How to View iPhone Safari History

The accumulated cache, cookies, massive histories of calls and browsing pages on the Internet. all this slows down the iPhone. Users prefer to put up with inconvenience, although actually deleting stories on iPhones is a momentary and fairly simple affair.

iPhone accumulates a huge amount of data about the actions that were committed by the user. Some of the information stored on the device is useful; they allow you to quickly find a useful site that the user once visited, or instantly log in to the service. without racking one’s brains over the password. However, a small portion of useful data, as a rule, drowns in a sea of ​​“trash”. information that is unnecessary and meaningless.

Due to the large amount of stored information, the speed of the iPhone suffers. as a result of which its owner is forced to feel discomfort. To avoid inconvenience, the user needs to periodically clean his “apple” gadget.

How to delete a story in Safari on iPhone?

Although you can install third-party browsers on iPhone, most fans of the “apple” technology continues to use Safari. If you are considering cleaning your Apple smartphone, you should start with the history of the preinstalled browser. Deleting Safari history should be done through “Settings”- proceed as follows:

Step 1. IN “Settings”Find the section”Safari”And follow into it.

How to View iPhone Safari History

Step 2. Scroll down the page and find the item “Clear the history”. Click on it.

Step 3. Confirm that you want to clear the history. click on the appropriate button.

Item “Clear the history”Will be darkened. this means that you coped with the task with a bang.”

Please note that in our example (on iOS 7.1.2) there are two buttons. “Clear the history”And”Delete cookie and data”. If you click only the first, the cookie will remain in the memory of the iPhone. On gadgets with iOS of other versions there can be only one button. “Clear site history and data”. In this case, saving cookies by deleting the browser history will not work.

There’s no need to erase a cookie from an iPhone. You won’t free up a lot of space due to this action, but you’ll lose the opportunity to quickly log in to the services and you will be faced with the need to remember all the passwords.

You can clear the search history on iPhone through the browser itself. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Locate the “Bookmarks”(With the image of an open book) and click on it.

Step 2. Next, proceed to the “History”.

Step 3. Click on the button “Clear”Located in the lower right corner.

Step 4. In the menu that appears, select the option “Clear”- so you confirm that you want to say goodbye to the history of browsed web pages.

If you do not want the addresses of the sites you visit to remain in the memory of your mobile device, use “Private access”. Requests after activation “Private access»Will not be saved either. Turn on the function “Private access”Needed in the menu”Bookmarks”- just click on the button of the same name in the lower left corner, then click”Done”.

That “Private access”On, you can judge by the background color of the browser. The background turns black.

How to erase history in other browsers on iPhone?

Popular browsers such as Opera Mini, Yandex.Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Browser are available in the AppStore. We will briefly discuss how to clear history in some of them.

Delete history in Yandex.Browser as follows:

Step 1. Go to “Settings»Application. click on the button with three dots.

In the menu that appears, select the option “Settings”.

Step 2. Scroll the settings screen down to the “Confidentiality”. In this block you will find the section “Clear data”. Follow into it.

Step 3. Mark with checkboxes what types of data you want to delete from Yandex.Browser.

Then click “Clear”And confirm your intention by clicking on the”Yes»In the window that appears.

Deleting a story in Opera Mini. the procedure is even simpler:

Step 1. Launch the application, and when the express panel appears on the screen, swipe from left to right. So you will go to the “History”.

Step 2. Click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner.

Step 3. Confirm that you want to clear your browsing history. in the window that appears, select the option “Yes”.

In terms of the flexibility of mobile Opera settings, Yandex.Browser is a long way off. Opera does not allow deleting data of only one type (for example, cache). It is possible to erase only all data at once. both history, and a list of passwords, and cookies.

To clear the history of mobile Google Chrome, you need to launch a browser, go to the menu by clicking on the icon with three dots and follow the path “Settings”(“Settings”).”Extended”(“Advanced”).”Personal data”(“Privacy”). In the last subsection there will be a block “Clear view data”(“Clear browsing data”). By clicking on the items in this block, you can delete data of various types.

How to clear purchase history in AppStore?

Step 1. Go to the AppStore application on the gadget and select the “Updates”.

Step 2. Next, proceed to the “Purchases”.

Step 3. A list of all applications that have been downloaded to your mobile device will appear on the screen.

Swipe from right to left on the line with the name of the application that you want to remove from the history, and click “Hide”(“Hide”).

Only owners of mobile devices with iOS version higher than 8.0 will be able to clear the download history from the AppStore in the described way. On gadgets with iOS 7 and below, there will be no reaction to swipe.

How to delete iPhone call history?

Thanks to the iPhone call history, the user can quickly contact those people with whom he most often communicates. without wasting time looking for their numbers in the phone book. Call history can also be “cleaned”, leaving only the most necessary contacts on the list. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Go to the “Phone” application and select the “Recent”.

A list of calls appears on the screen.

Step 2. Click on the “Edit»Located in the upper right corner.

You will see that a red circle with a minus appears in front of each call.

How to proceed further depends on your intentions. You can erase calls one at a time by clicking on the red circles opposite them and then confirming the action by clicking on “Delete”.

IPhone also allows you to clear call history completely. To do this, click on the button “Delete”And in the menu that appears, select the option”Clear all recent”.

Call data made by users of apple devices with iOS 8.1 and higher is sent to Apple, even if the backup function in iCloud is disabled. This is provided for by the organization’s policy. Apple claims that it only stores information for the last month and solely for the benefit of users. so that they have the opportunity to recover important data in case of loss. However, the experts of the domestic company Elcomsoft managed to recover information about the calls made already in the last 4 months. These statistics have “added fuel to the fire” of discussions over whether Apple is spying on Russians.

How to clear message history / iMessage?

Regular SMS and iMessage messages are deleted the same way. You can erase both individual SMSs and entire correspondence. It’s easier to get rid of correspondence: just go to the Messages application, swipe from right to left for correspondence that is no longer needed, and click on the red button with the signature “Delete”.

If necessary, delete specific messages, proceed differently:

Step 1. In the Messages application, find the correspondence you need and open it.

Step 2. Press SMS and hold your finger until the following menu appears:

Step 3. Choose option “Yet”. The message will be checked.

Step 4. Check the boxes opposite the other SMS-ok that you want to erase.

Step 5. Click on the trash can icon in the lower left corner.

Step 6. The iPhone will recount the number of messages to be deleted and ask you to confirm the operation.

Click “Delete messages (.)”.

After that, only important information will remain in your correspondence.

Delete AutoCorrect history

The function of automatic word replacement when writing a message or note in theory should be useful to the user; its task is to correct random clerical errors, which, given the fact that the keyboard buttons on the iPhone are small, cannot be avoided. However, in practice it turns out that AutoCorrect often turns a logical story into a balcony. There are several reasons for this. The main thing is the versatility of the Russian language, in which a lot of new words appear daily. The second most important is the ability of iPhone to remember new words, including incorrectly spelled.

If your iPhone’s dictionary consists entirely of meaningless constructions and misspelled words, it’s better to delete the AutoCorrect history. This procedure is performed as follows:

Step 1. Go to “Settings”And follow the path”The main”-“Reset”.

Step 2. In the subsection “Reset”Find the item”Reset Keyboard Dictionary”And click on it.

Step 3. In the menu that appears, select the option “Reset dictionary”.

This will restore the factory default dictionary settings.

You can also delete words from the iPhone AutoCorrect history individually. although doing this is rather inconvenient. It is necessary to write a word with an error and, when the iPhone offers its own option, refuse the correction by clicking on the “cross” (×). After the user repeats this procedure 5 row in a row, the gadget will “forget” its corrected word and stop offering it.

How to clean iPhone completely?

How to clear iPhone history data of all types at once? To do this, resort to the most radical way. a complete reset of the “apple” device. Resetting an iPhone is done in much the same way as deleting a history of AutoCorrect. It is necessary to reach the subsection “Reset”, Then click on the item”Erase content and settings”.

You will need to enter the restriction password and confirm the desire to erase the iPhone by clicking on the appropriate button.

The “apple” gadget will restart, after which the user will have to configure it as a new one. On our site there is an article about the initial setup of iPhones. you can resort to the instructions outlined in it.


Deleting the Safari browser history and other data is necessary not only to allow the smartphone to “breathe more freely”. It will be more convenient for the user to search for the necessary information if there is no useless trash left on the gadget. Fortunately, erasing data from an iPhone is not as difficult as uploading it to it. deleting all kinds of information is done in 2-3 steps.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended that you periodically perform a complete reset of the “apple” device. of course, having previously “packed” all the important data into a backup copy via iTunes or another file manager.