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Android lets you play with your home screen however you like. thanks for that and bow to the floor! By the way, not only Xiaomi has added exciting settings, but also OnePlus, Samsung… You may be interested in: default launcher (switch from default), app drawer selection (between putting all apps on home screen or using app drawer), turning Google Discover on extreme left screen, locking the home screen layout, populating the cell of uninstalled apps, icon size or animation, etc.

Scheme: Press and hold an empty space on the home screen, Wallpapers, Super Wallpapers, Find what you like.

fingerprint scanner setup

Safety is above all: both when a girl is eager to watch instant messengers, and when friends decide to make a joke by getting your funny photos from the gallery! And if you remember the link to wallets and bank accounts, then you really need to kiss the hands of device manufacturers for the possibility of privacy of their own data. You can attach your fingers to the scanner both during the first setup and after, if this step was skipped.

Scheme: Settings, Passwords and security, Unlock by fingerprint. then just follow the instructions.

activate AOD mode for the display

To check the time or see notifications, it is not necessary to frantically press the power button with your finger. Or poke your face into the face ID. With the Always On Display feature, you never have to worry about that, and with an AMOLED panel, you won’t lose much of your battery life. But Xiaomi has gone even further by giving us plenty of AOD customization options.

How to Enable Mi Step Tracker! Xiaomi Health Setup in App Vault || By Desi ITech

Scheme: Settings, Always-on display and Lock screen, View different mode options.

display setting

First… As you would expect from a 2021 flagship, Xiaomi has added some pretty useful features to the Mi 11’s display. It’s the 120Hz refresh rate that has become common but welcome. Out of ignorance, you may not catch up with the fact that out of the box the refresh rate is set to a minimum of 60 Hz. So you need to increase it in the settings.

Scheme: Settings, Display, Refresh rate and choose!

Another way Xiaomi is trying to give users more options is by providing a higher screen resolution. Not enabled by default

Layout: Settings, Display, Screen Resolution, Select FHD or WQHD.

A small clarification and an answer to the question: why did the manufacturer not set the highest values ​​​​by default? Just be aware that this affects the autonomy of the gadget! Although the ability to choose what to sacrifice is always good.

mandatory steps after buying Xiaomi Mi 11

Despite the fact that Xiaomi in production focuses on achieving “mass” by creating ordinary gadgets in design, the Xiaomi Mi 11 model was truly able to win the hearts of many! First in China, then around the world!

You can learn more about Xiaomi Mi 11 here or here, and we start talking about preparing a smartphone and discussing the mandatory steps after purchase!

Of course, you will immediately download Insta, Veka, Cart, YouTube. Next will be applications of lesser importance, such as all sorts of photoshops and other things. One way or another, the new device needs to be connected to a Google account for daily work. Or create it, go to applications and save passwords. This may take some time.

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How to open hidden notes

To find entries in Xiaomi that are hidden from outsiders, you need to:

  • Go to Notes on your smartphone. While in the application window, drag the list of entries down until a window for entering a password appears at the top.
  • Unlock access to hidden notes with a combination of characters, pattern or fingerprint.

Now the hidden information can be seen and even changed. Changes are saved just as easily as in notes that are shared. The only option that is not available when using hidden entries is to take a screenshot of the screen.

This is done so that an outsider cannot copy the information and save it as a picture. When you try to make a copy of the image on the smartphone display, the system should show a message about the impossibility of performing such an operation without the permission of the application.

Using Hidden Notes in Xiaomi Phones

The owners of most modern smartphones at least once faced the need to write down useful information using a mobile gadget as a high-tech digital notepad.

For most Android models, the notes app requires an additional download from the Play Market. However, the phones of the Chinese brand “Xiaomi” are already equipped with a built-in program, where the records themselves and the photos attached to them can be stored and stored. With the help of the same application, you can also make a checklist (a list of household chores, work tasks or purchases) and even use this method to view hidden Xiaomi notes in the device’s memory.

Hiding recorded information is often required due to the fact that it is confidential and should not be available to outsiders. For this, Xiaomi smartphones have a special function that allows, if necessary, to first hide and then restore the normal display of records. You can prevent viewing hidden data by following a few simple steps:

  • Open application. Switch the list that appears on the screen to selection mode.
  • Select and mark entries that should not be seen by anyone except the owner of the smartphone.
  • Click the “Hide” button at the bottom of the screen.

After that, the entries will disappear from the main and public list. And before you read them, you will have to perform certain actions. In addition, to gain access to the records, you will need to enter a password or verify the user using a fingerprint sensor, which makes protection more reliable.


To return records back so that each time you do not access them with a password. you can by performing the reverse procedure:

  • Open Notes. Once you are in the application, open access to hidden entries.
  • Mark information that is already hidden.
  • Cancel hiding with the corresponding button.

After that, all hidden notes will be displayed again in the general list. And, although they will be available to outsiders, they will not require unnecessary user actions when reading or changing information. If the need to maintain privacy still remains, the lock and password can be set on the smartphone.

It should be noted that the ability to hide entries is not available for all phone models. A relatively new feature appeared only starting with the 8th version of the MIUI firmware. For example, Redmi Note 3 Pro has it, as well as many new features for owners of Xiaomi smartphones released since 2016. On older phones with the MIUI 5, 6 or 7 launcher, there is no such option. and since it is impossible to disable access to notes on Xiaomi Redmi 3, the user will either have to use other protection methods or update the firmware.

How to find files on a Xiaomi smartphone?

In the process of using the phone, a variety of files and documents constantly accumulate. We take photos, download books, music, videos and much more. Usually, if we need access to a photo, we go to the “Gallery”, to search for a song, we open the “Music” application, etc.

However, sometimes a situation arises when you need to send files to someone, delete them, or move them to another location. In this case, you have to look for them in different programs, which sometimes causes inconvenience, especially when it comes to textual information.

How to find files on Xiaomi?

For this, the explorer utility is intended, which is installed by the manufacturer by default. Its icon is designed as a yellow folder, so it will be very easy to find it on the screen.

We click on the icon, which leads to the opening of the application. All the information that is stored on the phone is sorted into categories here. Here are the categories “Photos”, “Videos”, “Documents”, “Music”, “ARC”, “Downloads”, “Archives”, “”.

If you downloaded something from the Internet, it will be in the “Downloads” sub-item. Text information is stored in “Documents”, and “ARC” contains installation files. If you click on “”, you will be given access to camera data, instant messengers, screenshots, Bluetooth.

When you click on the desired category and select one / several files, the options of sending to another device, moving to a specified folder, and also completely deleting from memory become available.

When you click on the “” item, a pop-up window will appear. The “Hide” function means that the data will remain in the smartphone’s memory, but will not be visible. We wrote about how to find hidden files on Xiaomi and open them in a separate article.

When copying, a copy will become available and the original will be automatically saved. It is possible to rename at the discretion of the user, open in another program that supports playback of files of this type. When you click on “Details”, information will appear about where the document is located, its size, date of modification, the ability to read, write, and whether it is hidden or not.

These are the main actions that are available to the user in the “Explorer” menu when working with file data.

How to check speakers on Xiaomi (Redmi): normal and conversational

Sometimes we encounter incomprehensible operation of the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone, which is related to the operation of the speaker. We may have difficulty hearing the interlocutor during a call, or it may be difficult to hear the ringtone that is played by the main speaker.

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Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a visit to a service center, but this is not always convenient, and you will have to spend money, albeit not a lot.

But you can independently check the operation of the speaker on Xiaomi using the engineering menu. This is a special diagnostic tool that the developers left on the smartphone, and which is used in repair shops to quickly identify the problem.

Today I will show you how to check the performance of the conversational and general speaker on Xiaomi through the engineering menu. So we can eliminate mechanical failure, which means we understand that the cause of bad sound lies somewhere in the software part.

First of all, you need to enter this menu, for this, in the Phone application, type the following: ##6484## Automatically take you to the menu for verification, now find two lines:

I want to warn you that depending on the firmware version, operating system or smartphone model, the tests may differ from each other. I will show how it works on Mi 9 SE with firmware After entering the “Receiver” menu, you will see a set of nine buttons marked with numbers from 1 to 9. Automatically, a computer female voice will pronounce the numbers in English. If you hear them clearly, clearly, without interference or distortion, then the speaker is working properly. For interest, you can select the numbers that the voice says, then the test will be considered passed. If you hear a voice with rattling, distortion, or other artifacts, then you need to contact the service center to replace the speaker, it is in the last stages of its existence. In the “Speaker” menu, the idea remains the same, the voice will begin to say two numbers, which must be found and noted on the screen. This is not necessary, the main thing is that you hear the sound clear and without distortion. If this is the case, then everything is in order, but if there are distortions, it is necessary to return the phone for repair, there are no other ways. If in some case you do not hear a voice at all, then the corresponding speaker is completely out of order, it must be replaced.

How to Check Battery Status on Xiaomi (Redmi) via Security App and AIDA64

We love Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones, they delight us every day with fast performance, quality, stability and predictability. But among the components that make up the phone, there is one that is deteriorating every day and this process is irreversible. I’m talking about the Xiaomi battery in MIUI 11.

Modern Lithium-Ion, or Lithium-Polymer, batteries degrade with each charge cycle, regardless of the brand and price of the smartphone. it’s a law of physics. It does not deteriorate much, it is not noticeable to the eye, but after a year or two of using Xiaomi, we notice that the phone works less on a single battery charge than before.

Is it time to change the battery to a new one, or is it not so bad yet? And how much battery life will increase when replacing the battery?

It is possible to check the battery status in Xiaomi with the “Security” system program, as well as with the third-party application “AIDA64”.

I note that there is another way. difficult, this requires a computer with software for developers installed, complex settings and work in the console, I think you don’t want to do this. Why, if the same information can be obtained on Xiaomi itself with MIUI 11 for a couple of taps on the screen?

How to check the battery status in the Security app

Launch the application, then select “Battery”. Click on the “Optimize” button to have the program analyze the current state of the software and battery. At the end of the check, uncheck the “Battery problems” section so that the “Fix manually” button appears at the bottom. In the new window, scroll down to the “Battery health” section and carefully examine the indicators:

  • Battery health is an assessment of the health of the battery, you should not trust it 100%, but it should be used as a general indicator. The fact is that this value will be “Normal” even for a battery that has lost up to 40% of its original capacity, provided that it provides enough voltage for the stable operation of the Xiaomi phone processor. Those. the phone will not freeze or reset, but it will stop surviving until the evening, which in our case is already a reason to replace the battery, but this is not a problem for the system;
  • Battery voltage. pay attention to this parameter, the normal value is 4 V or slightly higher, as in my case. If the voltage drops below 3.7 V, this is a reason to think about replacing the battery. The phone will still work stably, but the processor will not be able to reach maximum power due to lack of power;
  • Battery temperature. this parameter should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, if it is higher, the battery is degrading;
  • Remaining capacity. the first value displays the current capacity, so I recommend checking it after charging up to 100%. The second value shows the nameplate maximum capacity, i.e. how much is the battery rated for. If the values ​​are the same when fully charged, the battery is close to ideal condition. If this value is lower, then degradation is active and you should think about replacing the battery.

Check battery status in Xiaomi using AIDA64 app

In the Google Play store, you can find the AIDA64 application. a great option for a comprehensive check of a Xiaomi smartphone in various parameters, including the battery.

Install it and run it, then select “Battery”. In the diagnostic window, we see the same parameters as in Security, but there is a new one. the discharge rate. Make sure there are no running applications left in the background, then watch this setting for a minute. The value should not be three digits, if the battery is in good condition and there are no running programs in the background, the discharge rate should be approximately 40-60 mA per hour.

If the value is three-digit, there is reason to think that the battery is losing energy faster than it should, which indirectly indicates its degradation.

Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that the discharge rate is an indirect indicator, you can never be sure that Android has not decided to start some kind of system process that loads the processor or modem at the moment. Monitor regularly at different times, if on average this value is high, only then it makes sense to take it into account when deciding whether to replace the battery in Xiaomi.

How to check the battery status in the Security app

Go to settings. Go to Battery.

Tap on the Optimize button. The smartphone will analyze its own state and show you the results.

Now uncheck Battery Problems. An option called Fix manually appears. Let’s go over it.

We are looking for the line Battery health. This column contains four values ​​for the status of your battery.

  • Battery status. We focus on this indicator only as a general value; it does not guarantee 100% truthfulness of the results. This is because the parameter looks solely at whether there is enough energy and voltage for the telephone processor. Even if the battery has lost 30-40% of its energy capacity and the phone stops holding a charge until the evening, the item will display a Normal value;
  • Battery voltage. At this point, the value should not be less than 4 in. If the indicator is lower, the phone needs to replace the battery, because with such power it will not pull the processor performance, which means that the device will slow down and slow down.
  • Battery temperature. The temperature of any battery can work within 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature in the battery becomes higher, it begins to break down intensively.
  • Remaining capacity. It has two meanings. the first shows the current amount of energy in the battery, the second. the maximum nameplate capacity. This means the initial depth of the battery’s energy capacity. You need to evaluate the battery condition for this item when the phone is fully charged, that is, before starting the test, you need to charge the device up to 100%. If both values ​​match, your battery is in perfect, or near perfect condition. If not, your battery needs to be replaced.

How to Check Battery Status on Xiaomi (Redmi)

As you know, nothing lasts forever, and phones are no exception. Despite the use of high-quality non-degradable materials by manufacturers, they will still lose their qualities over time and break from frequent use. Internal batteries are the first in the list of deteriorating and short-lived components. They are destroyed daily, and the worst thing is irreversible.

To date, the main used batteries are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. Their quality inevitably deteriorates after each charge, and this does not depend on the manufacturer or the cost of the gadget. Of course, these deteriorations are not evident after every recharging, however, they become significant after several years of active use of the device. I think if you compare your phone now and a year ago, you will notice that before the full charge of the battery you had enough for a longer period.

You probably have questions, how can you know if it’s time to replace your battery if you use a Xiaomi device and will it last for some more time? How much will your phone run time with a new battery??

In MIUI 11, it is possible to check the battery status of a phone using the built-in Security app or using a third party called AIDA64.

There is also an option using a computer with Xiaomi software pre-installed on it. But then you will need to set up work in the computer console for a long and difficult time, and also install software. Despite the fact that this can not be done, because the phone itself can provide the information you need.

How to Check Battery Status on Xiaomi Device Using AIDA64 App

There is an application in the market from Google called AIDA64. It allows Xiaomi owners to conduct a full or partial check of their device. It also shows the battery status of the phone.

Open it and go to the Battery section.

There will be a diagnostic window, as well as 4 values ​​​​identical to the previous parameters and 1 new one, called Discharge rate.

Close all background applications. Watch the numbers in this parameter for about one minute.

If you count a three-digit parameter, then the battery is in poor condition and you should replace it. A normal battery should have a rate of no more than 40-60 mA per hour.

It is worth noting that these indicators are indirect and do not give a 100% guarantee of degradation of your battery. I advise you to test your phone regularly. If, based on multiple tests, the averages are still high, you definitely need to change the battery.

Benefits of Unlock Bootloader


Perhaps the most important advantage will be the ability to install customized firmware, and this:

  • improved functionality and a large number of additional options with which you will have full control over the device;
  • new, simplified and more intuitive management interface;
  • a modernized navigator that works with GPS and determines the location much faster than the standard one;
  • optimization of the operating system, which is sharpened either to increase performance or increase autonomy.

Custom Recovery

Recovery in translation from English. recovery. In Android devices, this is a special “System Restore” menu, which can be accessed by holding down the power and “Volume plus” buttons at the same time while the phone is turned off.

The standard recovery menu on Xiaomi usually consists of 3 items:

Third-party Recovery opens up much more opportunities. Consider the example of one of the most popular TWRP:

  • clearing various sections. This includes resetting to factory settings, resetting the cache, and clearing statistics on battery life;
  • creating backups;
  • firmware installation;
  • removal of standard applications;
  • restoring data from a backup;
  • formatting and creating partitions on Flash-cards;
  • installing Magisk.
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Superuser rights

Getting Root-rights opens up wide possibilities for managing your device. The list of benefits is very long, so we will limit ourselves to the main ones:

  • a complete change in the external and internal appearance of the system. shortcuts, themes, pictures, sounds, notifications;
  • processor overclocking;
  • removal of built-in ads and any application, including standard ones;
  • each installed program can be given the status of a system;
  • activation of hidden OS functions.

How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi 2020: the official way plus detailed instructions

Such a complex and lengthy operation as unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader (from English. Unlock Bootloader) will have to be done only if you are going to in any way be introduced into the operation of the smartphone’s operating system. In other words, if you need:

Important! Previously, this procedure was carried out only after submitting an application to Xiaomi and obtaining their consent. Now such a request is not required.

Let’s take a closer look at how this action can help us.

Checking the bootloader status

First you need, of course, to decide on the status of the bootloader. On Xiaomi devices, there are several methods.

1 way. through the loading screen

You need to turn off the device and turn it on again. If the inscription “Unlocked” appears at the bottom of the screen, then the bootloader is unlocked, if it is not there, then it is accordingly blocked.

2 way. through the engineering menu

Open the gadget settings menu. Further, “Advanced settings” = “For developers”. We are looking for the line “Status Mi Unlock” and tap on it, a window will open where it will be written: blocked or unlocked.

How to get developer rights in Xiaomi devices? If this mode is still not activated for you, then we follow the path: “Settings” = “About phone” and click 7-10 times on “MIUI version”, until a notification appears that you are now a developer.

Method 3. using the ADB program

This option, although not the easiest, but the most accurate. First, save the necessary files to your computer.

If you have Windows installed, then:

  • Unzip the archive to the root of the system drive, for example, “C: / adb”.
  • Turn off the device and put it into Fastboot mode.
  • Connect smartphone to PC using USB cable.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut “WinR” or open the “Run” window through the “Start” menu.
  • Type “cmd” and click “OK” to open the command line.
  • In it write: “cd c: / adb” and the Enter key.
  • Next, type: “fastboot oem device-info”, after which the information you are interested in will appear.

Important! If the line bootloader device unlocked is false, then the bootloader is locked, if true, then it is unlocked.

In case of Linux OS installed on your PC:

  • Unpack the archive in the root directory of the local drive “C”.
  • Open terminal
  • Enter: “adb. sudo apt-get install Android-tools-adb Android-tools-fastboot”.
  • Boot the connected smartphone in Fastboot mode.
  • Type “sudo fastboot devices” and you will see the device number.
  • Then, “sudo fastboot oem device-info” and you will see either “true” or “false”, similar to Windows OS.

Important! If you see the inscription “Waiting device”, then follow all the steps on behalf of the computer administrator.

Let’s start unlocking

Attention! There is a restriction on this operation. With the help of one Mi-account, you can only unlock the bootloader once every 30 days. For example, if you activated the bootloader on your phone, then only a month later you can do the same on your tablet.

  • First you need to download the unlock software from Xiaomi to your computer and unzip the archive to any location. Download Mi Flash Unlock
  • Then connect the gadget to the PC in order to install the necessary drivers, if this does not happen, then you can find them on the official Xiaomi website.
  • Next, we check if you are authorized in your Mi account on the device, if not, then we enter.
  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Press the power button and “Volume minus” to switch to Fastboot mode. After the appearance of the picture, they can be released.
  • We connect the device to the PC and run the utility downloaded in the first paragraph.
  • We enter your Mi-Account and click below “Unlock”.
  • A timer will appear, where there will be a countdown of the time after which you can return to the program and complete the unlock. On average, it lasts 360 hours, that is, 15 days.
  • We disconnect the phone from the computer and wait for the deadline. Then repeat steps three through seven.
  • Click “Unlocked”.
  • That’s it, now your Xiaomi bootloader is unlocked.

Important! Counter bypass does not exist.

Create Mi account

This is a mandatory step, since we will need this account to unlock the bootloader of our Xiaomi. But that’s not the only thing it can be used for. You will also receive:

  • access to 5 GB in the cloud, where you can save photos, music, documents, contacts, messages;
  • the ability to communicate in Mi-Talk;
  • search for your device, in case of loss, as well as deleting all data from the device if it was stolen.

Let’s start creating Mi-Account itself. This can be done in two ways.

From phone

  • Settings = Mi account.
  • Select “Register by E-mail”.
  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • Click “Registration”.
  • After that, go to the mail and follow the link to activate your account.
  • We return to the settings and tap on the button “Account verified”.
  • We enter the data specified earlier and allow access to files.
  • Ready.

From a computer

  • Open the address
  • Specify the country. In theory, it is determined automatically, but if this did not happen, then select it manually.
  • Enter your E-mail and click on the “Create” button.
  • Create a password and click “Submit”.
  • We go to our mail and confirm it by clicking on the link in the letter.
  • Ready. You can now sign in to your profile on your device.

Encountered errors

If you have long wanted to unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi and install a custom recovery or smartphone management application, now you can easily do it with the help of our detailed manual. The method described by us is completely official and suitable for all Xiaomi models.

So, here are the best pedometers for Android, which, as it were, hint that it’s time to take a walk.

  • Step Counter Pedometer. Step Counter from Leap Fitness is a pretty nice pedometer with good functionality and an interface in Russian.
  • Google Fit.
  • Fitbit.
  • Accupedo.
  • Runtastic Steps.
  • Pedometer.
  • Pacer App.
  • MyFitnessPal.

Pedometer applications record movements using the accelerometer integrated into the smartphone. The principle of operation is based on the registration of oscillatory movements, which are captured by a tiny microcircuit that fixes acceleration.

Now about how the fitness bracelet counts steps. In most modern fitness bracelets, three-component accelerometers are responsible for tracking movement. An accelerometer is a device that determines the acceleration of an object to which it is attached. Three-component. means that the acceleration is tracked along three coordinate axes.

The sensor is triggered at the moment a person starts moving, when the tracker and smartphone are paired, it is possible to draw an approximate route on the map. If the Mi Band 3 bracelet does not count steps, then the cause of the defect is a breakdown of the sensors or a software failure.

Setting up a pedometer on phones with MIUI 11

  • On your smartphone, open “Settings” and go to the “Advanced settings” item. In the line “Region” indicate “India”.
  • We return to the initial menu, where we select the tab “Desktop”.
  • Swipe left on the main screen.
  • Waiting for the download and installation to complete.

How to find out the real battery capacity on Xiaomi and Redmi

Recently I wondered about the real battery capacity, how to see the battery capacity on my relatively new Xiaomi smartphone with the MIUI shell, as it seemed that the battery was running out quickly. On the forum I found data about the secret menu of the Xiaomi battery, but I did not find data in Russian anywhere. Naturally, I decided to correct the situation and tell you how to check the phone battery.

Unfortunately, I did not find a complete description of each item, but I still learned the most important thing. This manual is suitable for Xiaomi, but if you are interested, I may find secret menus for other models.

Secret battery menu (Xiaomi MIUI)

To call the Xiaomi secret menu on MIUI, enter the code ##6485## in the dialing window. This code will give access to Xiaomi battery data. Some values ​​may be missing depending on Android version.

We can see a list with the values ​​MB MU MP MF MM. Transcript provided below.


  • MB_00: battery capacity current battery charge
  • MB_01: battery state of charge charging or discharging (work type state)
  • MB_02: charging type (fast, medium, etc.)
  • MB_03: battery voltage what is the battery voltage now. (Example: if you have 4039568 which means 4.03V)
  • MB_04: battery current what voltage is used by your device in real time
  • MB_05: battery temperature real-time battery temperature (example: 309, which means 30.9)
  • MB_06: battery status (excellent, good, excellent, etc.)
  • MB_07: charger chip temperature charger adapter temperature (example: 309, which means 30.9)
  • MB_08: Current temp level not working properly, should display peak temperature when device should turn off charging or turn off power.
  • MB_09: FCC maximum current (full charge capacity) maximum battery voltage if the battery is fully charged


  • MU_00: Charger type To. What do you use for charging currently (Example: Charging adapter or USB PC)
  • MU_01: Type C current mode On charge adapter with QC 3.0 record 3 stages of charging voltage (12, 9, 5) in this section, you will see which mode your device is using (fast, medium, default, etc.).
  • MU_02: CC output direction (charging capacity) USB device charging or device through device (example: enter 1 or 2, if you are charging the battery, it will display 2, if you use reverse charge, show 1)
  • MU_03: USB maximum input current USB maximum input voltage
  • MU_04: USB state in position USB current voltage


  • MP_00: enable slave charger case connect charger or not
  • MP_01: proportion of current allocated by the slave device (charger) how many volts the phone receives from the charger
  • MP_02: maximum current FCC (full charge capacity) maximum voltage from the charger during a single charge
  • MP_03: charging state of slave charger C charger s state (healthy)
  • MP_04: maximum current of the slave charger maximum voltage from the charging adapter to the device, during a single charge


  • MF_ 00: battery internal resistance battery resistance
  • MF_01: actual battery capacity feedback from charge level sensor actual charge level in %, if this parameter is not compatible with MB_00, please try factory reset or visit your nearest service center to check your battery.
  • MF_02: battery charge cycle. How many battery charge cycles. Fully charged from 0% to 100%.
  • MF_03: battery contact resistance. Battery contact resistance on motherboard.
  • MF_05: actual capacity (remaining from factory capacity).
  • MF_06: declared capacity (factory battery). capacity from the manufacturer)


  • MM_00: AICL result (adaptive input current limit)
  • MM_01: USB input current
  • MM_02: maximum charging voltage of the main charger
  • MM_03: FCC maximum current (full charge capacity)

�� ЭТО НАДО ОТКЛЮЧИТЬ! Приложение XIAOMI собирает о Вас данные и аналитику. Постоянно работает в фоне

It turns out that you can easily see and find out the current battery capacity on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone and thus understand the real battery wear.

How to Enable Mi step Tracker/Mi Health Xiaomi all device

Other data from this engineering menu will be more useful to masters in service centers or just curious users.

If it’s not difficult for you, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how your battery capacity has changed and for how much time and charge cycles. I want to compile my little statistics on battery life and if I get enough feedback, I can even make a video on this topic.

How to find out which display is installed in a Xiaomi smartphone?

Xiaomi is a relatively young, but already mega-popular smartphone brand all over the world.

At the start, the company was engaged in software, and not in the production of equipment. Initially, Xiaomi created the MIUI skin and popularized it through Google Play. Over time, MIUI gained quite a lot of fans around the world, and Xiaomi directly engaged in the creation of smartphones, tablets and other accessories.

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For the production of products, the company decided not to spend money on opening factories, which in China are already a dime a dozen. Xiaomi devices are essentially a set of components from different factories and from different manufacturers.

Displays are no exception. They are produced at the factories of EBBG, Tianma and BOE. It would seem that they should all be identical, but in reality this is not at all the case. Displays made for the same model, but at different factories, will differ from each other in terms of brightness, color quality, hue saturation, and other characteristics. For example, matrices from Tianma give off a purple tint, and the navigation buttons on these displays are only gray. Displays from the factory EBBG give a yellow tint. There is no information about the features of the products of the BOE factory.

There are times when a client orders a display, installs it and, seeing the difference in color reproduction, complains that it is a copy and not the original. Although in fact the whole point is in different factories, and not in the originality of the spare part. And neither the client nor the seller is to blame here.

When it comes time for a repair, it is quite difficult for customers to determine on their own the factory that produced the display for a particular phone.

Therefore, we will tell you how easy it is to get the necessary data. All information about the device is in the engineering menu.

Here are two fairly easy ways to get into it:

  • open the phone settings, go to the About device section and tap the Core item 5 times in a row. The engineering menu will open in front of you. Go to the Version Information section. The LCD line shows the manufacturer (vendor). In our case, this is the Tianma factory.
  • enter one of the following combinations in the phone dialer application. With their help, you will also get to the engineering menu, which contains information about the smartphone
  • ##6484##
  • ##4636##
  • ##3646633##

Once you know the manufacturer, be sure to include this information when placing an order. This is the only way you can be sure that your new display will be the same as the original factory installed.

As you can see, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. If you have any additional questions, please contact our contact center. We will gladly and quickly help you find a spare part.

  • Install the app from Xiaomi Mi Fit on your phone.
  • In the settings of the MiFit app, allow data transfer to the Health app
  • Open the Health app and go to the Sources section
  • Select MiFit and enable all categories.

The built-in accelerometer changes the screen orientation when the user flips the smartphone from vertical to horizontal. It is thanks to the accelerometer that the phone can be used as a pedometer.

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the “Security and Privacy” section.
  • Go to the “Screen lock and passwords” tab.
  • Turn on “Pedometer on lock screen”.

Setting up a pedometer on phones with MIUI 11

  • On your smartphone, open “Settings” and go to the “Advanced settings” item. In the line “Region” indicate “India”.
  • We return to the initial menu, where we select the tab “Desktop”.
  • Swipe left on the main screen.
  • Waiting for the download and installation to complete.
  • What are the differences and how to determine which is better
  • Top Pedometers for Android
  • moves.
  • Pedometer
  • Accupedo.
  • Runtastic Pedometer.
  • Pacer.
  • Mi fit.
  • Open the Google Fit app. on an Android phone.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the number of steps or cardio points.
  • To view indicators for a specific period, select the Day, Week or Month tab.

Each Xiaomi smartphone runs on a specific firmware version. Its number determines the availability of new features and compatibility with other programs. To check it you need:

Android. it is the “kernel” of the operating system. miui. this is a visual shell (launcher) that is installed on Android. As a rule, you need to find out exactly your Miui serial number, which comes before the dot. This may be the 9th, 10th or most current 11th issue at the time of writing.

What types of firmware are on Xiaomi

What firmware is installed on most Xiaomi devices

Most smartphones have the official MIUI Global Stable operating system installed. She comes from the factory. You can download the software from the official website. Link to the English version of the resource, since there are more firmware available there than in Russian.

In terms of major releases, most devices still work on Miui 9 and 10.

There are also old devices on which there is 8 release. In 2019, version 11 was released for the newest models. Miui 12 is expected in 2020. It will be received by new flagships and smartphones running on Miui 11.

Basic Blacklisting Actions

Having begun to understand the functionality of a smartphone, an inexperienced user may not even suspect the presence of an emergency. And when he finds it, questions will arise: how to turn it on, how to add or remove a number, etc.

How to turn on the blacklist

By default, this option is available on all phones, including regular push-button dialers. It is logical that the latest models of gadgets are not deprived of it. There are several ways to activate an emergency. First:

  • Go to the “Security” utility (on the main screen. an icon of a shield with a lightning bolt).
  • Select “Antispam” at the bottom of the page.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the right corner.
  • Move the slider next to the “Enable antispam” item. When the function is active, it lights up blue.
  • Open “Settings” (gear on the desktop).
  • Go to “System Applications”. “Call Settings”.
  • Select “Antispam”.
  • Activate the slider as in the first method.
  • The “Blacklist” button will become available on the page.

These simple actions enable anti-spam, it remains to configure it.

Where to find blocked numbers

It is enough to activate the “Enable antispam” function through the “Settings” or the “Security” utility, after which the “Black List” menu item will be highlighted, where the contacts added to it will be displayed.

How to add a number

Method two. Let’s start with the simplest:

  • From the main screen of the device, launch the “Phone” application (green tube).
  • Find the desired subscriber, press and hold your finger on it.
  • After the vibration response, a small menu will be displayed, where it is enough to select the “Block” item.
  • Confirm the action by tapping on the “OK” button.

In the second way, the blacklist is created through the settings. They are used if necessary to add several numbers to the list of blocked ones. Procedure:

  • Open from Blacklist settings.
  • Tap “Add” (plus icon at the bottom).
  • Choose one of three options:
  • “Enter number manually.” Thus, any number is entered, even if it is not in the contact list. After entering the numbers, it remains to click on the “OK” button;
  • “Add prefix”. So you can block all numbers from a specific operator or country in general. Input. manual;
  • “Select contact”. The user selects the subscriber to be added to the emergency from the list of the phone book. Having marked the necessary numbers, just click “OK”.

How to delete a number

Knowing how and where to find blocked numbers, it will not be difficult to exclude a subscriber from the corresponding list. You need to act in reverse order:

  • Through the “Security” utility or gadget settings, go to the “Antispam” section.
  • Open the “Black List” item. the contacts included in it will be displayed.
  • Next to the “Add” button there is also “Edit”. you need to click it.
  • Mark the numbers that you want to exclude from the blacklist and click “Delete”.

If necessary, you can exclude all subscribers from the blacklist at once.

Additional Features of Xiaomi Blacklist

After the Antispam option is activated on the phone, it will be possible to block messages and calls both from selected numbers and from unknown ones. For this purpose, you need to go to the “Call Blocking” section and check the boxes next to calls from “strangers” and “from hidden numbers”. And if the caller’s phone is not listed in the address book, when you call, it will automatically be sent to an emergency.

Another option is to block posts that contain specific mentions. Instruction:

  • Go to the “Message blocking” section, then, at the bottom, tap on the “Keywords” item.
  • Click the icon “”, specify words separated by commas that should not be in the content of the message, and save the changes with the appropriate button.

That is, if a word from the banned list is found in an incoming SMS, the gadget will ignore it. Settings can be edited later.

Another feature is called “White List”, and it is intended for global blocking of numbers. That is, no one will be able to type and write, with the exception of contacts from this list. Adding a user to the whitelist is no more difficult than adding a user to the blacklist:

  • Open “Settings”. “System settings”. “Call settings”.
  • Go to the “Antispam” menu.
  • Immediately below the “Black List” item is the “White List”. select it.
  • At the bottom, click “Add” and select an option by analogy with emergency situations (manually, prefix, specific contact).

About blocking numbers on Xiaomi devices

If someone bothers you with constant calls and SMS, it makes sense to add his number to the Black List. The subscriber who got into it will not be able to either call or forward the message. At the same time, his number will be erased from the address book, but will be saved in the emergency database.

An annoying subscriber, if his number is on the blacklist, when trying to get through, will only hear short beeps, as if the fishing line is busy. He will also not be able to write messages. notifications will come that they have not been sent.

Blacklist in Xiaomi phone where to find blocked numbers

Even in those days when push-button phones were in use, people already used such a convenient option as blocking unwanted callers. The black list in the Xiaomi phone, of course, also exists. Anyone can get tired of constant calls from bank employees, private clinics, advertisers. The solution is to add a specific contact to a special list, after which he will not be able to get through. When you try to contact a person who has blacklisted the number, you will hear the notification “Subscriber is busy”. Where to look for emergency situations on smartphones of the Xiaomi brand, how to work with the function, see blocked numbers. more on this in the article.

How to view blocked calls and SMS

With the “native” blacklist, it will only be possible to find out that one of the blocked ones tried to get through, and how many times. information about this will be given by the “Security” utility, displaying the necessary information in the notification panel.

If you want to view calls and messages, you will have to install a third-party blocker program that works by analogy with Antispam. Here are some options from the Play Market app store:

  • Mr. number. A simple utility with a set of necessary functions;
  • Call blocker. Similar to the first one, only available in Russian, which makes it easier to use;
  • Black list. Of the features. setting a schedule (for example, so that calls do not come in a certain period).

Xiaomi devices, like models of other brands, have an option with which you can prohibit receiving calls and SMS from certain subscribers. It is convenient to use, and if something is not clear, there are instructions.

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