How to Use Presets on Your Phone

What are phone presets?

Presets are what make life so much easier when you’re editing a photo on your phone. You don’t usually have enough time to do a full-fledged workflow on your computer. No wonder you have to download your photos to your computer, import them into a program, process them, export them, then download them back to your computer it takes too much time!

  • On Android in the Play store search for Zip unpacker
  • Now using the program AndroZip find our downloaded archive, usually the download is in the folder Download
  • You go to Lightroom on your phone and click add a photo.

How to install a preset in Lightroom for Windows

By downloading Lightroom to your computer, you can set a preset for it. This is a separate configuration file (or settings file) that allows you to quickly apply some interesting effects. They can be anything from a slight brightening of a photo to a major change. For example, changing the color tone of a photo, contrast, etc. д. Presets are essential help for photo designers and people of other professions, who have to work with photos every day.

In the Lightroom editor, you can find several presets that are set by the developer. But often they are not enough.

To apply one of the preset files:

If you want to install a different preset, which is not in Lightroom:

  • After downloading a preset, you need to unpack it, i.e.к. they are usually in a ZIP archive;
  • Then open the printed folder, select the file and copy it;

Select and copy the downloaded preset for Lightroom

Also, don’t forget that filters come in both complementary and substitute. That is, if you have applied a photo brightening preset, the next brightness change effect can reset the brightening.

How to use presets

Once you understand how to use the presets (which is very easy!), it will take you only a minute to process your photos.

Download the Lightroom mobile app from Play Market.

Download presets that suit your processing style.

I download the presets as photos. They open in the Lightroom app as a normal photo. For example, I liked this preset:

In Lightroom, select and open the preset file.

Now you need to copy the specified parameters from this photo. Click the three dots in the upper right corner. There’s a tab there called “Copy settings”:

Now open your photo you want to process. Press the three dots again and select “Insert Settings”. The preset settings automatically transfer to your photo.

If you like, you can add brightness, correct the white balance, add sharpness.

Sometimes a preset doesn’t quite fit the photo nicely. In this case try to play with the exposure (make it lighter / darker), experiment with colors. its hue, saturation, brightness.

The important thing is that the presets work well for photos taken in daylight or studio light. So try to pay more attention to the original, and then the processing of your photo will be automated.

How to use the presets on your phone

Hello. Dear Friend! Happy to see you on the pages of my blog EkaterinaGabzevich.Ru!

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The world doesn’t stand still. It’s hard to argue with the fact that social media has become an integral part of our lives. Instagram is gaining momentum more and more. And today I’m going to talk about editing photos for this social networking site

You may have heard by now that it’s not very fashionable to post just a photo. Endless feeds in which one photo flows seamlessly into another Profiles in which people use a certain structure to maintain their feeds This is all very good, of course. However, if you’re not a designer, or you just haven’t set out to find information on the Internet on how to maintain your profile beautifully, then your feed consists of your photos published in random order.

How beautiful to see bloggers’ profiles done in the same color scheme, in the same style. Would you also like? It’s easy to do, and right from your cell phone You’ll need to install the Lightroom program on your phone and, respectively, the bloggers’ presets themselves, applying them to your photos, you can achieve the perfect style for your profile.

If you have an Android, you will find a link to install it. If you have iOS, the installation link. Click on the link and press “Install”. This will start the installation process. Once the program is installed, click “Open” to launch the program for the first time. Familiarize yourself with the features of the program and click “Skip”.

You will need an account to work with the program. Click “Register” to create it.

Fill in the registration form and press “Register”. Your password must contain capital and small letters and numbers.

An email will be sent to the email address you specified, with an activation link. Click on it.

The program will open for you. Add the photo you want to process.

Add your existing preset. I will tell you how to download preset transferred to you via Yandex. Follow this link and click on a preset you are interested in

This will open a page with a preset. Click on the three dots at the top and select the “Download” function

The preset will be downloaded to your phone in the Downloads folder.

It will also show up in your gallery, in your “downloaded” folder. If it doesn’t happen automatically, you have to transfer it. To do this, go to the “Downloads” folder

Click on the preset you want, and make sure it is selected. Click on the three dots in the upper menu and choose “move”.

Your preset is now exactly in your “downloaded” folder (in the gallery)

Add a preset to the program, just like a normal photo.

The photo and preset are added, go to the “All Photo” folder

Your photo is ready. Press the three dots at the top

Select “Save to device”

Set the best quality and press “OK”.

Your edited photo will be saved to your phone. On my Android, my photos are saved to the “Other” folder in the gallery. “AbobeLightroom”. You may have it in a different folder.

If you like any preset. You can save its style, so you do not have to make new adjustments every time.

So, click on the three dots in the top menu.

How to use Lightroom on your phone?

The second way (creating a style in lightroom)

Once you have an image loaded, we press the button in the right corner (3 dots) and click “Create Style”, and again, choose the settings that will be available in our preset. Name the preset.

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Now open your photo to which you want to apply a mobile preset and flip the bottom toolbar to the very right. You can see the “Styles” button. Click on it.

And apply our new mobile preset! Done! Now it can be used from this tab, and remove the photo with dng format (because they weigh a lot).

Presets for Lightroom

Recently, the number of photographers, instagram-bloggers engaged in the visual design of profiles for Instagram has increased. To help, Lightroom presets come in handy. Presets help you quickly and professionally process your photos in Lightroom. evo-Preset.Ru has gathered a collection of presets from all over the world, all of them correspond to the trends in photo editing for visual. It’s easy to download presets, we’ve written a guide for that. We can help you install presets on your phone or computer. The presets are suitable for Lightroom mobile and for the PC version, so you can install the presets on any of your devices that have Lightroom. After downloading the presets, instructions on how to install the presets will come, and if something is not clear, customers can always write to our support.

Presets for Lightroom is a set of settings that are installed in the free application Adobe Lightroom. They are created by experienced photographers and amateurs to make it easier to edit photos. With their help, you can edit an image with just a couple of clicks. It’s not always the case that photographs are taken under ideal conditions. Especially when you have to do it in a hurry. The camera may incorrectly determine the balance, darken or, conversely, strongly lighten some areas. You can correct the ready picture with the help of the settings. But not everyone knows how to do it. There are presets for that. They help to make your photos perfect.

Lightroom presets make life easier, both for professionals and ordinary people. All you have to do is click on a preset, and you’ll instantly get a retouched picture. Before you had to waste time by trial and error to find the perfect color balance, but now you can do it instantly, just by selecting the appropriate settings.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the presets on your phone. The first thing you need to do is download and install the Lightroom app, which will give you access to customize your photos. Then you need to create or download the presets you like. Now you only have to go into the application and open the picture with the settings you want. Click on “” and choose the “Download Settings” tab. Open the photo you want to apply the settings to. Click again on “” and choose the line “Insert settings”. That’s it. Then, if you want, you can adjust the brightness or contrast settings yourself, and the picture is ready. Downloading Lightroom presets and using them is not difficult at all.

You can create your own in the Lightroom app, but that’s not the only option. The easiest and fastest way is to download presets for Lightroom. So you can get what you want quickly. You can download the most stylish and up-to-date presets at an affordable price on our store. We offer you favorable conditions of cooperation. Our team has created more than 200 thousand. The perfect presets that you can use, too. Download Lightroom presets and install them very easily. You can do it in one click.

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Save time; Make processing much easier; Help you create a beautiful visual for your instagram social media account. Creating a unified style; The ability to earn money by creating presets; Do they have disadvantages? As such, there are no flaws in the processed photos. But if someone wants to use the same preset, your photos will look monotonous. Lose your personality and creativity.

Now combining the notion of “presets” and “lightroom” together.

Where to get these same presets? We saved you time and money on searching. You can find a selection of free presets on our site by clicking here. “Lightroom mobile presets for free!”

How to use them in the mobile version of Lightroom? You can learn about it from another article on our website at the link below. “How to install mobile presets in Lightroom?”

Preset formats

lrtemplate. For computer (they won’t open from your phone ANYWHERE) DNG. for your phone

Why the presets do not work?

Yay! A photo with the right settings made it into your Lightroom gallery. You copy the settings and paste them onto your photo. Andiii. Fiasco! You didn’t make it as a blogger. Then the presets don’t work?

It is important to understand that there are no perfect settings for every photo. After all, we take photos under different lighting, different equipment, different hands in the end) So sometimes tweaking will be necessary.

Here are some helpful tips on correcting

If the whole photo is too dark or light, you may use the Exposure slider in the Light section.

If the photo as a whole is too yellow or blue, then in the COLOR section we twist the Temperature slider.

If the whole picture is too green or purple, then in the COLOUR slider Tint.

If your skin is too gray, in the COLOR section, add the Saturation slider.

If the skin is too dark or light (not enough tan), then in the COLOR section select the HUMMING subsection., there you select the second circle from the left (orange), and there we turn the Brightness slider.

If you want to remove (or bring back) any color, then in the COLOR section in the SMASH subsection. lower or raise the saturation of that color.

If the photo as a whole is too contrasty (or vice versa), then in section LIGHT we turn the Contrast slider.

If the person in the frame is too dark or too light, we rotate the White and Light areas sliders in the Light section.

To summarize, I want to say that presets significantly reduce the processing time and really with the help of them you can achieve a unified style in the design of Instagram! What you need to do. is to choose among the many colors and experiment with their application to your photos

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