How to Update iTunes on a Computer

How to Update iTunes on a Computer

Having problems with your Apple media player? Files are not transferred, music is not synchronized, critical errors appear instead of notifications, and a smartphone, tablet or player connected via USB does not even appear in the system? The best way to deal with emerging issues is to update iTunes. Download the latest version of the program and solve a bunch of problems. Where does it cost to download a media player, and how to update. About everything, and even more in detail in the instructions!

  1. Working methods
  2. Manual method
  3. Automatic method using the Windows Store

Working methods

If there is no problem getting the latest version of iTunes on MacOS (the native operating system) and the algorithm of actions fits in just a few phrases (call the “Updates” menu in the top menu of the App Store, wait for the necessary files to load and complete the automatic installation, where you can even choose which then separate actions are not necessary).

With Windows, everything is more complicated. You also need to check the current version, and you will have to download the distribution package using the link provided by the media player, and even the installation process depends entirely on the actions you select.
A complex algorithm for interacting with the Windows operating system, of course, can be simplified, but about everything in order:

Manual method

The first step is to launch the media player, call up the Help menu, in the list that appears, click the Update button.

Wait for the cursory scan of the current version to complete, get a recommendation on the necessary update, go to the official Apple website, start downloading the desired version of iTunes (either 32-bit or 64-bit. You can find out which distribution you need in the “system settings”, in the section “About the program”).

Immediately after downloading the issued file, it will remain to initiate the installation and go over the proposed menu items, all the while clicking “Next”.

It is advisable to repeat the described algorithm of actions every month. It is easier to protect yourself from vulnerabilities, get the best functionality and save yourself from all kinds of errors and malfunctions. Yes, it’s not convenient to look in the “Help” every time, and therefore recently developers have moved their own brainchild to the Windows Store, where updates take place automatically and no user actions are needed.

Automatic method using the Windows Store

Before starting the instructions, it’s worth clarifying a few points. Firstly, the Microsoft Store is available exclusively on the “eight” and “ten”, other versions of the Windows operating system (7) will not work!

But you do not need to connect cards, enter personal information or verify the authenticity of “license keys” of the operating system. Access is open to everyone at the first request!

    It is time to start active action. The first step is to type the phrase Microsoft Store in the Start menu;

ITunes is a popular media combine that is designed to store your music library, make purchases and manage your mobile Apple devices. Given the number of responsibilities assigned to the program, updates are regularly issued for it, which are recommended to be installed.

How to update iTunes on a computer

There are two types of iTunes for Windows: the classic desktop version and the application distributed through the Microsoft Store specifically for Windows 10.

Option 1: Classic iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes. In the upper area of ​​the program window, click on the tab “Reference” and open the section Check for Updates.

In order to henceforth you do not have to independently check the program for updates, you can automate this process. To do this, click on the tab in the upper area of ​​the window “Edit” and open the section “Settings”.

In the window that opens, go to the tab “Additions”. Here, in the lower area of ​​the window, check the box next to “Check for software updates automatically”, and then save the changes.

Option 2: iTunes from the Microsoft Store

If your computer uses Windows 10, most likely it has the iTunes application installed, which is distributed free of charge through the Microsoft Store. Its difference from the classic version of the program is the lack of tools to check for updates. Normally the application should be updated automatically. You should make sure that the automatic installation of updates is activated in the Microsoft Store.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store on your computer. In the upper part of the window, click on the ellipsis icon and select “Settings”.

Make sure that you have activated the item “Update applications automatically”. If necessary, make changes and close the settings window.

If you deliberately do not include updates, then you will need to manually check for the availability of Aityuns. To do this, click on the Microsoft Store menu button in the upper right corner and select “Downloads and Updates”.

  • A list of applications requiring updating will expand. Find iTunes in this list and click on the download icon to its right. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Try to keep iTunes up-to-date with the recommendations in this article to ensure comfortable use of the program on your computer and its stable operation.

    World famous Apple periodically delights users of its products with new versions iOS (operating system). There are situations when your smartphone gives a system message about the appearance of a new operating system, the message says about the need to install this modification, however, you can’t connect to Wi-Fi at the moment. The question arises of an alternative way to install the system, namely: How to update iPhone through iTunes on a computer? A detailed answer and description of the process will be given below in the presented article.

    Create a backup

    Computer hard drive, of course, if you do not take into account iCloud, is an ideal place to store information with iPhone, namely its backup. In the case of data storage on the HDD, even with the Internet turned off, access to the data will remain open. Another advantage of this storage location is the ability to extract the necessary information that is contained in the backup. All of the above indicates the need to create such a copy before updating your favorite IPhone. To create it, you must perform the following chain of actions:

    • Using a “native” USB cable, you must connect iPhone;
    • Making sure the version is up to date iTunes, run it on your computer;
    • Select menu item “File»In the updated version window Aytuns, in the upper left corner;
    • Click on the section “Devices“;
    • Select the necessary item. “Back up“.

    However, this is not the only way to back up your iOS device to your computer. To perform this action, you must select the synchronization settings in the menu iTunes.

    Next, select the section “Automatically create copies” in point “Backups“. After that, select “This computer“And click on the tab”Create a copy now“.

    There are at least two ways to update an “apple” smartphone using Aytuns. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

    Method number 1

    If you need to download and install the iOS update, but you couldn’t find the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, update iphone using your computer. Use the USB connection and connect iPhone to pc.

    Launch iTunes. For a positive update result, we advise you to install the most latest version iTunes (Download link) or make sure that you have exactly this version.

    Click on the icon on which the telephone is displayed and click on “Software Update“.

    At iPhone updates through iTunes, There are negative and positive sides. Installation files are loaded directly into the smartphone, which means you don’t need to look for a place on the permanently clogged system disk, delete multimedia files and programs. However, this method also has pitfalls. If either a computer or iPhone during the installation process they turn off, then the data from the smartphone will be lost.

    Important: Be careful, check the charge level of both devices if you are using a laptop, not a stationary PC.

    Now you know, how to update iPhone through iTunes on a computer, but there is another method by which this operation can be done.

    Method number 2

    This method eliminates any loss of information when a sudden shutdown of any of the devices. Let’s do a few basic steps for this: On the Internet, download the iOS file of the version you need for updates iPhone. On the mobile device, disable the “Find iPhone“.

    Run iTunes. Check the relevance of the installed version of this program. Use a USB cable to connect your IPhone to the computer. Click on the icon that shows the phone in the synchronization settings in the upper area of ​​the program window.

    Click “Refresh»Holding the key Shift on keyboard. Find in the list of files on the computer the file of the desired firmware with a typical extension for it ipsw. Click on the button “Open“, Then to”Refresh“. Next, the installation process on the smartphone of the latest version of iOS should automatically start. If there is any failure during the installation, run it again. All your information will remain on the smartphone.

    That’s all, and now you know how to update iPhone through iTunes on a computer, which is especially convenient when your mobile device does not have Wi-Fi or high-speed mobile Internet. This is a fairly easy process, however, do not forget to be careful in order to avoid the loss of important information.

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