How to Use Root Rights on Android

These utilities will help you get root under Android in a few clicks (is it safe?). Programs are installed on a PC (via a usb cable connected to the phone) or directly on Android.

It should be noted that rooting applications are far from compatible with all Android devices (it depends on the phone model, firmware version). Therefore, always check the compatibility of the application with the mobile, so as not to turn it into a “brick” (mechanically faulty telephone with software errors, unsuitable for use.)

Here is a list of reviewed root applications certified by Android geeks in specialized forums:

1. Kingo Root. quick root in one click

Kingo Root is perhaps the most convenient program for obtaining root-rights on an Android mobile device. There is both a mobile version of the application, and you can also root through a PC using the Kingo Ruth desktop program.

How to Use Root Rights on Android

After installation, Kingo Root downloads the necessary scripts and activates root access for 5 minutes, without requiring technical skills from the user. All actions are performed through a step-by-step wizard.

For how to use Kingroot, read the link below:

2. FramaRoot. safe root for Android devices

FramaRoot installs Superuser and SuperSu on Android in one click without installing it on a PC. At the moment, FramaRoot supports most popular Android devices. The list is published here.

The utility allows you to manage root rights, applications and permissions. FramaRoot comes with a special root browser with navigation on the Android root file system.

How to enable root rights through this application:

  1. Install the FramaRoot application by copying the apk file to the root of the memory card and launching it.
  2. In the window, select the exploit to run, any of the available.
  3. The rooting status will be marked by a sad 🙁 or funny 🙂 emoticon. Sometimes partial rutting occurs (:. /), and additional steps will be required from you (rebooting the phone and turning on ADB debugging).

3. 360 Root. superuser rights on the phone

360 root is a well-known Chinese application for rooting a phone through a PC or a mobile device itself (Android 1.6 and higher). The probability of obtaining superuser rights is about 90%. A list of supported models can be found here. Although the root site of the application is available only in Chinese, you can easily find your phone in the list (otherwise, it’s better not to risk it and not use 360 ​​root on Android).

How to correctly install root-rights on Android using 360 One-Root:

  1. Download the installer for PC by clicking on the link.
  2. On the computer, go to the Control Panel section. Internet Options. Connections Lan Settings.
  3. Enter in the Address, 81 field, activate the proxy and click OK.
  4. Pre-enable USB debugging on your phone.

4. iRoot. root installation on Samsung and LG

To reduce the likelihood of a root program error, the developers have simplified the process of modifying the phone as much as possible. To do this, you must:

  1. Install root rights on the phone (download the iRoot.apk file to the root of the sd card and run it)
  2. Enable USB debugging on mobile device
  3. Launch iRoot Application
  4. Root by clicking the “Root” button

Root add-on is available for both PC and Android. Where to download root rights? For example, here.

5. Root Genius. getting root rights on Sony, Huawei and HTC

Root Genius supports the installation of root rights for 15 thousand models of smartphones and tablets.

Root Genius is available for PC and as a mobile application. in the form of an apk-file (version of Android 2.3 is required for operation). Installed similarly to other rooting applications. If necessary (for example, when transferring the phone for repair), you can delete root through the settings. If the rooting failed, you can repeat the operation.

6. Baidu Root. application for obtaining root rights

Utility Baidu root compatible with all models of Android 2.2. 4.4 and higher. Only Samsung users can have problems: if you have KNOX, the program will not be installed (KNOX needs to be uninstalled).

  1. After installing the Baidu Root application, we turn on the agreement (if the version is not translated, then you need to click on the button in the lower right corner);
  2. We make a refusal to upgrade (not always requested);
  3. Click on the button “Get Root” (if the version is not translated, then this is the blue button in the center);
  4. We are waiting. When the program lights up in green, obtaining root-rights will be successfully completed.

Baidu Super Root. Modification of this application allows you to access almost any system file. Unlike the basic version, it is lighter, it has less advertising. In order to root Android with its help, you need an Internet connection.

Programs for root: questions and answers

When I downloaded Framaroot, I had 2 methods in stock, and none of them helped me do the rooting. I’ve already downloaded how many free root programs. nothing helps to get root privileges. Please, help! My phone model is Micromax D303, Android OS 4.4.2.