How to use emoji on iPhone

Description of emoji for iPhone

How to create a folder on iPhone or iPad for apps

Emojis on iPhone are divided into several categories for quick search and convenient use. In most cases, the labeling of the stickers is understandable, since the image has an open meaning. The first section contains pictures of emoticons and people. Here are collected popular emotions: happiness, love, hate, fatigue, anger and so on.

How to Use Memoji in iPhone Messages

Below are examples of emoticons from this category with the designation.

Smiley image Designation
Fig. 1, Emoji folder Great joy
Fig. 2, Emoji folder Open happiness and joy
Fig. 3, Emoji folder Rolling on the floor laughing
Fig. 4, Emoji folder Image of happiness and affection
Fig. 5, Emoji folder Stupidity, sarcasm
Fig. 6, Emoji folder Wealth and passion for money
Fig. 7, Emoji folder Disappointment and sadness
Fig. 8, Emoji folder A hopeless situation
Fig. 9, Emoji folder Confusion
Fig. 10, Emoji folder Shocked
Fig. 11, Emoji folder Awkward situation or embarrassment
Fig. 12, Emoji folder Unexpected news, fear
Fig. 13, Emoji folder Good luck gesture
Fig. 14, Emoji folder Prayer or High Five
Fig. 15, Emoji folder Take a selfie
Fig. 16, Emoji folder Worship
Fig. 17, Emoji folder Denial of anything

A “smiley” without a mouth reflects silence. He is often used to express confusion, even fear, and sometimes he is used as the character “Kolobok”. In the category “People” there is a picture of professions, for example, chemist, firefighter, artist, pilot, astronaut.

emoji, iphone

There are characters in the form of Santa Claus, princess, clown. There is a pregnant woman, a sticker with a family and a baby smiley.

The next category is represented by clothing. The notation is clear here, since the images are rendered well and do not carry a hidden meaning.

In the section “Animals and Nature” there is a huge number of stickers with various animals, flowers and trees. Here, in general, everything is clear from the pictures. There are several stickers that at first glance raise questions.

How to Add Emojis to iPhone Keyboard

Fig. 18, Emoji folder The face of the new moon
Fig. 19, Emoji folder Full moon face

Next comes the Food and Drink item. This category contains a huge number of stickers, both on iOS and Android. Fruits and vegetables, berries, sweets, meat, ready meals and drinks are presented. The table below provides a description of the most controversial emoticons.

Fig. 20, Emoji folder Tangerine fruit that looks and tastes like tangerine
Fig. 21, Emoji folder Piece of American Potato
Fig. 22, Emoji folder Chestnut
Fig. 23, Emoji folder Rice Japanese Cracker

In the category “Sports” there are images of different athletes, attributes for the game, cups and clothing

How To Turn On EMOJIs In IOS 10 Using Iphone 7 Plus Urdu/Hindi

Other items come in a large section with various everyday items. Here you can find stickers for holiday greetings, houses, weapons, tools, notebooks. The devices have a separate section with flags of different countries.

Fig. 24, Emoji folder This is a name badge, not a fire.
Fig. 25, Emoji folder Symbolic image of anger

“Symbols” include pictures with numbers, letters, punctuation marks. Here there are road signs, arrows and directions, the designation of the zodiacs. Below is the designation of some smiles from the category “Symbols”.

Fig. 26, Emoji folder Christianity designation
Fig. 27, Emoji folder Islam designation
Fig. 28, Emoji folder Hanukkah symbol
Fig. 29, Emoji folder Yin Yang

Note! You can explore all emoticons on the Emojipedia website. The portal contains all existing images with detailed characteristics.

AI Style OS 12

To use this method and install emoji on Android, you need to follow these steps:

emoji, iphone
  • Install software from here
  • Go to the section “Settings”. “Language and input”.
  • Select the item “Virtual keyboard”. “Control keyboards”.
  • Activate Cheetah Keyboard.
  • Deactivate other keyboards.
  • Install the utility by downloading it from here:
  • Open the application, click “Apply” in the bottom corner of the screen.
  • On the next screen, click “Switch”.
  • Select Cheetah Keyboard.
  • Test software operation.

This software has a huge library of styles, so you can create your own original keyboard.

How to make emoji of your face on iPhone. use Animoji

Use the emoji keyboard add-in

Some keyboards like Kika Keyboard allow you to change emoji. Kika Keyboard is a popular keyboard that includes customization options and vibrant skins. Kika Keyboard downloads and uses emoji. which are quite similar to Apple. If nothing else works for you, Kika Keyboard will not work, no ROOT or user settings are required.

  • Open the Play Store and download Kika Keyboard.
  • Download and Install Kika Keyboard on your device.
  • Open Settings General Settings.
  • Select Language & input Default keyboard.
  • Turn on Kika Keyboard.
  • When you open the app that displays the keyboard, tap the keyboard icon. It is usually located in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
  • Go to Start Screen and open Kika Keyboard.
  • Inside the Kika Keyboard app select “Settings”.
  • In the “Emoji” section, choose the style that you like.
  • e are pretty similar in appearance to those of Apple. Click OK to add new emoticons to the list.
  • Now you can use iOS-like emoticons in correspondence, when taking notes, and in other Android apps.

Instructions “How to make emoji of your face on iPhone

IPhone owners can create copies of themselves or close friends and relatives in the form of memoji. This will require:

  • Go to messages.
  • Open the section with memes.
  • Press “”.
  • After that, the Memoji editor will appear in front of you. Emoji will be opened immediately, but without hair, eye color, lip shape, etc.
  • Now you can start choosing: skin color, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, head shape, nose, mouth, ears, facial hair, glasses, headdress. This will allow you to create the most similar emoticon to yourself or the person you are creating.
  • If you have any features on your face, for example, a mole or freckles, beard, mustache, etc., you can add.
  • If you have chosen some wrong parameter, you can replace it at any time with another.
  • Glasses and other accessories are better for those who actually wear them.
  • After all the parameters are selected, you need to click on “Finish”.
  • Your Memoji is ready and you can find it in the list of all emojis on your phone.