How to Update Samsung TV Via USB Flash Drive

Often, users are faced with a situation where the TV simply refuses to update, stops working and produces multiple errors. The situation is unpleasant, but it can be resolved. In today’s review, we will talk with you how to update Samsung TV through a USB flash drive. Where to look for the firmware, how to download it and install it correctly, what you need to run on the TV.

How to Update Samsung TV Via USB Flash Drive

You can flash Samsung TV with a flash drive.

Prepare a flash drive

First, go to the personal computer, where we will go to the official Samsung website and find the firmware for our TV model. Before looking for fresh firmware, we will prepare a flash drive. We need to perform low-level formatting in the FAT32 file system, it is mainly supported by TVs. To do this, we will use the HP USB Disk Storage FormatTool.

We insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, run the program. In the first field, select our media. The firmware will weigh no more than 200 MB, so any drive is suitable. In the second field, select the FAT32 file system. You can add a new device name if necessary. Uncheck the “Quick formatting” checkbox, and then click on the “Start” button. A standard warning will appear that all files from the media will be deleted, click the “Yes” button. Formatting will last quite a while, we proceed to search for firmware.

Before going to the site, let’s go to the menu of our TV for a moment, go to the “Support” section, and from there go to “Contact Samsung”.

The line we need is “Software version”, we will need it to check if a new firmware has appeared. In my case, the version of T-GASDEUC-1018.0 is installed. Now we can safely search.

We go to the official Samsung website, go to the “Support” section and select the “Home” item. We go down, select the “Downloads” section, the “Product Support” window opens, select “Audio and Equipment”.

Here you can enter the exact name of the model of your TV, click search. Our TV is located, check the technical specifications. If everything is in order, then click on the “Select” button. A page with all the information on the TV will open, we need to go down a little lower to the “Downloads” section and check the firmware version. If the proposed version is higher, then here you can download it. In my case, the proposed version is 1027.0. Click on the appropriate icon, the download starts.

The firmware has downloaded, formatting is over. The downloaded zip archive must be unpacked. Most likely, we will have a self-extracting archive in front of us, so just start it and indicate the path to unpack. If the archive is normal, then we use any archiver: 7-Zip or WinRAR, for example. Copy the firmware folder to the USB flash drive. Please note that you need to copy not the archive, but the unpacked files.

Turn off the TV, it is advisable to disconnect all wires from it, including the antenna. To turn off the TV, connect the USB flash drive to the USB port. Turn on the TV. It happens that he immediately finds the firmware and offers to reflash, you just need to confirm the beginning of the process, but it happens that the TV does not give out any offers. If you have the second case, go to “Menu”, “Support”, “Software Update”, “By USB”. USB scan in progress. A valid version was found on the device. We are offered to update, click OK. Keep in mind that all settings will be reset.

After the update, the TV reboots, we just have to set all the settings for ourselves and use the new software for pleasure. It is worth noting that manual updating is much more reliable than automatic, so it can be turned off. Go to “Software Update”, “Update in mode”, “Turn off”. Now we will only update via USB.


We figured out how to update the Samsung TV from a flash drive. The process was not at all complicated, an experienced user will be able to cope with this without instructions. If you want to receive notifications about the release of new firmware versions, you can register on the official Samsung website, indicating your device model and email.

If you have any questions. ask them in the comments!