How to update Skype on iPad

How to install and configure Skype on iPad if it does not work. Skype on iPad2

Originally Skype was developed exclusively for stationary personal computers, but the ever growing needs of users and new inventions related to it technologies have allowed to use this software for virtual communication via mobile devices and tablets. Owners of the latter are most often faced with the problem of installing and registering Skype. How to install Skype on iPad? What features should be considered when doing it? Why is it so hard to install Skype on your iPad?? Let’s find out together!

It would seem that what could be easier than to install Skype on your Android tablet or iPad. You’ll need a stable internet connection and a registered Apple ID to get started. But not everything is so simple. And some users, after trying to do it and encountering certain difficulties, leave it for a better time. But if you take just a few minutes you can install Skype right now. You would need a stable internet connection and a registered Apple ID.

Beware ! The most common reason for Skype not being able to install is that the user is not registered with an Apple ID. Some users on the Internet suggest using special programs to bypass these restrictions, but they often contain malware, so caution does not hurt!

How to sign up for Skype on iPad? Use the following tips:

Tip ! Keep in mind that Skype is a shareware program. So if you’re asked to send an SMS to a specific number, don’t agree, look for sites where you can download software for free. Or, better yet, visit the developers’ official website and install the application from there.

Installing Skype on iPad

To begin, let’s look at getting started with the popular messenger on the iPad. To go to. you will need:

If you have all of the above, then proceed to the next step:

  • Open the AppStore and go to the Selection section.
  • In the top right corner, enter Skype into the search box.
  • Find Skype iPad.
  • Click the Free button.
  • Waiting for the application to load.
  • If you have an account, enter its data, if not. register again.
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Pay attention! The application is only available for devices with iOS version 4 and higher.2 and above. Therefore, first find out your version in the settings, “Basic” tab, where the information of interest is in the section “About the device”.

Upgrade Skype. delete old version and install the new one

The first thing we need to do is to uninstall Skype. Open the Start menu, search for Programs and components and click on the found item of the same name.

Select the Skype application and click Uninstall.

Read more about how to uninstall the program in Windows in this material.

After uninstalling the old version, you will need to download the latest distribution from the official Skype website, and then install it on your computer. Step by step instructions on how to do this, see “Installing and presetting Skype. Instruction”.

Don’t worry about keeping your contacts safe, they won’t go anywhere t.к. Your contact list will be linked to your Skype Name and stored on the Skype software itself.

All your call history and conversations will be stored on your computer, even if you uninstall Skype.

How to update Skype with automatic updates

It bears repeating that you don’t need to do Skype updates yourself; for Mac and for Windows, Skype automatically updates. However, you can turn off automatic updates if you’re so inclined, and you can also turn them back on if you lack the convenience of not having to think about whether you’re using the latest version.

Here’s how to enable or disable automatic updates for Skype for Mac

  • LaunchSystem Preferences
  • openApplication store settings
  • UncheckInstall application updates option. Check this again to enable automatic update again.

Note: Doing this will deactivate automatic updates for all apps on your Mac, so it’s not a good idea if you really don’t like Skype automatically updating for any reason.

And here’s how to enable or disable automatic updates for Skype for Windows:

  • Launch the Skype app
  • Select Tools from the Skype menu bar
  • Select Options
  • Select advanced Advanced settings Disable automatic updates
  • Select Save

You can enable automatic updates again by viewing the same process, except that you select Enable Automatic Updates.

How to update Skype on Windows 10?

Since in this version of the operating system, the messenger is already presented in the format of a built-in add-on, then you can update Skype for Windows 10 in two ways: in the application itself or in the Microsoft Store update center.

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Often in organizations, network administrators block the installation of add-ons, so you need to know how to disable and enable software access to third-party resources.

How to install Skype on iOS 7 or iOS 6

When did version 6 come out?14.143 it became known that from that day new versions of Skype for iOS will only work on iOS 8 and older. For owners of devices with iOS 7 and younger, the old version 6 will remain available in the AppStore.13.158, which will be offered instead of the latest version. We will not say how sad news is (especially for owners of older devices), but focus on the problem that these users can not install even older versions of Skype at all.

As I understand it, the biggest problem has to do with AppStore restrictions. The thing is that before the first installation of an application, instead of offering an old version, the store checks if all the system requirements of the latest version are met. This is why when trying to install Skype on iOS 7.1.2, the following warning is shown:

This object requires iOS 8.0 or later version. In order to download and use this object, you need to update your iOS to version 8.0.

  • If you have an OS X or Windows computer, you need:
  • Sign in with our Apple ID
  • Find the Skype app in the AppStore
  • Download Skype on your computer (no need to install)
  • If you have a device with iOS 8 or later on hand, you need:
  • Find Skype in the AppStore and install

Download a previous version of this app? Current version requires iOS 8.0 or newer, but you can download the latest compatible version.

When you see this notification, click “Download” and your device will install 6.13.158. As you understand, this version will no longer be updated, that is, new features will not be added and found bugs will not be corrected. Nevertheless, it will support all the features available before the release of 6.14.143 (including chat, audio and video calls).

How to update Skype

Developers pay special attention to the release of system updates after the release of the final version of the software. During the development process, there are many errors and inaccuracies, which are corrected by the appropriate specialists. Among other things, new versions often extend the standard functionality. Today we will talk about how to update Skype, taking into account the specifics of different OS. In the process of narration we will consider the strengths of the project, the peculiarities of the above procedure.

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As said before, the release of updates is an indication of the work of those responsible to improve functionality, fix bugs and source code bugs. For different operating systems the procedure is slightly different, due to their specific features.

For ease of reading, let’s break up the further narrative into several logical blocks.

How to Install Skype on iPad

Skype on iPad offers the same VoIP features you use on other devices. The program has its own advantages.

  • Video conferencing. Up to 25 participants in the messenger can communicate simultaneously from different devices. If it is a voice communication. up to 10 users. You can use front and main camera to communicate with friends, colleagues, relatives and simultaneously share captured moments or videos.
  • Telephony. Call Forwarding allows you to divert incoming calls to any phone. The “luggage” of Skype on iPad also includes a voicemail and an answering machine.
  • Security. High level of privacy is provided by the closed source code of the software product. All transferred files, list of contacts, correspondence, voice recordings are safely protected.

Note. Skype for iPad is especially handy for working remotely. All urgent matters can be solved in one or two minutes of conversation or a few short messages. Call mobiles and landlines with Top-Up.

Downloading Skype for iPad

To download Skype, use the Apple Store or the iTunes app on your PC with its own section in the store. Once you download Skype in the iTunes Store, you must continue to install it on your iPad in the AppStore. This method is appropriate for older versions of iOS.

A better option is to go to the AppStore on your iPad, find Skype and download the application immediately from there.

Browse, choose, and download the right version of Skype for iPad at our downloads page.

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