How to update Google Play’s services on Meizu

A simple way to install Play Market on Meizu

Since 2016, MEIZU mobile devices have no longer pre.Installed Google services. The causes of such changes are unknown to. Someone talks about showdowns in the inner kitchen of the manufacturer, and someone praises the Chinese company for providing the user with the maximum selection of applications and refuses to prescribe the seemingly irreplaceable Google Play services.

But, of course, the vast majority of users will need this application during the use of a smartphone. Therefore, the question is relevant for them: how is the Play Market on Meizu M5 or other gadgets that came out after 2016 is established on their own? There are several ways to solve this issue at once. The most popular can be combined into three groups:

About the details of each method, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, we will tell you within the framework of this article.

Installation of Google Services via an installer

In new Meizu phones models, users install Google Play for free and without additional applications. It is necessary to configure this opportunity as follows:

  • We go to the “Best” application on the desktop. You can also go to Hot Apps.
  • We see a list of available programs. Here you need to find Google services and select their installation.

Please note that these applications are downloaded and launched only with the Internet connected. If the Internet disappears, then the system does not download the program. The application will be installed only for a couple of minutes, so if there is no mistake, you will get it very quickly on the phone.

Immediately after you received a downloaded file, and the application has been installed, the system will propose to reload the phone to enter the updates into force. You need to do this only 1 time with the initial installation of the application.

By loading the phone again, you will see that Google services have already appeared on it. Hot Apps installer can be deleted, because now it is not necessary, and you can download any application using Play Store. Although you can also leave the installer in case one of the Google services disappeared or not launched, and you need to reinstall the store.

What to do if an error occurs

There is also an answer to the question of how to update Google Play services! It is relevant only if an error arises in the process of work:

  • Open the market and enter the name of the service in the search bar;
  • Find the desired output result and click on the “update” button opposite. Ready!

You will no longer have questions about how to update Google Play services. All ways in the palm of your hand! Save the review to the bookmarks so as not to forget to pay attention to this important parameter. Spend a few minutes to play, use working or personal applications with comfort!


Experienced users of Meisa smartphones in order to obtain the Play of the market and other Google services can apply a package of components created and distributed by the participants of the OpengApps project. The fact what kind of product is and how it is used by lovers of custom firmware on various Android devices can be learned from the material on our website, accessible by link:

Certain features of Meizu devices (blocked bootloader) and Flymeos make an unrealized installation of the OPENGAPPS package on most apparatuses of the manufacturer described in the article on the link above the methods, but by performing the instructions from involving third.Party developers, you can still get the desired PLAY MARKET and concomitant Google services.

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To achieve a positive result of the instruction, it is required that the Meizu is activated on the smartphone of the Root-right and installed by Supersu!

  • Upload and install from a pre.Installed flashfire application to Flymeos. To do this, add a tool in the search field of the store, find its page.

Place the loaded package in the internal memory of the phone or on the removable drive.

As you can see, getting a Google Play Market on Meizu smartphones, although it is associated with the involvement of funds from third-party developers and requires some not entirely standard ones in relation to most other Android ones, are generally performed by several simple steps. Each user of devices with Flymeos on board can install the most popular application store for Android, it is only important to carefully follow the proven instructions.

Built.In store

The first method involves the use of the App Store or Hot Apps. Depending on which store is installed on your smartphone. You can find the Google product, but you have to try!

To install the Play Market on Meizu, do the following:

The first step is completed! We continue to move according to the intended plan:

  • Run the loaded software and click on the installation button on the main screen;
  • As soon as all the running processes are completed, press the store icon. It will appear on the screen;
  • Enter the login. Email address. It is needed to authorize the account;
  • Do not forget the password. Ready!

You were able to install Play Market on Meizu. Now you can use the service in the usual mode-no differences from any other Android Smartphone.

update, google, play, services, meizu

Note! App Store or Hot Apps is the same service, just the first one is slightly larger and used on old smartphones. The integration is almost completely coincided, with the exception of Russification. In the EP Store you will not find Russian or even English letters. Only hieroglyphs.

update, google, play, services, meizu

You figured out how to install the Play Market on Meizu using built.In software. The process is simple, takes a few minutes! Consider the second affordable way?

Fixing Meizu M5c Google Play Services (can’t access remote server address) 2020 English

Switching account

You have installed a market, but you cannot use it to the fullest? It is not possible to launch it or install a new application? The reason why Play does not work on Meizu, these are problems in the account settings. You can fix it, but you will have to make an effort:

  • Following the instructions on the screen, create a new profile. With another e.Mail and name;
  • Complete registration and make sure that you have access to a new box.

Let the Play Market not work on Meizu M6, soon we will fix it! We return to the smartphone:

  • Open the settings and find the section “Accounts”;
  • Slip on the developer icon;
  • Select the “Add account” menu item;
  • Enter the data created recently and confirm the binding.

Meizu Phone Google app installer,google framework,google services,google play store 2019

Two accounts of the markete with which you can work will appear in the list of profiles. Old and new. The main thing is not to get confused in passwords! Make sure in advance that remember the authorization data.

We continue to correct the error in which the Play Market on Meizu M5 does not work. Open the program store and do the following:

  • Click on three stripes on the left to open the menu;
  • Find an avatar on the top panel. There is an arrow nearby;
  • Tap it to open the choice of Play market accounts;
  • Click on the second profile.
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Ready! Now you need to take a few actions so that the second account of the Play Market begins to work. You’re tired that Google Play does not work on Meizu M3S? Correct!

  • Download any application;
  • Wait for a successful installation and try to open it;
  • Now return to the choice of accounts and turn on the old profile;
  • Open the smartphone settings, go to the “Accounts” section;
  • Find the recently created account and click on it;
  • Select “Delete” item.

The problem is solved. Do not say that you do not have a Play Market on Meizu! Consider other possible errors and try to fix them?

We update Google services

Google Play Services is one of the most important components of Android OS, an integral part of the Play Market. Often current versions of this “arrive” and are installed automatically, but this does not always happen. For example, sometimes to start the application from Google, it may first need to update the services. A slightly different situation is also possible. When trying to establish a company’s update, a mistake may appear, notifying the need to update all the same services.

Such messages appear because for the correct operation of the “native”, the corresponding version of the services is required for it. Therefore, this component needs to be updated first. But first things first.

Setting up automatic update

By default, on most mobile devices with Android OS in Play, the market is activated automatic update, which, unfortunately, does not always work correctly. Make sure that the applications installed on your smartphone receive updates in a timely manner, or turn on this function in case of deactivation, can be as follows.

  • Launch Play Market and open its menu. To do this, slip through three horizontal lanes at the beginning of the search line or run a finger along the screen in the direction from left to right.
  • Only by Wi-Fi. Updates will be downloaded and installed exclusively if you have access to a wireless network.
  • Always. Applications updates will be installed automatically, and both Wi-Fi and mobile network will be used to download them.

Important: Applications updates may not be installed in automatic mode if when entering the Play Play account on your mobile device, an error is observed. You can learn about how to eliminate such malfunctions in the articles from the section on our website, which is dedicated to this topic.

If desired, you can activate the automatic update function only for some applications, including Google Play services. This approach will be especially useful in cases where the need for timely receipt of the current version of one or another arises noticeably more often than the presence of a stable Wi-Fi.

    Launch Play Market and open its menu. About how to do this was written above. Select “My applications and games”.

Now in automatic mode only those applications that you chose yourself will be updated. If for some reason it will take this function to deactivate, perform all the above actions, and at the last step, remove the mark opposite the “Auto Refine”.

Manual update

In cases where you do not want to activate the automatic update of applications, you can independently install the latest version of Google Play Services. The instruction described below will be relevant only if there is an update in the store.

update, google, play, services, meizu

    Launch Play Market and go to its menu. Slide on the section “My applications and games”.

Tip: instead of performing three points described above, you can simply use the search for the store. To do this, it is enough to start introducing the phrase “Google Play” services in the search line, and then select the corresponding point in the hints.

Thus, you manually set up an update only for Google Play Services. The procedure is quite simple and generally applicable to any other application.

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If for some reason you can’t update Google Play Services or in the process of solving this seemingly simple task you are faced with certain errors, we recommend that you drop the parameters of the application to the default values. This will erase all the data and settings, after which this software from Google will automatically be updated to the current version. If you wish, you can manually install an update.

Important: the instructions below are described and shown on the example of a clean android 8 (Oreo). In other versions, as well as on other shells, the name of the points and their location may vary slightly, but the meaning will be the same.

  • Open the “settings” of the system. You can find the corresponding icon on the desktop, in the application menu and in the curtain. Just select any convenient option.

Installation of Google Play on Meizu smartphones

The need for the Google Play manual installation on Meizu smartphones can push many from the company’s smartphones. Especially the situation worsened after the process has ceased to be carried out in automatic mode, most likely due to the claims of the search engine. Now we need to do much more completely unobvious actions that we will describe in this article.

Start by the fact that after the activation procedure, connect the Meizu smartphone to the free Wi.Fi network, because in the process you will have to download data. Next, start the Hot Apps program, the label of which is on the desktop, and update it if you need it. She will offer to automatically establish allegedly useful applications, but that very necessary will not be on the list. So feel free to click “skip” in the upper right corner.

The next step is to install the Google Apps Installer application. For some reason, it is not looking for an internal search, but it can be found in the sections of the “most necessary applications” and Editor’s Choice. If you have chosen the first option, click on the “” button with the name of the section and squeeze the list a couple of screens down. The section Editor’s Choice is on the main screen, it goes the second after the list of the most necessary applications.

After installing Google Apps Installer, it starts automatically and starts loading the Google Play store on the Meizu smartphone, as well as all the search packages package. Next, a reboot follows, again without the permission of the user, and Google basic applications will appear on the smartphone: store and card. The rest of the programs will have to be installed already from the Play Market.

I would like to hope that in the future Meizu smartphones will be equipped with Google services by default. Such difficulties with installation are precisely scared away from the devices of the company ordinary users.

Reset settings of a smartphone

The last option for solving the problem with installing Google services is to reset the device to the factory state, at the same time deleting the once downloaded components from the application store and any related cache. This may well help, since often the cause of malfunctions is errors in the operation of the operating system itself.

It is worthwhile to discard the settings only in the most extreme case, creating backup copies of valuable information in advance. In addition, we cannot guarantee that after that the installation of Google services will pass without problems.

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