How To Unlock Your Phone If You Forgot Asus Password

Find my Device service Lock function

If your smartphone runs on Android version 7 or higher, you can use the official Google Find My Device service.

As with the first method, your smartphone must be synced with Google and connected to the Internet. In addition, you must have access to an internet tablet or computer. To access the service, bookmark this link.

  • Go to the Find My Device service page.
  • Wait until the service finds your device. If it didn’t work the first time, click the Update button. The search engine must find the phone within 5 attempts.
  • In the left side menu, click on the “Block” button.
  • The system will prompt you to enter a new pattern
  • Enter the combination twice and confirm your choice.
How To Unlock Your Phone If You Forgot Asus Password

Bypass blocking through AROMA File Manager

One of the oldest and most proven methods of unlocking the phone if the user has forgotten the picture password. This method is associated with deleting the key file, however, in this case, connection to a PC is required only to transfer a special program to the phone’s memory card.

First, you need to download a zip file with a special file manager AROMA File Manager. Then follow the steps of the instruction:

  • Copy the UNPACKED manager zip file to your SD card;
  • Go to the Recovery engineering menu;
  • Find in the list of commands the item to install the file from the SD card;
  • Confirm the installation;
  • Wait while the utility is installed on the phone;
  • Find the Data / System directory, which is located in the root folder of the operating system;
  • Find the gesture.Key file and delete it.

Unblocking via Google Account

So, you forgot your picture password on your phone. What to do? The easiest way available to all Android users is to use a loophole in Google account settings.

However, please note that, first, your account must be synced with Google. This shouldn’t be a problem, because synchronization is necessary to install apps from Google Play. Secondly, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet.

If these two conditions are met, you can proceed to unlock:

  • Enter the wrong key several times. Usually five attempts are enough for the system.
  • At some point, the phone will be locked, and the service message “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your gmail email address and password.
  • The system will confirm your access.
  • Set a new pattern.

By the way, on the official Google website, again via email, you can also recover your password if you forgot it too.

You can read about possible problems with Google access in our article Why the Google account is not added to Android

Here the question may arise: what to do if the user has forgotten the pattern in the middle of the street, and his smartphone is not connected to the Internet? In this case, it is worth finding a Wi-Fi access point, since in any nearby cafe this service is completely free.

Once you have found the so-called Wi-Fi Spot, do the following:

  • Tap on the emergency call command on the screen
  • Enter a sequence of numbers and symbols ###
  • Select Service Test. WLAN mode
  • Connect your phone to an access point

10 ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password. Introduction

One of the most important tasks of the developers of the world’s most popular operating system, Android, is to ensure reliable data safety. In addition to the password and pin code, one of the most reliable ways to secure the contents of a mobile gadget is to install a pattern on the phone.

However, like any technical possibility, this procedure has a downside. Without getting used to the correct combination, the user may forget the sequence of points, especially if it includes more than 4-5 points. As a result, the owner himself loses access to the phone.

In our article, we will tell you in detail how to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password. Immediately, we note that we have chosen the SIMplest methods, which do not require special technical knowledge, and even more so, rooting a mobile device.

By the way, one of the easiest ways to bypass pattern lock was to call your phone. However, this method only worked on Android up to version 4. Starting from the 5th, the developers of the operating system permanently cut this feature out of the functionality of all phones.

User data security is one of the most discussed topics among mobile technology experts. After all, for all the advantages of Android, it remains an open source system, therefore, a priori vulnerable. You can read about what technologies to protect personal information are used in modern smartphones, in addition to the usual passwords and codes, in our article Protecting personal data in an Android phone.

Before you get acquainted with the most reliable unlocking methods, read our instructions on how to lock your smartphone screen. Here you will learn about all the ways to protect data through the settings of your smartphone.

Unlocking via rollback to factory settings

It should be warned that this method is very radical, as it completely deletes all data from the internal memory of the smartphone. Therefore, before unlocking the picture password on the phone using rollback, carry out preparatory work: copy the necessary data to an external medium: SD card or hard drive.

The address book, if it is stored in the phone’s memory, will also have to be dragged and dropped. The safest way to do this is through a PC. You will find detailed instructions on this process in our article How to transfer contacts from a phone through a computer.

It is also useful to create a backup copy of the data. For this:

  • In the phone settings, select the “Restore and reset” item
  • Click on the command “Back up data”
  • Click on the start button
  • Choose an account to create a copy

Rollback to factory settings occurs in the engineering menu. You can get there through a combination of power and volume keys. Then do the following:

  • Click on “recovery mode”
  • Use the volume buttons to select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”
  • Click on “Yes”.
  • Choose “reboot system now”

Service Center Help

In the event that you do not dare to use the methods that we indicated above, the most obvious solution for you is the help of a wizard in the service center. Of course, you will have to pay for the work, but you will be sure that the specialist will correctly unlock your phone.

A powerful and efficient Android phone keeps all the user’s personal data. Over, this is not only photos or documents, but also credit card numbers, account details, ID scans, and much more.

How to remove a picture password from a phone through a dead battery

A longer, but no less effective way to regain control of your smartphone is to use a dead battery, or rather a system notification about a dead battery.

We’ll have to be patient and wait for the battery indicator to show no more than 10%. At this point, the system will warn you about a low battery level. Here you can switch to phone power management. Next, go to the security settings and reconfigure the pattern.

ADB and command line

  • Go to the Adb Run program menu;
  • Select Item Manual. Shell;
  • Dial commands:

rm /data/system/locksettings.Db

Rm /data/system/gesture.Key
rm /data/system/locksettings.Db-wal
rm /data/system/locksettings.Db-shm

After rebooting, enter any gesture (if a lock is displayed).

Prevent accidental blocking or reset easily!

This method is absolutely necessary for EVERYONE who has the risk of accidental blocking (small children) or reinsurance!

The method is based on the fact that: an SMS with a special text is sent to the locked smartphone, after which Android is unlocked!

How methods work in Adb Run?

Method. The gesture.Key file is removed from the / data / system folder

If something didn’t work out with the Adb Run program, you can try to manually do the same operation.

Press the CTRL R button on the PC and enter the given command cmd and Enter:

Enter the given field cmd command

Enter the following commands in sequence (the ADB RUN program must be installed):

Cd adb / progbin

Adb shell

Rm /data/system/gesture.Key

Then restart Android and enter any pattern.

Method. Data in system.Db from the / data / system folder is reset

If your unlocking did not go through using the Adb Run program, you can try manually doing the same operation itself

Press the CTRL R button on the PC, enter this field command cmd and Enter

Enter the following commands in sequence:

Cd /

Cd adb / progbin

Adb shell
cd /data/data/com.Android.Providers.Settings/databases
sqlite3 settings.Db
update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.Lockedoutpermanently’;

Then restart Android and the smartphone or tablet will be unlocked!

Method.5. Deleting the gesture.Key file via TWRP

  • If there is TWRP recovery installed (or install), then go to it;
  • Next Go to the “Advanced” menu. File Manger;
  • Go along the path: / data / system
  • Remove files:
  • Gesture.Key
  • Locksettings.Db
  • Locksettings.Db-wal
  • Locksettings.Db-shm

Restart Android and no lock!

Removing gesture.Key using update

The proprietary method of the Android site 1. For this method, it is necessary that the Recovery menu CWM or TWRP be installed on Android.

  • Download the GEST.Zip file
  • Install it from the Recovery menu:
  • CWM
  • TWRP

Reboot your smartphone, then enter any unlock graphic gesture and Android will unlock.

Method 2. Connect to memory

This method is cardinal, but there is a great chance to get all the data back from Android if it is impossible to remove the graphic lock!

Anroid firmware

If you have not managed to unlock Android yet, try to find the firmware on the manufacturer’s website for your device and flash it. If you have a Samsung smartphone, then you should use the “service firmware” with the pit file and flash it into Odin. If you have another smartphone or tablet, then you may need instructions for the firmware:

  • For smartphones and tablets SAMSUNG. ODIN program
  • For HTC and other smartphones. Fastboot
  • For Sony. Flsahtool
  • For LG. KDZ Updater
  • For Chinese Android smartphones and tablets based on MTK. Universal flasher

Method. Deleting the gesture.Key file manually

This method requires a special Recovery menu to be installed on Android:

  • CWM
  • TWRP
  • Download file Aroma File manager;
  • Move to Android memory card;
  • Install it from the Recovery menu;
  • Go to the path: / data / system / and delete the file:
  • Gesture.Key
  • Locksettings.Db
  • Locksettings.Db-wal
  • Locksettings.Db-shm

Reboot your smartphone, then enter any unlock graphic gesture and Android will unlock.

Restoring access to a smartphone using a Google account

In this case, resetting the pattern is the easiest. A prerequisite is the presence of an account on this service. For smartphone owners who use Google Market, this condition is met automatically.

The procedure is as follows:

It is necessary to enter a graphic picture until the system prompts you to wait half a minute, and most importantly, you will see the button “Forgot your password?”

Press it and enter your e-mail, meaning Google mail, and the password to it.

Click “Sign in”.

Your phone is unlocked!

  • Do not remember your Google account password. Recover it on another device that has a connection to the Network using standard actions.
  • There is no other device. The procedure is as follows:

Press “Emergency call”;

Select Service Test. Wlan;

Connect to the Internet or available Wi-Fi;

Restore access to your account using standard actions.

  • No Network or Wi-Fi? How do you unlock your phone then? Move on to the next method.
  • Important: This unlock option is relevant for Android 5.0 and older systems. In updated smartphones, the protection is stricter. The user is prompted not to go to his own Google account, but to erase all data.

    Unlocking by deleting the gesture.Key file

    Unlocking the phone if you forgot your picture password by resetting all settings is a reliable, but rather painful method for the user. After all, sometimes very valuable information is lost. This can be avoided by knowing certain tricks.

    The trick is as follows. You need to go to the Recovery menu. How to do this and how to navigate through it is described in the previous section. Then follow the path: Recovery. Data. System. Find and delete gesture.Key in this folder. After restarting the phone, the lock will be unlocked.

    There are times when there is no Recovery Mod option in the phone. This option is only guaranteed on Samsung devices. You can do without it, but this requires a computer. You connect your smartphone to it via USB in storage mode and use it to delete it. The desired file can be found through the search.

    Important: With this method, as with the previous one, you should be extremely careful. If done incorrectly, you can turn your smartphone into a regular brick.

    How to unlock a phone locked with a graphic key by discharging the battery

    Wait until the battery is discharged. To speed up the process, it is necessary to “torment” the battery so that the screen is constantly glowing. When a few percent of the charge remains, the phone will notify about this and open a menu with power settings, that is, the lock will be removed. You need to quickly find the page with security settings in the menu and disable the lock. If there is no outlet nearby, for example, on a hike, you can recharge the gadget using the Power bank.

    And if there is no time to wait for the battery to discharge, can it take several hours? Go to the next unlock method!

    Note: This item is relevant for later versions of Android. In smartphones of 2018-2019, it is not always possible to go to the settings through the low battery notification. Most often, the system redirects the user to the page for entering a pattern or pin.

    How to unlock your phone: 5 ways that work

    A modern phone, due to the many tasks it performs, contains a lot of personal, and sometimes confidential information. Therefore, many owners of their gadgets are trying to somehow secure it with the help of various locks. Now for smartphones on Android, graphical locking has become popular: to gain access to the contents of a mobile device, you need to draw a certain figure on the touchscreen with your finger. What if you forgot this password? How do I unlock my phone or delete a forgotten pattern? Do not despair, there is more than one way out!

    Reset all settings

    Attention! In this case, you will lose all the information that is on the hard drive of your smartphone. You can save only the data that is on the memory card, which must first be removed.

    The reset process for each brand of smartphone is different. But fundamentally, the Samsung reset aLGorithm does not differ from the Lenovo, Prestigio or Huawei aLGorithm. The essence of it. Using the Recovery menu. In order to get into it, in some gadgets, you must SIMultaneously press the volume and power buttons. Others. Other combinations, for example, in Huawei, is a combination of volume, center and power buttons, while in Prestigio it is enough to SIMultaneously press the power and home buttons. We strongly recommend that you find out how to get to the Recovery menu on your gadget model.

    In the Recovery menu, go along the path: wipe / factoru reset. Delete all user data. Rebot system now. The volume buttons are used as a joystick, and the selection. Power button. But once again we focus our attention. In this case, all information from the hard disk is deleted. It is necessary to resort to this method in case of force majeure, when you urgently need to call, there is no Internet or other gadget at hand.

    Important: Choosing the wrong item or not following the sequence can “break” the operating system. And then there will be no choice but to visit the service center. Also, before using this method, it is worth removing the memory card and SIM in order to save all the data they contain.

    What to do if you forgot your pattern?

    The creators of Android provided an obvious option. An intricate figure that the user himself invented will be forgotten and he will lose access to his favorite gadget. Therefore, there are several ways to restore it when locked. They differ in the degree of complexity and conditions. You need a device with Internet access, a Google account, certain skills, etc. Let’s list what you can do if your Android phone is locked in order of increasing complexity of the actions performed:

    • Unblocking with your Google account
    • Reset all settings.
    • By discharging the battery.
    • Deleting a special file.
    • Service Center Help.

    There are many options, but it’s safe to say that the phone will be unlocked. Now more about these methods, so that users can choose the best for themselves or prepare in advance.

    Important: The MOYO.Ua website warns that the listed methods in some cases may lead to data loss or malfunction of the smartphone. The best way out if you lose your password is to contact the service center. You can use all the unlocking methods given in the material, but if you are ready to take the risk.

    Unlocking via service center

    In fact, this is the easiest way. You take the locked phone to a service center and there they will carry out its non-warranty repair. This method has two drawbacks:

    • You will spend quite a lot of time on this, especially if they do not immediately get down to work;
    • It will cost you some money. Depends on the smartphone model and the appetite of the service center.

    The above methods of unlocking an Android smartphone are within the power of everyone. In order for the situation with a forgotten graphic key to bring you a minimum of inconvenience, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

    • It is necessary to write down passwords for phones somewhere. The notebook has not yet been canceled.
    • Know in advance what to do (get ready for it) if your Android phone gets locked.
    • Choose the best way to unlock based on your situation.
    • Don’t panic. You will succeed!

    Additional ways to unlock Android if you forgot your pattern password in the video:

    Unlock Android Phones

    In the case of a Google system, the process depends on both the version installed and the manufacturer of the smartphone. We recommend that you try the following possibilities one by one. If all else fails, at the end we will give advice on what to do next.

    The lock is easy to remove if you synchronize the device with your Google account in advance, especially when it comes to old devices on Android 4. After five unsuccessful attempts to enter the pattern, a link to reset the password will appear. Follow it from your computer through your Google account and disable the blocking of your smartphone with a remote command from there.

    Older Android devices can be unlocked using the Screen UnLock / Lock app. After launching the utility, click on “Release”

    The PIN lock on versions up to Android 4.4 can be removed using the app. And again, under certain conditions: the device must be configured with a Google account. To start, from the desktop version of the browser, go to Google Play, find the Screen UnLock / Lock application and click on the “Install” button. The app will automatically set up on your Android phone. Then, from the second phone, send an SMS to your mobile device number. Write “00000” for the text. Now click on “Release”. The path is clear.

    If that doesn’t work, try using Android Remote Control if your device is associated with a Google Account, of course. Open it via on your desktop computer and log in with your Google account. At the top left of the screen, select your smartphone and click on “Block”. Now you can set a new password for the device, which will take effect immediately.

    On a stationary computer, go to the Google “Find device” page under your account and set a new password through the “Block” item

    On some devices it is also possible to remove the screen lock and thus gain access to the phone. To do this, at the bottom of the display, click on “Emergency call”. Now enter ten “” and double click on the character string. Select Copy and add this content at the end of the asterisk sequence with the Paste command. Repeat the process until the machine refuses to insert characters. Return to the lock screen and open the Camera app by sliding your finger upward across the screen. Call the “Settings” by clicking on the gear. Android will ask for a password. Long hold the input field and select the “Paste” command. Repeat the add process until the screen is unlocked and the system is accessible.

    Samsung owners can try their luck through the “desktop” software Dr. Fone. It allows you to read the access codes to the device. You can also find the password using Samsung Account Manager.

    If none of the above helps, you will have to reset your phone to factory settings. Unfortunately, in this case, all your data will be lost. And yet you can continue to use your smartphone.

    If the Android lock cannot be removed, return the device to factory settings via hidden Recovery mode

    To carry out such a reset with the device locked, first turn it off. Then SIMultaneously hold down the volume down key and the phone power key. Hold the keys until the device enters Recovery mode. Use the volume buttons to reach the “factory reset” item. The name of this option may vary slightly depending on the device and manufacturer. Activate reset by pressing the [Power] key.

    Cancel SIM card lock

    Today, a SIM card PIN is almost never used, which is why it can turn into a trap. If after turning on your phone you cannot enter the code, after three attempts the card is blocked.

    You can only release it with the PUK code (Super PIN). You will find it in the cover letter from your mobile operator. If you have lost your papers, you will have to request a new card from technical support.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

    It is very difficult to remove hardware protection of modern Android and iOS devices. But with a couple of tricks, in most cases you will at least be able to get to some of the saved data.

    Bypass iPhone phone lock

    In the case of Apple’s OS, the method of bypassing the lock also depends on the version of the installed system. In some of the variants there are bugs that allow them to be used to access the device. The latest discovered vulnerability that allows to do this is hidden in version 9.2.1.

    Iphone lock can be bypassed by special utilities, for example, iOS Forensic Toolkit. To do this, click on “Get Passcode”

    If you have this system or an earlier one, try the following method: On the lock screen, hold the [Home] key to summon Siri. Ask her what time it is. Tap the clock that appears, and then the plus sign in the upper right corner. Enter some arbitrary letters in the input line and select them. Select “Copy” and then double-click on the letters. In the context menu that opens, select the arrow and Share. Now click on “Messages” and paste the characters copied to the clipboard into the “To” line. Wait a few seconds and press the [Home] key. The lock is released.

    This trick won’t work on newer versions of iOS. Here you have to apply the brute force method. The best result is promised by the iOS Forensic Toolkit, but its price (89,995 rubles) is too high. If all else fails, use the iTunes desktop program to reset your device to factory settings. All data will be deleted.