How to Use Instagram On Phone

How to use Instagram? Novice users of a social network may be faced with this question.

The interface is understandable and built “step by step”, so it’s easy to figure it out, and missing something is quite difficult. Nevertheless, we decided to help newcomers to the service, and make a kind of instruction for beginners.

All necessary actions on Instagram can be divided into 11 points. For some of them, our site already has separate detailed materials, for others they will appear later. If something is not clear, you can always refer to them.

And the overall picture will become well understood after reading this instruction!

1. Installation and registration

How to Use Instagram On Phone

You can work with Instagram both from a mobile gadget (which, in theory, is assumed), and from a computer (which in some situations may be required.

How to install and register on Instagram from a computer. We have already told in detail. We will briefly repeat the main points.

In the case of a mobile device, you just need to find the application in the AppStore or GooglePlay. To register, you will need to provide some information, as well as an email address. But they can be any. You do not need to use any activation code sent by e-mail. You can immediately start using the application.

You can use all the functions of Instagram from a computer. For this you need to install the Android emulator, which is described in detail in the article by the link.

2. Notifications

After installation, you should configure notifications from the system. Instagram can send you push notifications about various events related to your account. They are configured through the menu item “Settings for push notifications” in the general “Settings”. To get there, you need to click the icon in the profile (in the form of a gear).

Push notifications that appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet may indicate the following events:

  • Someone comments on your photo or likes;
  • You are marked in a photograph;
  • In the comments they mention you with a link to the account;
  • Your photo goes to the Popular page.

Even if you decide to disable push notifications, Instagram will still inform you of the specified information. In the “News” section on the main page of the application.

3. Integration with social networks

Since Instagram is a separate social network, and it exists almost exclusively on mobile devices, it’s important for many users to configure the application’s connections with “traditional” social networks such as Vkontakte and Facebook. It is very easy to do.

To do this, go to the profile and select the “Publish Settings” menu item. Instagram will offer you to choose the services with which you want to link your account. Alas, not all social networks are available yet. For example, there is no integration with Google.

After “linking” accounts, the photos you upload on Instagram will automatically appear on selected social networks.

4. Adding photos

You can take pictures (and need) directly from the application. Firstly, it’s faster and more convenient. You can immediately apply filters to the image and put it on the network. Secondly, it’s more convenient to crop. After all, Instagram has a specific 1: 1 format.

To take a photo, click on the blue camera icon in the middle of the panel. The camera application opens. You can shoot!

Please note in the lower left corner. A link to a gallery of photos stored on your device. With its help, you can process and post on Instagram any photo you took earlier. Thus, you can add your favorite old pictures to Instagram, or taken with a serious camera.

5. Filters

Filters are the main “feature” of Instagram, they make unpretentious pictures on the mobile phone’s camera expressive and colorful. In total, 20 filters are built into Instagram, which are seriously different from each other. Therefore, regardless of the plot of the photo, lighting and white balance, you will find what you need.

In detail, all Instagram effects are described in a separate article. Each filter also has a switchable frame.

Using filters is very easy. Immediately after you take a photo through the application or import a third-party into it, the processing screen will open. Choose filters by simply clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

6. The effect of tilt-shift

Instagram has the ability to simulate the effect of tilt-shift lenses. Blurring the photo at certain boundaries, which allows you to select a certain object in the picture, or seriously change its visual perception. To do this, use the drop icon.

Blur can have both straight borders with a variable slope (similar to a real tilt-shift), and a round shape. This effect should not be abused, but sometimes it can be very useful.

Is being created "toy" the effect.

7. Additional features

When processing photos, there are several additional features. The icon in the form of the sun changes the contrast of the photo. Like tilt-shift, this effect is not always appropriate, but sometimes it comes in very place.

The curved arrow allows you to change the horizon in the photo. Align it if you make a mistake when shooting, or vice versa, give an interesting dynamic effect.

8. Video

Instagram also allows you to shoot short videos. Up to 15 seconds. Not to say that this function of the service was super popular, but gradually more and more people are beginning to use it.

To start shooting, you need to press the button to enter the shooting mode, and select the camera icon on the right. As with the photo, you can use any video taken earlier or on another camera. After shooting, you can also use filters (though others).

9. Publication

So, everything is ready. All that remains is to click on the “Submit” button. Before this, you can also mark people in the photo, indicate the location, and choose which of the “connected” social networks to send the result to. Do not forget about the description of the photo, in which you can use hashtags.

10. Find friends

If you post photos on Instagram. You need someone to see them, right? In general, finding friends and promoting your microphotoblog is a topic for another discussion. But still a few words.

You can actively search for friends using the corresponding button in the profile. Search on Instagram is available on various data, including hashtags, and Instagram will be able to find in the system of your friends on other social networks and in the contact list of the phone. You can also use a photo card where photos taken near you are marked.

On the “Popular” page you will always find interesting users who can also be added to your friends list. To view the list, click on the star icon in the main menu.

Video: How to Use Instagram On Phone

11. Web interface

Now on Instagram.Com there is an opportunity to perform all the basic actions with an account. View photos, edit a profile, and so on. You can’t just upload photos and videos. Instagram is still focused on mobile devices. But this problem can be solved by installing Instagram for the computer.

We hope that this short instruction has been helpful to you!

Now almost everyone uses social networks. It is difficult to imagine a person who did not even have a page on the Internet. And the interface of these communication tools can be very different from one service to another. In this article we will talk about how to use Instagram on the phone.

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What functions do you need to know to start using Instagram?

What is included in the necessary minimum that you need to know in order to use Instagram is simple and convenient? We will think logically. There are two types of content on a social network: photo and video. And you can place it in four sections of the page: stories, IGTV, broadcasts and posts. You can upload materials to each of them. But each of these sections puts forward its file requirements. For example, in terms of the duration of the video in the publication and the History, you have strict restrictions on the duration. If you want to post a long video, you should open IGTV or start broadcasting.

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Broadcasts, stories, IGTV and posts are the sections of your account that you should be able to use. Of course, you can go deeper and write a whole book about everything, but now I will give you a quick educational program on them.

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Images are content that was the very first in the photo network. Therefore, photographs and captions to them occupy a very important part in maintaining the profile.

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How to lay out?

To start creating a publication, you need to click on the plus icon at the bottom, in the middle of the horizontal menu. This will open a window in which you can select posts or take pictures of something in real time. In order to understand how to upload a photo to Instagram from your phone, just click on this plus icon. Everything is clear there without my moralizing.

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How to issue?

After we have selected the image or made it, we proceed to the design. You can impose one of the built-in filters of the social network or, for example, use a third-party editor. Connect them to the application does not work, so you have to open it separately. Then click on “Next” and proceed to add the signature. You can write anything you want.

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A carousel is a post in which several photos are posted. At the bottom of such a publication, we can see several points. To enable this mode, you need to click on the icon with two squares in the lower right corner of the selected photo. Then you can tap on the desired image. To then apply different filters to the pictures, you need to click on the button with a circle and three diagonal lines.

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How to save?

Now about how to save photos. Downloading them from a social network using standard methods is not possible. You must use either third-party tools or tricks such as the source code of the page. But the question “How to save Instagram photos to your phone?” may have an alternative, albeit slightly indirect, solution. In order to work with the phone with content and view it whenever you want, you can click on the icon with flags at the bottom right corner.

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Rollers are not the main type of materials on Insta. However, they are now gaining popularity. But, although the social network makes attempts to get closer to YouTube, it is not particularly successful. First, consider the videos in the publications.

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Resolution can be selected up to 1080p, which is horizontal, that is square orientation. Much more useful to know the maximum duration of the video. In stories, it’s 15 seconds. If you select a long movie, it is automatically divided into several shorter stories. In a regular post, the maximum duration is 60 seconds. In broadcasts, only an hour of recording is available to you.

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How to lay out?

In terms of material loading, everything is exactly the same as with photographs. You can select a file or shoot it in real time. Shooting is available in the same place where you take pictures. Just click on the button that we previously used to create photos and hold this touch.

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The stories appeared after adding the ability to download videos. They are placed above the news feed, so in terms of raising statistics, they are much more useful. We will analyze them in detail.

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How to lay out?

To start creating, click on the button at the top of the screen, above the news feed. There will be a profile picture, a small icon with a plus sign and the signature “Your story”. Next, go directly to the creation. You can take a picture or shoot a video, or go to the gallery. The button for it will be in the lower left corner.

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You can apply stickers or animations to the image. To do this, click on the appropriate button on top. A square with a smiley. By the way, you can download a photo taken in history, with one click. You just need to click on the icon with an arrow down.

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Followers Interaction

In stories, it is possible to interact with followers. This is also done using stickers. Quiz, questions, chat and others.

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Look again at the screenshot of the creation of the story. To the right of the circle to create a photo there are different images. These are masks. You can scroll them and apply some effect to your face. It is enough to substitute the icon of this or that mask under this circle. And at the end of the list there is a button for searching non-standard filters. They are divided into categories and specific developers. By the way, if you are good at programming or creating animations, you can even create your own. The necessary functionality is in a standard tool from a social network.

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Many believe that the introduction of IGTV is an attempt by Instagram to get closer to the most popular video hosting in the world. Maybe this is so. In any case, many have long wanted to download long clips.

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First, consider the requirements. The format should be mp4. The minimum duration is 1 minute, the maximum may be different, depending on whether you are downloading a video from a mobile or stationary device. It’s 15 minutes through the phone, 60 through the computer.

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How to lay out

The article is entitled “How to use Instagram on the phone?”, So you can’t do without instructions. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

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  1. We click on the icon with the TV and a zigzag on the screen. It is located in the upper right corner. Or you can download and run the special IGTV application.
  2. Click on the plus icon, and then click on “Next”.
  3. To select a cover, at the bottom of the screen, drag on the image and click on the plus. After that, select the image from the gallery or film.
  4. We make a future publication a title and description.
  5. You can add a video to albums, which are called serials here. To do this, click on the appropriate button and select ready or create a new one.
  6. Next you can add a preview. To do this, click on “Edit.”. But this option is available only if the video format is 9:16.
  7. Click on “Publish”.

On a computer, everything is somewhat simpler. You need to open your page and open the corresponding tab. It is located after the one called “Publications”. There will be a “Download” button. Further design is simpler, therefore, a detailed description is not required, you will understand.

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Social networks are more and more different from each other. Some of them put the focus of the text, and some. The visual content. And this greatly affects the interface. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what sites can do and how to use these skills.

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Questions from our readers

Yes. The necessary columns are available in the “Settings” section, under the “Help” button. Everything will be simple here, you will understand without my instructions. The Instagram support service on the phone is more conveniently organized than on the computer.

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Unfortunately no. Instagram was primarily created for mobile devices. Even the publication format itself resembles snapshots from the Polaroid, which sends us to something fast and mobile.

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If you tried to open private messages in the photo network, you might notice that this section is not just not opening, it is not there. This is due, again, to the fact that the service was created for phones. And you can chat in the LAN if you open the mobile web version.

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If you still have questions. Write to us in the comments. And also watch a useful video on the topic.

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