How to Use Viber on the Phone

Posted by seoadmin on 03.20.2016

The development of smartphones and voice Internet telephony technologies has led to the creation of a huge number of applications running on the Internet and allowing users of smartphones that have this application to communicate with each other. The most popular application of this kind is the utility Viber. For many, the question of how to use Viber on the phone remains open, which prevents them from fully appreciating all the advantages of the program and enjoying the quality of communication from this seemingly such a simple thing.

What is vibe?

How to Use Viber on the Phone

Viber is a modern communicator that allows you to send free SMS messages, audio messages, share multimedia files and even make free calls around the world.

In this case, you will be able to evaluate:

  • Excellent communication quality without interference and extraneous noise;
  • Colorful and intuitive interface;
  • Colorful emoticons and stickers that emotionally color your communication;
  • Saving money on mobile communications;
  • Save battery on your smartphone.

Viber program can be installed on all modern operating systems, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows. To install the application, just download it from the market of your platform and activate it by entering the activation code, which will come to the number you specified at startup. After that, the application is ready to work, and you can send SMS, make calls and enjoy high-quality communication.

How to use Viber on the phone

Using Viber is not as difficult as it may seem to a beginner. The interface has been specially created for intuitive use. You can quickly and easily navigate this simple system. To start using Viber, just download it from the market of your operating system. After that, a shortcut will appear on the smartphone’s desktop. An icon with which you can easily open the application with the click of a button. No additional authorization is required, which is pretty convenient. So, after downloading the application, activating it. It is ready to work.

When you open you will see three icons:

  • Chats are all the dialogs that you will lead. All your correspondence is saved here by default. You can not only send regular text sms, but also audio messages, multimedia files, and much more. All messages are saved until you yourself wish to clear the chat history;
  • Contacts. The application is synchronized with your phone, and more specifically, with the phone book, so all the contacts that are recorded on your phone using the Viber application will be displayed in this section. If you want to start correspondence or communication with one of the contacts, just click on it. After which a new window will open, where several functions will be displayed: free call, free message, free video call; In addition, you can send a free invitation to contacts who do not yet use Viber;
  • Calls are the same magazine as on the phone. Here you will find all completed, accepted and missed calls.

If you are still wondering how to use Viber on your phone, we recommend that you simply give up your fear of the unknown and try to write at least one message. You yourself will be surprised how simple and easy everything is. And nothing can tear you away from using the services of the application, you will be able to appreciate all the advantages of such mobile communications. Communicate with pleasure!

Every day, about 9.4 million people use the Viber mobile application for voice and video calls, text and voice messages, and file transfers.

This is a convenient and functional application, so you should figure out how to use Viber on your phone. Master the messenger under the power of any user.

  1. Using Viber on the phone
  2. Manage your contacts in Viber
  3. Adding a new contact
  4. Delete contact
  5. Text Messages and Calls
  6. Sending a file, contact or location
  7. Chat settings in Viber
  8. General application settings

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Using Viber on the phone

The application allows you to make calls, send messages and files via the Internet. Voice and video calls between Viber users are free, only an Internet connection is paid at the tariff of a telecom operator.

Understanding what Viber is and how to use it is quite simple. The application interface is minimalistic and easy to understand, there is no advertising, and there are enough functions for full communication with friends and relatives. Viber in many respects is much more convenient than regular mobile communications and outperforms other popular instant messengers with ease of use.

Manage your contacts in Viber

When connecting for the first time, the application will check the list of saved contacts and automatically scan the numbers in its own phone book. Contact list can be seen in “Challenges.”

Those who already use Viber can immediately call by voice or video, the rest can send an invitation via SMS or any other messenger installed on their smartphone.

Adding a new contact

A new contact can be added through the application for smartphones based on Android or iOS. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Select “Still” on the main screen, then press “Add contact”. You will need to enter the phone number of the subscriber. Immediately there is an opportunity to scan QR code from the screen of another device to add a contact automatically.
  2. On the menu Challenges press the keyboard icon, dial a number and select “Addin contact“, and then. Continue \ Finish. “Save.”
  3. Screen “Add contact” also opens when you select the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the menu “Challenges.”

Delete contact

To delete a contact, go to Challenges select an unwanted face, click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click Delete. After confirmation, the number will be deleted from the address book of the smartphone.

Text Messages and Calls

How to use Viber on your phone to make calls and send messages is intuitive. To start communication, in the menu Chats You need to click on the message icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Next, enter the number or name of the contact. A message can be typed on the keyboard or spoken by holding the microphone icon. To record a video message, hold down the record icon and release to send.

Viber user manual in Russian includes a description of how to diversify the exchange of boring text messages. You can do this with the help of stickers or emoticons, which are available when you click on the icon to the far left under the field for typing. Icon “a plus” opens new stickers where you can either download free or purchase paid sets.

In Viber (instructions for adding contacts above), you can make free calls to instant messenger users and paid. To regular phone numbers. Using the Internet, you can communicate with friends via voice or video.

A stable wireless connection will allow you to forget about problems such as high tariffs of mobile operators, roaming or lack of network coverage.

If the person you want to contact does not use the messenger, you can call a landline or mobile number at special rates.

Sending a file, contact or location

Sending text messages and making calls is not a complete list of the capabilities of the popular messenger. Through Viber, you can send various documents, images, drawings, contacts and location. All functions are implemented as conveniently as possible. Send icons are located under the chat text input field.

For example, to send a file to a user, you must:

  1. Open a chat with the user to whom you want to send the document.
  2. Select “Menu” (icon in the form of three dots located horizontally).
  3. Click on Send file and specify the path to the desired file.

Following the same step-by-step instructions, you can share your location or send a contact. And to send another user a photo or image from the gallery, you need to select the camera icon or image.

Chat settings in Viber

The instructions for Viber can not fail to address the issue of general application settings and individual chats. If you swipe the screen from right to left, the chat settings menu opens. The following features are available to the user:

  1. Function “Smart notifications.” When activated, notifications will accumulate.
  2. Set the background. For chat, you can set the background image from the proposed ones, make your own photo or upload the desired image from the gallery.
  3. Option “Location.” If this option is activated, a geotag will be attached to each message.
  4. Function “Block contact.”
  5. Hide chat. Hidden chats are available only after entering the PIN code in the search bar, they are not displayed in the list of general ones.
  6. Freeze chat. If you enable this option, the chat will be displayed on top of the rest in the general list (including over new messages).
  7. Delete chat. Here you can browse the media gallery to quickly find photos from correspondence, add participants or verify contact.

General application settings

Viber is a very functional application. In the settings menu, the user can create a backup copy of messages so that in case of accidental deletion or damage by viruses, not to lose important correspondence, change personal data and privacy settings (for example, turn off the “Online” and “Read” marks), set up notifications (preview new messages, the use of system sounds).

Understanding how to use Viber on your phone is pretty simple. The application interface is accessible and concise.