How to Update Android System on Phone

The market for mobile products is designed in such a way that as new versions of OS Android are released, smartphone companies are integrating their support into their own recently released and already proven models. How it works? At the time of purchase of a new mobile product, the basic version of the system that is installed by default is available on it. After a certain period of time, Google releases a new release of Android. After six months or a little later, depending on the geographical region, when the new version becomes run-in and stable, it can also be installed on your smart. As a result, you get a new, modern interface, support for new applications and more settings and customization. In this material we have compiled for you a detailed guide, how to update Android on the phone.

What is a software update on Android and why is it needed

You need to be aware that as a result of updating or rolling back the operating system, all data stored on the phone will be irretrievably lost. Be sure to back up all the data you need (address book, notes, photos) to a reliable external medium before taking any actions listed in this guide. It can be an external drive, a PC hard drive (in extreme cases, a memory card, but not desirable).

Another nuance. Since it takes a certain time to update the OSes (from 5 to 10 minutes, and sometimes even more), be sure to charge the phone to 70-80% of the total battery so that the update procedure is not interrupted due to problems with the phone’s battery.

Android automatic update

The most affordable and least complicated way to update. We go into the options menu and select the “Phone Information” section. Here you can find out the version of the installed Android OS.

Here we go to the item “Software Update”. On your device, this section may be located somewhere else, so you may have to go around the settings.

Now we tap on the “Update” button, having previously set the option to download updates only via Wi-Fi, so that the update does not “eat up” all your money from the account.

How to Update Android System on Phone

Option in the settings menu for automatic OS updates

When all the data from the manufacturer’s server is downloaded, in the menu that appears, tap the “Install” button and wait until the device is rebooted.

Since it is possible to update a mobile device only to a minor release build in the manner described above, it is also worth using a special utility from the manufacturer (for Samsung gadgets it is Kies, for LG it is PC Suite, etc.) or updating “over the air” (most of companies that produce smartphones or tablets have such a proprietary feature).

Last update Android, if it is already available on the server, at any time you can upload it to your device just by using such a program.

Manually updating Android firmware

Almost all service centers use this method, but we can upgrade ourselves, using exclusively available tools. For updating, the Odin system application is used. You can download it on many web resources (for example, on the same Using this technique, you can put only a new version of the official firmware, but not custom.

1. Download the Odin program. We need version 1.83 (or newer). It is very popular among technical experts and is suitable for the vast majority of products.

2. Find and download an archive on the network with the firmware we need. After extracting the contents from the archive (first you need to download the archiver to Android), you should have 3 files in your hands: PIT, PDA and CSC

3. connect the smartphone to the PC. It is critical that the phone is correctly detected in Windows

4. Launch Odin. If the device connection was successful, the port name in the program will light up in yellow in the corresponding field

Indication of successful connection of the device to the PC for updating in Odin

5. turn off the mobile device and transfer it to Download Mode by pressing the home key, power and volume down simultaneously

6. confirm the activation of Download Mode by holding down the “Volume Up” key

7. in the central Odin window, select the downloaded files so that they correspond to the objects PIT, PDA and CSC

8. in Odin, click the Start button and wait until all files are updated.

If the Android system update has passed without interference, a field will appear on the application screen with the inscription PASS in green.

Successful system update via Odin

Android update up to 5.0 It is recommended that you perform either of these two methods (automatically through a program from the manufacturer or manually through Odin).

Rollback to previous version

Perhaps you upgraded to one of the latest versions and were unsatisfied (the phone is slow, errors often appear, you need to reboot, etc.). If necessary, you can roll back to any version you need. How to roll back?

1 way

The section in the options menu designed to reset the device to the factory state

  1. We go into this section of the menu and stop at the “Reset Settings” item.
  2. A warning pops up to delete all data from the gadget. If the backups have already been saved in a safe place, feel free to click “Reset Phone Settings”.
  3. The phone reboots. After 5-10 minutes it will boot again, already with a clean base system on board.

2 way. factory reset (hard reset)

This method is completely manual and will come in handy if the device does not load at all or if you need to reset the PIN code, pattern, or password. Please note that as a result of hard reset, you will delete all data in the phone’s internal memory! Be sure to read the article on how to prepare for this procedure.

  1. turn off the phone / tablet
  2. at the same time, press and hold the “Volume up”, “Home” (in the center bottom) and “Power” buttons. The Recovery menu opens.
  3. using the volume keys, check the item “wipe data / factory reset”.
  4. press the power key to confirm your choice
  5. in the next menu you need to confirm your decision. Select “Yes. Delete all user data” using the keys to adjust the volume
  6. press the power button again. The main menu pops up again
  7. using the power key, mark “reboot system now”

All is ready. Next time, the factory version of the OS will load.

How to roll back if a custom version of Android is installed (Cyanogenmod, MIUI, Paranoid Android)?

If you installed a custom ROM, you can return the official firmware in the same way as a manual update. using the Odin program already mentioned in the review. First you have to search the network for files with the firmware you need that are individually suitable for your smart model. Perhaps the best resource to search is the mobile portal, here you can find any firmware for almost every phone model.

  1. connect the mobile device to the PC
  2. run Odin
  3. turn off the phone and enter it in Download Mode. To do this, press the home key, power and volume down
  4. when the phone is loaded, press the volume up key to activate Download Mode
  5. on the main Odin form, select the downloaded files as the matching PIT, PDA and CSC
  6. in Odin, click the Start button and wait until all files are updated.

A successful completion of the rollback procedure will be indicated by a green field with the inscription PASS at the top.

Successful rollback to Odin

How to update Play Market on Android

Offer to connect your Google account to the system

As soon as you enter data for authentication of your Google account, Play Market components will appear in the notification panel, which can be updated exactly like any other application.

Updates for Play Market Components

Answers to readers’ questions

When will the new Android update be available?

Answer. Since between the immediate release of the new version of Android and the physical ability to install it on the gadget a certain time elapses (from 2-3 to 6-8 months), you need to be patient, and follow the announcements of companies. Among the first products with the support of “marshmallow” are the devices of the Nexus and Android One lines. As for the Samsung brand, this month they promise updates to 6.0 for the following models of mobile devices: Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge; in January 2016. Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge; in February. Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

Now about other brands. Sony announced an update for all current Xperia devices, from the Xperia Z Ultra GPE released in 2013 to all the Z5 series (both Premium and budget). A number of devices from LG are limited to G4, G3 and G Flex2. HTC, in turn, limited itself to only the last two generations of devices of its own production: One M9 / E9 and One M8 / E8. In addition, companies such as Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, OnePlus and ZUK promise to equip their flagship devices and mid-range units with Android 6.0. This list is not yet final. Subsequently, we will keep you updated on the latest announcements.

I have a Huawei U9500 phone, and I did not know or did not understand that it was necessary to update the version. Now I have Android 4.0.3, how to update the firmware to the new version, please help!

Answer. The process of updating Huawei firmware is described here. In short, there are two ways to update the firmware of the Huawei U9500.

  1. We take out the battery, hold down the volume buttons on the phone. After that, the Android update process will begin.
  2. Go to Settings. Memory. Software Update. Update the SD card, launch the Android OS update.

I have an MFLogin3T tablet and until that moment I did not know that it was possible to update the system. I read on different sites, tried, it does not work. I have Android 4.4.4. How to update Android version?

Answer. The easiest way to update your phone is through Settings. Options About the device. Software Update. On different versions of the Android OS, the location of the partition may vary. Thus, a standard update on Android is performed, official software is downloaded. This is the safest and easiest way.

I have Samsung Duos, version 4.1.2, I can’t update the operating system to a larger version. Please help me update the android on the phone!

Answer. First you need to find out if you can update Android on your phone to version 5.x. It turns out, no. The fact is that the technical specifications of your phone do not allow you to install newer versions of Android.

On the other hand, you can download the update on Android from the forum, where the modified firmware is laid out. But we would not recommend installing such updates on a fairly old phone if you do not have the necessary skills and are not ready for the performance degradation of your mobile device.

Lenovo A1000, Android is not updated. I’m trying to upgrade version 5.0 to the newest. Everything goes well at first, but then he writes “Error” and shows the opened Android with a red triangle hanging above it with an exclamation mark. What should I do? How to update the OS to the latest version?

Answer. Why doesn’t Android update? The fact is that Android 5.0. This is the latest version of the OS to which you can update the firmware on your phone officially. At least, so users of the forum claim. Of course, you can update the phone by installing custom firmware, but no one guarantees stability after such an update.

I purchased the NTS one m7. I can not update Android 4.4.2. The device does not find a software update, how to solve this problem? How to update it?

Answer. NTS one m7 can be updated at least to Android 5.1. If you can’t install the official update, try downloading custom firmware on the forum. It also contains instructions for updating on this device (see here). In this topic you will find solutions to the problem if the Android OS is not updated.

I have Moto x play, I do not want to update the system, a message constantly appears “Android 6.0.1 ”software is available, which is wildly annoying. Please tell me how to remove this message so that it no longer appears. I even contacted the support service of the smartphone manufacturer itself, all the instructions given to them by me did not bring results.

Answer. To disable firmware updates, go to the Android settings, section About phone. Software update and disable updates by unchecking the box next to the corresponding item.

A year ago, my memory flew on the device (the phone stopped turning on), it was replaced, but the firmware was not native (it’s no different, only the yellow Kernel inscription appears in the corner of the startup screen). There are, of course, no updates for this firmware. Can I roll back Android through Kies (put my own) and update it?

Answer. In order to roll back the update, you need to restart the phone in Recovery mode, select Wi-Fi Data / Factory Reset, Wipe Mobile Partition and reinstall the firmware from the zip archive previously downloaded to the memory card. You can find the official firmware both on the manufacturer’s official website and on the forum, in the section with the corresponding name of your mobile device.

Tablet Acer Iconia A1-810. I do not have firmware updates. I click on the system update and writes “update is required for your device”. how can “to force”. (update the Android system forcibly) or update it yourself?

Answer. This tablet model was released about 5 years ago, it does not support new versions of Android, so the manufacturer does not upload updates for firmware. You can search for custom (unofficial) firmware on the forum, but we do not recommend installing them. it is better to purchase a new tablet than experimenting with firmware to the detriment of the stability and speed of the device.

The build number on Android does not open. Clicked for a long time. How to be

Answer. The Android build number is initially available for viewing in the section “About the smartphone” (“About the tablet”). If you go to enable hidden settings (section “For Developers”), you can activate them just by clicking on the build number, it’s enough to do 4-7 clicks on this line.