How To Wash Land Turtles

Many breeders are wondering if tortoises can be washed. Pets must be bathed to ensure proper cleanliness, the absence of which can cause various diseases of a fungal nature, as well as cause infectious diseases. To understand how to wash land turtles at home and whether it is possible to do this, you must follow some instructions

Land Turtle Wash

In order to bathe your beloved pet, first you need to properly prepare the water so that the reptile does not feel discomfort.

Water preparation process

To carry out water procedures, you must first prepare the water. The temperature of the water for bathing a land tortoise should have a value of 30-36 degrees. This temperature is most comfortable for reptiles. You also need to monitor the water level so that the turtle is on the surface and does not sink. It is best to make the water level so that 1/3 of the turtle’s body is not in the water.

How To Wash Land Turtles

To soften the liquid, you can add a pre-prepared solution of chamomile. You should also prepare some clean water, as reptiles can defecate during bathing. Washing your pet is not a daily routine. You should bathe your pet once a week, or if such a need arises.

The process of washing the head, neck and shell

Bathing land turtles implies some nuances, for example, such as washing the shell cannot be done with a brush. Since, in this way, you remove the layer of the horny plates, and in some cases damage to the carapace of the reptile is possible. To make the tortoise shell clean, you need to use exceptionally soft sponges, rags, or in a pinch, a toothbrush.

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How To Wash Land Turtles

The process of washing the head of a reptile can be a problem, because the turtle can simply refuse to stick it out of the shell. However, there is still a solution. The animal should be placed under running water of the required temperature and the turtle will show its head. When washing such delicate parts of the body as the neck and head, you should not use a rag, but you just need to gently remove the dirt with your finger, and in no case put pressure on the pet.

Is there a need to use soap

Bathing a tortoise is quite possible without soap. In the event that you have a desire to have a real bath for your pet, using soap more than once a week is highly discouraged. It should also be borne in mind that you need to use only a remedy that does not cause an allergic reaction.

How To Wash Land Turtles

Turtles have rather delicate skin, so soap with chemical elements in the composition can greatly harm the pet. It is best to use baby soap or shampoo, its composition is designed in such a way as to avoid allergies and does not contain harmful chemical elements.

Completion of the bathing process

It is best to wash land turtles no more than 30 minutes, this is the best time for water procedures. After washing, the turtle needs to be removed and the excess moisture removed with a soft cloth. In no case, after bathing, you can not immediately let the pet go, especially if there are drafts in the room. This can cause colds and pneumonia in reptiles. The best solution is to put your pet in a terrarium, in which a suitable temperature is created and there is no draft.

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The issue with swimming is not the only one; many breeders are interested in the correct design of the terrarium. Regardless of the bathing of land turtles, the owner should also take care of the cleanliness of his pet’s home. Be sure to change the litter at least once a week. You should also wash the terrarium of the land tortoise as such a need arises and properly equip it. In the case of the aquaterrarium, it is necessary to monitor the purity of the aquatic environment. Subject to all the conditions necessary for the reptile, as well as the implementation of proper care, the tortoise at home can please its owner for 30 years.

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