows stops booting, loading the last successful configuration may help.

Press “WinR”, type “control panel” and press “OK.

Select “Large Icons” and click “Restore.

Choose “Run recovery”.

Select a restore point and click “Next”.

If nothing helps

If after performing all of the above steps your notebook does not start and still remains in the black screen when turned on it means that there are problems with the motherboard, which are unlikely to be solved at home without special equipment and skill.

Bridges and video card motherboard of the laptop

In the case of the last two options, the repair will cost about 100 depending on the CPU or graphics card installed.

Fixing the problem

Black screen on system startup

Using the Ctrl Alt Del key combination, open the Task Manager. At the top of the window is the File option. Open it and click Run new task.

In the new window, type explorer.Check if this method solves the problem.

Disconnect any external devices connected to your laptop and restart it. In some cases the error may be caused by peripheral equipment. We recommend that you don’t use it anymore and update it if necessary.

Start your laptop in Safe Mode. Use the Windows C key combination and go to the following path Settings Change computer settings Update and Restore Windows Update Center. Clicking. select the option Check for updates. In the Advanced section, install the latest version of the operating system.

Black screen appears before the user selection window.

Using the second method, you will need an installation drive with Windows 10. Load the operating system from a normal computer onto a USB stick or DVD. Connect the media to the defective device and restart it with the boot disk.

  • You will see the System Setup Wizard window. Select the Restore option.
  • From the window that appears, select: Troubleshooting Advanced Options Startup Options Restart.
  • After completing the reboot process, additional options will appear.
  • With a working Internet connection, press F5 or scroll to the Safe Mode option and select it.
  • Now do a check of the main display, uninstall the device drivers and select automatic installation.
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There are a lot of factors that cause a dark picture on the screen or no picture on the screen.

  • Mechanical, chemical or other damage (often due to overheating, dropping the device or inattentive user intervention) to laptop components. it simply will not turn on;
  • Problems with the flat cable that connects the matrix of the device screen with the motherboard. the device boots up, but there is no image;
  • Memory cards failure. lights may turn on, fan(s) may run, but there will be no image.


There are a lot of factors that cause a dark picture on the screen or its absence.

The most common ones are:

  • Mechanical, chemical or other damage (often due to overheating, dropping the device or inept user intervention) to laptop components. it simply will not turn on;
  • Problems with the plume, which connects the matrix of the device screen to the motherboard. the device is loaded, just no image;
  • Failure of memory cards. the lights may turn on, the fan (-s). work, but the picture will not be.

Reasons why the HP laptop does not turn on.

Let’s take a look at which faults severely affect the performance of the HP. As well as how best to fix them. Many of our customers and clients most often fail on their laptops North Bridge or South Bridge. It is necessary to replace it at once, so we do each time in this situation. We also immediately know what makes the notebook beep. and what to do. Some of our visitors also experience problems with the video chip, it stops working and does not function. In this case the result is the same, it should be replaced with a new one. If you want to know why your device does not work, we advise you to make our free diagnostics. There might even be a small problem, such as a non working power button which can easily be repaired/replaced.

The laptop does not turn on when it is not charged, that is, there is no electricity supply. Accordingly, in a discharged condition he can not even boot, not to speak of work. Maybe it’s just a broken power connector and needs to be replaced. Don’t forget to run diagnostics to find out what the real problem is. For example, there may be a problem in the power supply harness, and only a check will tell you what it is. There is a saying “Measure twice and cut once”. In our work as important knowledge as in this proverb. Knowing exactly where the problem is and how to fix it so that you can use your laptop for a long time. that’s our main task. If the laptop does not turn on, do not get nervous, perhaps the plug is ripped, or rather its contact group is damaged. Repairing it will help, and it will continue to work as it did before it was broken. With the help of diagnostics you can unmistakably find out if there is a problem with the motherboard which also affects the HP.

HP laptop does not turn on? Want to know how long it will take to repair?

Laptop turned off and does not turn on in different cases, we already know what the problems may be, but the time taken to fix them is also important. In our service gsmmoscow you will know the exact term of repair or replacement of a part in your device. We will roughly tell you how much time will be spent in a particular procedure.

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Our masters will do replacement of video chip, South Bridge and North Bridge in about four hours. And if your laptop does not have lights on. it does not mean that it is broken, check the power supply.

Repair of the board, provided that it is available (and it is, thanks to a staffed warehouse) from two hours.

Power connector replacement will take from one hour.

We will diagnose your HP from one hour and immediately know why the light does not turn on. it does not turn on.

What to do if the HP laptop does not turn on, that is, after start-up you see only a blank black screen, and on the keyboard indicator light flashes Caps Lock (or Num Lock) key?

The problem when turning the notebook on, when nothing happens on the screen, although the fan is working. serious reason for concern. At failure to start the computer HP usually on the keyboard indicator blinks Caps Lock, and it blinks for a reason. Depending on the flickering frequency you can determine the error code that will help us to pre-diagnose the problem.

If the laptop doesn’t turn on and the battery indicator blinks or doesn’t light up, it may be because you don’t have enough battery power. The notebook must be switched on during the “plug and play” operation. If your battery is OK, but at startup the lights next to the Caps Lock and/or Num Lock keys blink, you need to count the number of times and by the number of blinks you can determine the cause. The official website of HP gives the following interpretation of the signals:

Caps Lock/Num Lock Component to be tested Fault
Flashing 1 time CPU
Blinks 2 times BIOS BIOS is damaged
Blinks 3 times Memory Memory module is faulty
Blinks 4 times Graphics
Blinks 5 times System board General motherboard malfunction
Flashes 6 times BIOS

But it is not always possible to reliably determine the fault in this way, so the laptop must be given to the service center in any case. However, here is an explanation from the HP website for the listed malfunctions.

Central processor malfunction. It’s simple, but expensive. HP advises you to contact the service center immediately.BIOS malfunction. HP advises to wait, in the case of this error the computer will restart and fix it himself, though this process can be very time-consuming, so you have to be patient and just wait.Faulty memory module. If the lights say that the problem in RAM, disassemble the laptop and gently remove the memory from the slots. Reinsert it and try to power on the computer again. If the situation has not changed, replace the RAM cards with new ones or contact a specialist.Broken graphics controller. HP advises you to contact the service center immediately.General motherboard failure. it is a failure for which there is no preset blinking mode indicator. As in the case above, you need to go to the service.BIOS authentication fails. Very rare problem caused by unauthorized changes in your BIOS settings or their discrepancy with your hardware platform.

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