How to Watch Video Via Android Auto

Today, with the transition to digital television broadcasting, one of the main questions has become which one. how to tune the TV set-top box Rostelecom, Beeline, MTS or TTK to TV channels? Fortunately, for more than 10 years I have no idea what central television is. After all, there is a Smart TV Box through which you will not be limited to 20 federal channels, but you will discover the whole world of television broadcasting in different languages. Today I’ll teach you how to set up channels and watch world TV on Android for free via the Internet.

How to configure channels over the Internet on Android TV set-top box?

Recently, I have been constantly using the set-top box for the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV, which runs on the Android TV operating system. With its help, you can not only watchs from the Internet, but also configure and connect to streaming online broadcasting. And it provides the vast majority of central, local and even cable channels.

The only condition for watching TV channels through a prefix such as Smart Box is the presence of connected Internet in the apartment

So, you need to find in the Google Play Store and install the program Fry! TV. Briefly, I talked about it in an article about the TOP-5 programs for playing media content.

How to Watch Via Android Auto

It is an aggregator of world television channels, which, in addition to digital or analog broadcasting via an antenna, conduct online broadcasting on the Internet. You do not need to search for any links and download playlists, as is the case with setting up IPTV on the same set-top box. Everything has long been done before you by the developers of the application.

How to watch TV channels on TV via the Internet set-top box for free?

Okay, after installing these two programs, we launch Fry! TV and immediately on the main screen we see a huge number of channels that broadcast free online via the Internet. There are clearly more than 20 of them, which are provided through the federal grid on the TV. All TV channels here are conveniently arranged on the subject. We find what interests us. for example, sports. And select the desired channel. Where else have you ever seen so many free programs? Even on cable TV this will not happen! If you hover over any channel, the program for the nearest shows will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the desired channel, for example KHL TV, and select the media player from the preinstalled on the Android TV Box, with which you want to play the. The same VLC Player does a good job of this.

And voila. enjoy hockey, which will not be shown just like that for free on central television

How to add a TV channel to favorites on an Android set-top box?

It is also possible to add the most frequently viewed TV channels to your favorites list. To do this, make a long press on the desired channel with the OK button on the remote control until a green mark appears in the corner of the block with its name.

Then you can go to the “Favorites” section in the main menu of the program and see it among your favorites