How to Watch VR Video on a Smartphone

We already talked about how to watch VR on iPhone. And today, as it were, in continuation of this story. about similar possibilities Android smartphones.

Yes, the potential for mobile devices on Android VR is also present. Not everyone, of course, and not always of high enough quality, however, he has it.

And even with the help of an inexpensive Google-ov cardboard and the corresponding mobile application, you can try to turn your Android-smartphone into a VR-studio to watch at least that famous 360-degree in which everything can be viewed from different angles, from the first person perspective, and which, due to the specificity and novelty of this format, is often simply more interesting to watch than a regular.

There are still not very many fascinating and high-quality shot VR-content, but news are constantly appearing, including in free access on YouTube and other resources.

And free VR-applications for Android like Vrse and NYT VR are also enough. Therefore, to begin to get acquainted with virtual reality right now, an Android user needs only his smartphone, a suitable VR headset and correctly selected VR content.

You can watch 360-degree (it is also panoramic) from the smartphone’s screen through a Cardboard or other VR-headset. However, one must also understand that 360-degree is not the same as real VR. The essence of the fable is that in VR, unlike panoramic, a visual illusion of the depth of the picture is created.

Using stereoscopic three-dimensional image technology (this is when different pictures are generated for the left and right eyes), the VR creates a sense of direct presence in the virtual world: the objects located in the foreground of the image are perceived as closer, others, respectively, look like more distant. The nuance, of course, but very significant. However, this is just the case when it is better to see once. over, you need to look through the VR-headset, without it the clip is just a flat blurry daub:

360-degree works in much the same way. In the sense that the built-in gyroscope of the smartphone also allows you to “turn your head and look around,” but the picture in it is not 3D. This is, as it were, a minus. But there is a plus: in a regular 360-degree, if you watch it from the smartphone screen through a simple a la Cardboard VR headset, the picture often seems sharper and more contrast than its 3D counterpart in VR. Also a nuance, and also important.

It goes without saying that in VR- and 360-degree, the higher the resolution and frame rate, the better the picture, and the higher its detail. At a low frame rate, unpleasant blurring and artifacts can appear, as well as, even more unpleasant, real nausea. Therefore, if the characteristics of your smartphone and the connection speed allow, always select the maximum settings for playback quality when watching 360-degree or VR online, and if you are viewing a file directly on your smartphone. even more so.

Android users who are eager to watch at least VR-, at least 360-degree, it is better to start immediately with YouTube. Both formats have supported these services since last year, the viewing mode is optimized for “cardboard”, therefore everything is elementary with the settings: open a 360 or VR clip, tap the icon with the Cardboard icon in the lower right corner of the screen, insert the smartphone into the headset and watch.

On the screen, the picture is automatically divided into two almost identical frames, which (when the smartphone in the VR headset is at the right distance from the eyes) merge into one and form the very virtual reality with the effect of being in it and the ability to inspect everything around.

The YouTube service, as we have already said, is actively working to ensure that there is more 360-degree and VR in it. Today YouTube official VR playlist consists of 23 positions and includess of various subjects, from the plot from The Hunger Games and the musical Avicii to the VR White House tour. The list is not super-large, but there is still a place to start.

How to Watch VR on a Smartphone

In the playlist “Trending 360 °s”(I.e.,“ Popular 360-degrees ”) 10 times mores, and new ones appear daily. Topics are also very different: tourism, sports and extreme first-person, animation, trailers for new toys, music and a lot of everything. And if your Android-smartphone is capable of overpowering all this beauty in normal quality, then you can safely buy a headset. for the first time, there will definitely be enough material for viewing.

By the way, one more nuance: in YouTube, through a VR headset, you can watch ordinary in a “flat” 2D mode, if the clip supports Cardboard. However, this mode does not automatically turn on and the headset icon does not appear, you must activate the option manually in the application settings (3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen).

We also note that recently, Google announced support for VR-technology on the Internet. So, it is very likely that even on the sites there will appear “corners of virtual reality”, which you can also visit directly from a smartphone with a headset.

And there are also free apps for local viewing of VR content on Android. Kolor Eyes 360 °, for example, it allows not only downloading and saving files directly by links, but also contains whole galleries of streaming. You can also watch 360-degree and VR on your smartphone through the VR Gesture Player or 360 MEA mobile applications, they are also free. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from, virtual reality is already very close.