How To Video From Youtube To TV

Now there are many methods for connecting YouTube to a TV, so we put this topic in a separate article.

Let’s look at these methods as briefly as possible, see how they work, and answer the most popular questions.

How To From Youtube To TV

Methods to do it

Agree that it is not always convenient to watch on a mobile phone or tablet, and I would like to transfer the picture to a TV in a few clicks and enjoy high-quality playback.

This is possible, even if you want to connect YouTube to a Samsung or LG TV that does not have Smart functions.

The market has a huge number of televisions, some of which already have built-in functionality, while others do not.

For example, it’s easiest to plays on modern news with built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow you to watch in just a few clicks.

In turn, if you have a regular TV, then first of all, you have to connect an additional gadget in the form of Android-consoles, Xbox and more.

The main ways to connect YouTube to a TV via Wi-Fi:

  • Playback via computer, phone or tablet The essence of the method is that the TV and the device from which the picture is sent are on the same network. If necessary, you click on a special icon in the application and transfer the picture to the screen. this is one of the simplest methods.
  • Play through the app On many LG and Samsung TVs, you can connect YouTube by installing a special application. In this case, you search and views through the application functionality.
  • Open the service in the browser This method is relevant for TVs that have smart functions and network access. You simply go to and watch your favorites. # 128578;

Below we will actually give some basic ways to connect YouTube to a TV through a phone, tablet, computer, and other devices

We connect the phone or computer with the TV

So, as we already said, the easiest way is to transfer the picture from the phone or tablet directly to the TV.

→ This feature is only available for devices with Chromecast support.

Also, as an alternative, you can use TVs with:

  1. Android support
  2. with connected Xbox, PlayStation, and more.

The main condition in order to connect a laptop or phone to a TV for watching YouTube is that both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network .

As a rule, synchronization occurs automatically, but sometimes you need to make settings manually:

  • We go into the YouTube application on the TV and go to “Settings”;
  • After that, select the item “Connect to the phone”;
  • A blue code appears on the bottom of the page, which must be entered on the phone.

→ To do this, you must go to the YouTube app settings on your tablet or phone

→ Then “Configure the connection manually” and enter the appropriate code.

That’s all # 128578; If something you can watch the instruction

In a similar way, you can connect iPhone to any smart TV.

Guys, what about you? Do not miss

Through the application

This is a popular method if you are the owner of a smart new product from Samsung and so on. the whole procedure is performed through a special application from YouTube (usually installed on most models).

In this case, everything is simple. you need to go into the application, perform a search and watch the.

The situation is much more complicated if your TV does not have Wi-Fi or it does not have Smart functions at all. # 128577;

→ In this case, the best option is to use an additional gadget that will make TV more functional. One of these gadgets is the Android set-top box.

Connect it to your TV, download the YouTube app from PlayMarket and enjoy watching your favorites.

Functions are controlled using a special remote control, in which case YouTube specialists also tried, because the application is ideally adapted for TV.

Thus, we examined the main issues related to connecting YouTube to any TV. # 128578;

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