How to Withdraw Money From Another Phone

As a rule, people who have a mobile phone have small amounts of money in their accounts. And to shoot them makes no sense. But sometimes there are situations when, for example, once again the amount is transferred incorrectly, which is much more than the prescribed amount, or the money simply accumulated over a certain period. The question is how to withdraw money from the phone, can this be done at all?

Can I withdraw money from a mobile phone?

How to Withdraw Money From Another Phone

You can withdraw money from the phone, fortunately, there are no problems with this right now. In our article, we will tell you several ways to withdraw money from your phone and transfer it to a bank card.

First of all, we want to warn you that the withdrawal procedure is paid. Therefore, you should carefully read the article and decide which method of withdrawal is more suitable for you.

First, you need to understand that each withdrawal operation is necessarily subject to a commission. Usually they are immediately transferred to Webmoney or any other online wallet, and then to the bank card itself, that is, your personal one, or to receive cash at Unistream. Secondly, before you withdraw money from your phone, it’s worth clarifying that the operator of your mobile network supports the function of transferring funds.

For example, if you have a mobile operator “Beeline”, then it will be possible to withdraw money from the phone only if there is a company in your city or other locality where you are “Unistream”. And it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with all the restrictions on the completion of this operation.

What you need to make a transfer from “Beeline”?

First of all, before you withdraw money from your phone, you must send an SMS request to number 7878. The message text should contain: Name of sender, amount of withdrawal in rubles and exact details of the recipient. But the data that you send, in particular the surname of the sender, must correspond to the data of the owner of the number from which the request was sent. Even if you carry out the transfer yourself, then this data should be identical.

Further, according to the transfer procedure, you should receive a counter SMS about the transaction. Your task. double-check everything carefully. If everything is correct, then confirm by pressing the number 1. Only after that, the requested amount will be written off your phone, in other words, an automatic money transfer will be made. The result of the completion of this procedure will be the last SMS with the code that you receive. Now it is very important to remember or write down this code, then go with your passport to receive your money.

What is needed for transferring from MTS?

To withdraw money from your MTS phone, you can use the Webmoney electronic wallet. By the way, it is considered the most reliable among all existing on the Internet. Before you withdraw money from your phone, you need to register in the Webmoney system, if you have not done so yet. Registration is fast and free. After confirming the registration, you need to select a mobile operator and enter the number of your electronic wallet (ruble).

Enter the numbers carefully so as not to confuse, because you can have three different purses in the Webmoney system: in rubles, in dollars and euros.

And each of them has its own digital number. After you enter the number, check and confirm the system by pressing the “continue” key.

Expect, very soon, an SMS with the specified code will come to your phone, you need to enter it into an empty window.

The indicated amount for this wallet will arrive within 9 business days. But you need to know that there are some restrictions on this translation system: you can transfer 2700 rubles within an hour, 5400 per day.

Another way to transfer money from your phone

This is a way of how to withdraw money from the phone of MTS or another operator, very primitive, but as an option it can be used. Its essence is very simple. You just need to come to the company to the telecom operator and just terminate the contract with them. In this case, the company is obliged to return to you all the money that is on the account. Of course, not everyone succeeds in doing this. But the refund in this case is carried out without any fees, unlike the methods described above, how to withdraw money from the phone with cash withdrawal. And which one to choose is up to you.