How to Update Android System on a Tablet

The need to update the operating system appears for each user. Android changes are not a mandatory process, and without the consent and participation of the user is impossible. But if there is a need for optimization, then you need to know how to update Android on the tablet correctly.

An incorrectly updated system can lead to serious consequences, for the solution of which, it will be necessary to contact a service center. What can happen with the tablet:

  1. After the update, there is a chance that it will not turn on.
  2. The gadget will warm up, reboot, it is bad to keep the battery charge.
  3. The screen freezes during the Android boot phase (for example, as a result of a failure during the Samsung device update, the logo of this brand will “burn” on the screen).

If you strictly follow the software update algorithm, you can avoid the above problems.

There are several options for updating the operating system:

  • through the “Software Update” section, which is located in the tablet settings;
  • through a computer using a proprietary backup program.
How to Update Android System on a Tablet

Important: before starting the OS upgrade process, the user must make sure that the device is charged (the battery charge must be at least 50%).

Each of these methods does not require deep knowledge or special skills from the user. over, the Android installation process itself is no different in complexity from changing the version of a regular application.

As with the update of any user program, a notification will be received at the top of the screen. Only in the case of Android, will the notification “Software Update” or “System Update Available” (depending on OS version) appear.

The user should be patient, as the process of changing Android may take some time (it all depends on the size, the loaded firmware and its version).

If Android is updated. any interruption of this process can lead to loss of personal data (contacts, photos, applications) or to failure of the device. Therefore, do not touch the tablet (turn on, restart) during installation.

It is important to know: if the user is waiting for an important call or message, it is better to postpone the installation, because at this stage the gadget will not be available.

How to update Android-tablet using additional software

When downloading Android using an additional program, the owner of the device will need to connect to the computer. Before proceeding with the update, you need to install a special application.

Note: these programs are mainly used to create a backup copy or to exchange user data between your tablet and computer. Therefore, it is not always possible to find information about additional features in the program description.

This software can be downloaded free of charge, both from the official website of the device manufacturer, and from any proven Internet resource.

Attention: this method of changing the operating system to the new version of Android is suitable only for tablets of certain manufacturers (Samsung and Sony).

To install the new firmware on a Samsung brand tablet, you will need one of two applications: Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch.

The difference between the two is that Smart Switch is designed to work with devices with newer versions of Android, for example 7.0 or 8.0.

Both programs are mainly used to create a backup copy of the tablet, transfer music,s, contacts and other information to the computer.

To upgrade the system to Android 6.0 or 7.0 using Smart Switch, you must do the following:

  • connect the gadget to a PC using a USB cable;
  • launch Smart Switch;
  • wait until the program recognizes the tablet;
  • if there is a newer version of Android on the device connected to the computer. a dialog box appears informing you of this;

Using Samsung kies changing firmware on a tablet is as easy as using Smart Switch. What you need to do for this:

  • enable Samsung Kies;
  • connect the gadget to the computer;
  • if the tablet is connected correctly, then Samsung Kies will recognize it;
  • among other information about the connected gadget, data on the firmware will appear on the screen;
  • if there is a new OS version. a notification appears;
  • To install the new version of Android, click the “Install” button.

If the user clicked “exit” and accidentally selected the option “Don’t ask again”, then the next time you connect this gadget, the program will not offer to update the Android OS.

To update forcefully, you need to click on “Tools” at the top of the screen and select the option “Update firmware and initialize”.

Android update without connecting to a computer

You do not have to connect to a PC to change Android. To do this, you need to perform just a few actions on your tablet:

  1. Enter settings.
  2. Select “About tablet” or “About device”.
  3. Click on the “System Update” section.
  4. If there is a new firmware, the owner of the connected gadget will receive a notification and an offer to download the software.
  5. After downloading the software, the user will be prompted to postpone the installation process or start it.

Note: in order to check for new firmware and download its tablet, it is necessary that the gadget is connected to 3G or to Wi-Fi.

Downloading firmware to the gadget’s memory will take some time (it depends on the Internet connection and the amount of new software).

Before updating the tablet, the user should know that this option of downloading and installing a new Android sometimes leads to unpleasant consequences. the loss of personal data, especially photos or contacts. Immediately before installation on the screen there will be a corresponding warning about a possible loss of information.

Therefore, before starting this process, you need to worry about the safety of your data. To do this, they need to be transferred either to the computer’s hard drive, or downloaded to any cloud storage.

Updated firmware may not appeal to everyone. The owner of the tablet should understand that if you upgrade the version of Android, then drastic changes can occur. Along with new functions and features, he will get a completely different interface: the design of the desktop and application menu will change, the background will change, some pre-installed applications in the previous version may “disappear” and new ones and much more will be added instead.