How to Update Zte Blade A510 Phone

In many modern budget-class smartphones, a situation is often observed when a relatively new gadget causes inconvenience to the user in the form of system failures of the Android operating system, and ZTE smartphones are no exception. In particular, a device called ZTE Blade A510 with all its good parameters can not be called stable and reliable in terms of software, especially after the termination of support for air.

How to Update Zte Blade A510 Phone

To the delight of many owners, the problem is easily fixed by updating the phone firmware, which even a novice can do. In addition, firmware is done to speed up the processor and improve stability. In this article we will tell you where to download the firmware for free on the ZTE Blade A510 and how to flash the device correctly.

Important! You perform all actions at your own peril and risk. We do not guarantee the 100% operability of all smartphones after firmware and are not responsible for the result. In addition, if you do not understand even one point of this instruction, it is better to take your gadget to a service center so that qualified specialists understand the problem.

Flashing through Recovery

Probably the easiest way to reflash a smartphone is to use the factory recovery capabilities. If your smartphone runs on Android, then you don’t even need to use a computer.

To get started, you need to download the archive with the software for flashing the device through the factory Recovery. This is not difficult, because the original firmware is on the official website of the manufacturer. Download it and save to the smartphone’s memory card (in the root folder):

  • Official firmware for ZTE Blade A510 (Blade A510 B04 firmware). download from the official website (979 Mb).

Then rename the file to and turn off your device. Launch the pre-installed Recovery by holding the volume button up and the power key for this until you see the ZTE boot screen. After the screen appears, the power button can be released, and hold the volume up key until the menu appears.

Attention! Further actions will destroy all files on your phone. Therefore, take care of their backup.

Before updating the ZTE Blade A510 software, we recommend that you clear its sections. To do this, go to the section Wipe Data / Factory Reset and click on the item Yes in Delete All Data. If you do not want to lose user data, we recommend that you upload your files to a PC, flash drive or cloud before starting the procedure. When the cleaning procedure is completed, you will see a corresponding notification on the smartphone screen.

Then we start updating the firmware of the smartphone: we search and click on the menu item Apply update from SD-card, and then we indicate the path to the very archive that we saved in the root of the device’s external memory card. The firmware process is started by pressing the on / off button of the device after the archive with the new software has been checked. Now we wait 10-15 minutes, and upon completion of the procedure you will see a message stating that the update has been completed. Next, we reboot the smartphone by selecting the menu item Reboot system now. Wait a little longer. the device completes the process and starts all the necessary processes in automatic mode. Even if it seems to you that your ZTE is frozen. do not worry, after flashing the gadgets always start for a very long time.

If at the time of the firmware you see error messages or an offer to restart the smartphone, simply restart Recovery and repeat the whole process again, starting from the very first step.