How to use viber on your computer

How to use Viber on your computer

Vyber is an extremely popular messenger, and for good reason. The application has excellent functionality, works quickly and looks great. But some still do not know how to use Viber on your computer. And this significantly extends the functionality of the program, making it more convenient and versatile.

Users of all Windows builds can install the desktop version of messenger on their computer.

  • Visit the official Viber website and download the distribution package for your computer.
  • Run the downloaded file, confirm the license agreement (check the box) and click on “Install”.

Now you need to wait until the program is installed on your computer. When this happens, you need to start Viberi go to authorization.

Attention! You can also install Viber on MacOS and Linux using this instruction.

What can Viber do on your computer?

Let’s start with the general features of the service. In order to fully use the Viber account on your computer, it must be synchronized with your phone. To do this, simply scan the code using the camera on your smartphone. The application for PC is almost no different from the phone version. Even the interactions are kept exactly the same.

You can take advantage of the following app privileges right after installing it on your computer:

  • sending text and voice messages;
  • media file transfer;
  • Video chatting with friends, relatives, colleagues;
  • sticker exchange;
  • profile setting;
  • audio calls;
  • disappearing messages, notes, polls4
  • group chats;
  • change the theme and design of the app, etc.д.

These are the main functions that each user can use after downloading Viber to his computer.

Installing Viber for Windows 8 and 8.1

Just like the other home screen apps, Viber for Windows 8 can also be downloaded from the Windows Store. Just go to the store (if it’s not on the home screen, use search or the list of all apps) and find the program you need: as a rule, it is in the list of popular apps, and if not. use search.

After installing and launching, you’ll be asked if the app is on your phone: it must be there and you must already have an account, otherwise you won’t be able to activate access to Viber from your computer.

If the application is available on your phone, enter your number and get an activation code. After confirmation, the main program window will open with a list of your contacts, completely ready to use.

How to use Viber on your phone?

Learning to use Viber on a smartphone or tablet is no more difficult than learning to manage a page in VK or Odnoklassniki. Below will be described the basic steps for a beginner user, necessary for a quick and easy start of communication.

Installation and registration

The first thing to do to start using the messenger program is to download and install Viber on the phone. The most unprepared person can do it; the main thing is to follow the instructions carefully and make sure you have a stable Internet connection beforehand.

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Downloading the application on your phone or tablet? All you need to do is register in Viber, enter your mobile number and get SMS with the code and start using the messenger.

Important: in the future the owner of the Android or iPhone smartphone will be able to change the number in Viber.

Creating chats

The next step after downloading and installing Viber is to start communicating. Individual correspondence is carried out in chat rooms. it is the same chain of messages, only more pleasantly decorated and equipped with additional features.

A phone user who wants to create his first chat should:

  • While they are not read, there will be one faded check mark at the bottom; when they are delivered, there will be two, and after they are read by the interlocutor, they will become richer in color.
  • To delete an unsuccessfully expressed thought, just click on the message for one or two seconds, and then select the “Delete” option in the context menu (for the sender only) or “Delete everywhere”. for both parties.
  • By clicking on the face in the lower left corner (under the text field), the owner of the device, who wants to learn how to use Vyber, can select any sticker from the available lists.
  • To send a picture you have made yourself, just tap on the three dots to the right and choose “Doodle” from the popup menu.
  • In the same way, the smartphone owner can send contact information from the phone book. to do this, it is necessary to tap on the bottom menu button.
  • To clear your chat correspondence, you should tap on the three vertically-spaced dots in the upper right corner and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.

Important: You can use Vyber for an unlimited time for free, creating any number of chats, groups or communities; in order to systematize the main window, it is recommended to delete conversations that have become irrelevant from time to time.

Creating groups

As you can see from the example, it is extremely easy to start one-on-one communication in the messenger. Creating a Viber group is as simple as that.

  • Open a chat with the person you want to call. If you plan to call in audio mode, click on the handset icon at the top.
  • The process is the same as for voice calls, except you can’t add new participants. The smartphone owner, who is much better at using Vyber, can interrupt communication at any time by tapping on the “End call” button.

Configuring the messenger

To use the messenger fully, you need to set up your account. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the desktop and enter the program settings. A dialog window will appear with four tabs: “Account”, “Viber Out”, “Audio and Video”, “Privacy”, “Notifications”.

Click on the “Account” tab. If you want Viber to launch at every system boot, check (1). Change the background of the working window (2) according to your taste, select the program language (3) and activate or deactivate the photo and video autoloading (4).

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The main settings of the application are in the “Account” tab

The Viber Out tab is intended for managing payments. Here you can top up your account balance, view information about current tariff, calls and payments.

In the Viber Out tab, you can also view information about the cost of calls to one country or another

The “Audio and video” tab is for testing and adjusting audio and picture.

In the “Audio and video” tab, you can make separate settings for each of the items

The next tab is for managing your privacy. Here you can clear all verified contacts (1), agree or decline to collect analytics data (2), get more information about privacy policy (3), or deactivate messenger on your computer (4).

The “Privacy” tab also allows you to work with applications on other connected devices

Using the last tab you can manage notifications and sounds.

You can manage notifications and sounds on all devices from the “Notifications” tab

After setting up the program, go back to the program desktop.

How to use Viber on PC

After downloading and installing Viber on your computer, you can start communicating. But many first-time users don’t always know how the app works on the computer. Here is a guide to familiarize you with all aspects of working with Viber on PC.

Launch the application and you’ll see the main window. Consider the functions of the messenger controls: fields, buttons, and so on. д

At the top is a menu bar and four large icons:

  • Chats. a list of your calls and text messages.
  • Contacts. list of contacts, people who use Viber are marked separately. You can view them by clicking “Viber only” or select all contacts using the word “All.
  • Public chat rooms: pages of celebrities, like politicians, movie stars, and journalists. Here you can also organize your own chat with colleagues or friends.
  • Keyboard. using this feature the user can quickly dial a number that is not in the address book.

To send a message, just click on the contact in the left part of the window, type your message and select the picture with an arrow to the right. In this area, on the top right, there are two buttons. voice and video call. Use them to call your interlocutor for free.

Note. Below your message, its status is displayed as “Viewed” or “Delivered,” which is useful when you want to know if the user has read your message. Command to insert a photo, picture or multimedia file is on the left side of the message bar, on the right side there is a button to add smiley faces or stickers.

The second section, Contacts, shows a full list of contacts. Members, who also use messenger, are marked with the relevant icon in purple on the right side of the contact line.

By clicking “Viber only” on the right side above the list of addresses, you select only those who have the application installed

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Use “All” to switch back to the full list of contacts. You can make free calls only to users of the messenger.

In order to call other users, you need to refill your personal account by clicking the green “Refill” button in the upper right part of the window, next to the settings item. You can top up your account with any available payment system.

viber, your, computer

The third link represents the menu of publishers and shows public pages and groups with subscribers.

  • “Chat”. communication between subscribers of the group;
  • “Share”. the ability to send information about the publicity to any other messenger;
  • “Actions”. browse the page, find information about the publisher, start a dialogue with a subscriber, complain about the publisher, return to the main menu;
  • “Message”. the ability to send a message to the creators of the group.

The fourth button opens the onscreen keyboard for easy dialing and calling a subscriber without Vyber. You can call the subscriber on any mobile or landline phone having funds on the balance.

How to start communicating

Communication takes place in the same format as with a mobile device. You can send stickers, record voice messages and just write any text. You can also share your photos and videos.

To start communication, click on the contact, in the field “to Write a message” type text from the keyboard, by pressing the icon “” you can add photos

Why do we need to synchronize Viber

Why do we need Vyber synchronization?? The option will be useful for those users, who have a computer and the second mobile gadget. You can work with your profile at any time, so you don’t have to find your primary smartphone to read an SMS or answer a call.

In the application for the PC is easy to write text on the keyboard. You can see photos better on a bigger screen. A shared account lets you communicate with your friends in your own name, without having to create a new profile.

viber, your, computer

Important. Signing in to your profile is easy. Messages and calls are synchronized on your computer and phone automatically. The main and only condition for work is a stable connection to the Internet.

Comparing Viber, WhatsApp and other messengers

So what’s the difference between Viber and apps like WhatsApp? The speed of the excellent work, convenient functionality, and a variety of functions. In practice, it is easy to use the application by a beginner. The same can be said of other messengers, such as Skype. Like Viber, it’s available to all first-time users.

All the more its interface is very handy and everything is clearly explained and shown. So, feel free to use this app, and you can with your friends or family at any time.

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