How to Wipe Iphone Se Screen

Today, analysts insist that instead of the iPhone 7s in 2017 we will see the iPhone 8. And some attribute the smartphone to an OLED screen curved around the edges. Production technology is a topic for another discussion. And the bends on the side are today’s argument.

Pros of the screen bent around the edges

How to Wipe Iphone Se Screen

1. Visual appeal. I will not hide, the latest iPhone model is a way to stand out from the crowd on the street, in the office, at school and so on. And a smartphone with an unusual appearance with a bitten apple on the case is a cool show off.

2. Large screen on the previous panel. At the same time, with the screen bent around the edges, Apple will increase the usefulness of using the front panel area of ​​the device. The company is inferior to competitors in this indicator. Therefore, it’s time.

3. Additional features on the side. The side bends of the smartphone screen will give interesting additional functions in games and programs. In the first case. information about the character, the number of resources, and so on. In the second. auxiliary features.

4. Replacing the physical buttons with a screen. With 3D Touch technology, which senses the force of pressing the surface, Apple will remove physical volume buttons from the device and so on, and replace it with virtual ones. This will increase the moisture protection of the device and the reliability of use.

5. Notifications and messages to bends. The sides of the curved screen are used for notifications and system information. With a pair of OLED screens and Always On technology, they will achieve time display and so on without turning off.

Cons curved around the edges of the screen

1. The increase in the cost of the smartphone. Some analysts, including KGI’s Min-Chi Kuo, have insisted on raising the price of the iPhone 8 with a curved screen. Manufacturing technology is expensive, so the smartphone will be raised in value, leaving 7s in the “budget” segment.

2. The fatality of each of the falls. The experience of frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S7 edge, confirms this. Such devices are broken after the first unsuccessful fall.

3. Increase the price of display replacement. for replacing the screens of current iPhone (6s, 7) in unofficial services scare. But this is the cost of using 3D Touch and other technologies from today. And the replacement of bent ones is a reason for promotion.

4. The complexity of the selection of accessories. I think the current or former owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will confirm the complexity of the selection of accessories for the smartphone. And the sides will not protect the sides anymore, so you will have to use the device carefully.

5. Random tapas along the edges of the screen. Today, Apple is better at dealing with accidental taps on the edges of the screen than competitors. But with a smaller frame and a curved display, the process will become more complicated. And even 3D Touch is unlikely to save the company.

As a result, the advantages of the iPhone 8 bent around the edges of the screen are reduced to the appearance of the smartphone. And cons. to the practicality of use. Therefore at stake Ponte and convenience. And on whose side Apple is not clear today.

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