How to Update Samsung S9

Information about the new firmware for the new flagship from Samsung has already appeared. It’s about the eighth device of the line. Its first version is adapted for the USA, China, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Korea.

How to Update Samsung S9

After the release of the first stable version, the firmware will receive support from other countries. However, it is already known how to flash Samsung Galaxy S8.

How to do this? How to flash Samsung Galaxy S8 edge? Let’s figure it out.

What is firmware for?

In any electronic gadget, firmware, by definition, is a set of hardware settings and software. There is not a single mobile phone in which there is no firmware. Thanks to her, the device functions.

The operation of the device directly depends on how well it is produced. over, for all specific models have their own individual firmware.

The new firmware for the flagship device is available for 18 months. from the moment it appeared on sale.

How to find out if firmware for Galaxy S8 is out?

If you want to know how to flash Samsung Galaxy S8, you have to make sure that it is released. Check if the Samsung S8 is flashed easily, after the firmware appears a notification will appear at the top of the display.

A notification appears if you run the Smart Switch program or if you connect a device to the computer.

If the notification does not arrive, then either something is wrong with the smartphone (it did not go on sale in the state, the current firmware was incorrectly modified or installed), or the firmware has not yet been released.

In the first case, contact the service center, in the second. wait for the exit.

Where to download firmware

Before answering the question of how to flash Samsung Galaxy s8, I note that Samsung never uploads firmware in the public domain.

It can be installed only through the Smart Switch program or the device menu. It is important to know that after the update it is impossible to return to the previous version of the firmware.

Before flashing the Samsung S8 edge, save all the important information to your computer or other smartphone. Then do the following.

  1. Charge the battery at 80-100%.
  2. Connect your smartphone to W-Fi at a speed of at least 5 Mbps.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Select “Software Update.” If you did not find such an item, go first to “about the device”, then to “software updates”.
  5. Select either “Download update files manually” or “update.” The device will check if there is a new firmware. If so, you will be prompted to download it.
  6. If the sewing has been changed or the device has been rutted, you will see the inscription “device changed”. In this case, you will need to contact the service center.
  7. If firmware is available, confirm the download. After downloading, a message will come. Click “install”, then you need to turn on. After that, a scale and a green robot appear on the screen. On the scale you will see the progress of the update. You cannot turn off the smartphone during the update.
  8. After installation, the device will reboot. After the update, reset the data. In this case, all personal data will be deleted, therefore, to save them, use the “backup” option in the Smart Switch program. If you do not reset the data, the smartphone will work with errors. In case of problems, you will have to contact a service center or upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with an engineering method.

When not to update

The support service most often receives the question: “When will the new firmware come out?”. However, many users do not even really know why they need it.

You need to flash the Samsung Galaxy S8 edge if you want a new version or when the functions and operation of the phone do not suit you.

The smartphone discharges quickly or slows down. the problems are not related to the firmware, such malfunctions are fixed in a different way.

That’s all you need to know about flashing the Samsung Galaxy S8. I hope the information helped you understand all the nuances.