How to unlock the Samsung phone if you forgot the code

How to remove the lock from the Samsung phone if you forgot the password or a failure occurred

The question is how to remove the lock from the Samsung phone if you forgot the password when you turn it on can stand before each user. Perhaps you just forgot the right combination, or there was a software failure, and the entrance to the smartphone with standard methods is no longer available. In any case, unlock Samsung Galaxy with your own hands is real.

If you have a check and (or) box, you can call or write to the technical support of the company with a request to remove Samsung. This is not the fastest way, but still effective. But if you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy yourself, you can try to apply the methods listed below.

Find My Mobile service

This method is suitable if the Samsung account is entered on the smartphone, and there is also Internet access. To provide the device output to the network with a blocked screen, you can install a SIM card with 3G or LTE connected in it in it.

  • Go from a computer’s browser or other phone to the official website of the service;
  • Enter the login and password from the Samsung account, which is used on a blocked gadget;
  • Click the “enter” button;
  • If several gadgets from Samsung are connected to the account, select a item with the name of the desired device in the upper left corner;
  • Click on the “” button in the left menu;
  • Click “Unlock my device”;
  • In the window that appears, enter the password from the account;
  • Confirm the action, on the smartphone a password will be discharged from the lock screen.

You can restore data for entering the account from Samsung on Find My Mobile by clicking on the line “Find out your identifier or password”, which is slightly lower than.

Protective PIN code

When installing locking using a graphic key, the system requires the introduction of an additional pin code. This digital combination is recommended to be recorded immediately in a safe place (not on this phone).

Subsequently, if you need to unlock Samsung without a graphic key using an additional pin, you just need to click on the line “DOP. PIN “and enter the saved code.

Removing the graphic key through a Google account

This method how to unlock the Samsung phone works on Android models to the fifth version inclusive and helps only if the user has forgotten the graphic key. To remove the lock:

If there is no desired inscription on the screen of a smartphone, then it has a newer firmware, or the google account is not entered.

Safe mode

Safe mode on devices with the Android operating system allows you to correct the failures that arose during the operation of the OS, as well as restore access to the gadget, to which the password was forgotten.

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How to unlock the Samsung phone from a safe mode:

  • Hold the shutdown button for a few seconds until the inscription “Disable” arises on the screen;
  • Slide on the line and hold your finger until the message about the entrance to the safe mode appears;
  • Confirm the action;
  • Go to the settings and turn off the entrance using a password (or change it);
  • Overload the device to return to the usual state.

How to unlock the Samsung phone using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile. This is a special service for Samsung users, which allows you to use various functions. This will help you unlock Samsung in a matter of minutes. In addition to unlocking, you can use this service as a reserve and recovery platform, or you can erase data and much more.To understand how to unlock the Samsung phone if you forget the password, follow the following actions. Please note that to use this you need to enable the remote control function by choosing the “Settings” “Screen of Loading and Safety” “Find My Mobile” Enable “Remote Management”. In addition, do not forget to enter your Samsung account.

Open the web browser and visit the official Find My Mobile website.

Enter the system using your Samsung ID and password.

Locked Out Of Your SamsungNow What?

Select the option “unlock” from the presented tabs.

Now click the “Unlock” button. He will find all the information about the screen lock.

Password lock Remove Any Samsung Mobile without Data Loss @Mobile Techno Guru

Samsung device rollback to factory settings

This option consists of several steps and is a more complex method of removing locking from a smartphone. It is not suitable for everyone, because it is necessary to use it at your own peril and risk.

At the first stage, you need to turn off the Samsung device. At the next time on, you need to enter the menu of the recovery of the apparatus. This stage is different, because all smartphones are different and have various factory firmware and methods of exit in the recovery menu. For Samsung brand phones, they are as follows:

  • One. If the product has a “Home” button, then to enter the recovery menu you need to press it and a power button. Clutching them for a few seconds, you can get to the recovery menu.
  • 2. If there is a “Bixby” button, then to enter the recovery you need to squeeze it, power, increasing the volume.
  • 3. If both buttons are not, then you need to squeeze the power, increase the volume.

Having entered the recovery mode, you need to decide on further actions. In this menu, using the volume control buttons as navigators, you need to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item, which in our way means erasing information, rollback to factory settings.

You can confirm the choice of this menu item using the power button. This option will fulfill all the information from the phone, about which the corresponding request for confirmation will appear. Here you need to choose the option “Yes. Delete All User Data”, translated into Russian. Yes, delete all user information.

Having selected this item, the built.In subprogram is activated, which will execute the factory discharge of the phone. Upon completion of the process of restoring the device, the main menu will appear where you need to select the item restart the system now. The smartphone will reboot and the clean system will be launched. The old graphic key will not be preserved in it, therefore, access to the OS will be open to the user. This will allow you to configure Android to its taste, and, also, install a new graphic key.

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This method is not the best, since all the user’s information is lost, which is critical if data is like photographs, videos, documents were stored on a system drive. Therefore, choosing this method, you need to clearly understand the importance of information on the device.

Rollback to factory settings

The harsh way to unlock the phone: when using this method, all available data, files, programs and settings will be lost. In a word, the password will be dropped, but there will be nothing more to hide. Nevertheless, this method is quite good if it is possible to transfer all the data to the PC or the device is completely new. And it’s completely good if there is some kind of system error that blocks any necessary actions in the smartphone.

To unlock the Samsung brand device through Hard Reset can be as follows:

  • The fully turned off smartphone simultaneously clamps the return keys to the home screen, shutdown and volume increase.
  • After the logo appears on the button screen, you can release.
  • In the menu that opens, you must find the “Factory Reset” line using the volume adjustment buttons and select it with a single click of the shutdown button.

After turning on, the device will be the same as after buying.

Using the “back” button to unlock samsung

In some cases, an old tested method may work, which allows you to remove the lock of the Samsung screen.

  • Take the phone from a loved one and call your blocked device;
  • Take a call on a locked device, and, without disconnecting, click on the “back” button;
  • You can access a blocked device without a password;
  • Go to the safety settings of your gadget and try to remove the current password.

How to unlock samsung if you forgot a pin code?

To use this method, the owner of the smartphone when installing a graphic screen of the screen lock should simply install an additional pin that will be used just in such situations.

  • One. 5 times in a row on the screen of your phone, enter a deliberately incorrect pin code or a graphic blocking key.
  • 2. Enter the PIN code you previously installed.
  • 3. The screen lock is removed.
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As you can see, ways to solve the problem of blocking the screen on Samsung smartphones. What suits you? Share your situations in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We are sure that they are very interesting and will come in handy for other site users. If you did not manage to solve the problem with blocking, we recommend that you call us for a hot fishing line for a trimmer or leave a request for repairing the Samsung brand on our website.

These types of unlocks are suitable for any Samsung: Galaxy S10/S9/S7/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 9/Note 8/Note 7.

Samsung blocking and unlocking methods

First, consider the standard Samsung phone protection options, as well as the usual ways to unlock. Ensuring safety through the lock lock is carried out by different methods:

  • PIN.The code. The smartphone screen is protected by a digital code consisting of four signs.
  • Password. Protection is expressed in a code consisting of not only numbers, but also of other characters, due to which the degree of security is increased.
  • Graphic key. The user sets the password corresponding to the drawing, which is compiled by combining several points. So the key is selected on the phone.
  • Face. This type of protection is used on modern models like representatives of the Galaxy A 01, 10, 12, 31, 50 and others series. To unlock the screen, just bring the smartphone to the face.
  • Print. The owner of the Samsung phone enters the fingerprint fingerprint to the device, according to which the lock is later removed. The function is available on models with a special scanner (representatives of the Galaxy A 32, 51 and others series).
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By the way. The fingerprint scanner can be presented both in the form of a physical panel and integrated under the screen. The first type is considered faster in terms of unlocking.

The user himself chooses how he wants to protect his phone. If in the future you do not want to bother with how to unlock Samsung, then simply do not establish protection. True, in this case, anyone will be able to access the information whose hands will be your smartphone.

If you still decide to protect the device in one of the presented methods, then unlock will be carried out in the same way. That is, protection with a graphic key is removed by a simple comparison of points on the screen, PIN. PIN code, and the password on the Samsung phone is removed in the input of previously registered values.

The most reliable option for protecting the Samsung screen is the blocking password and fingerprint. The most convenient way involves the registration of a person. In this case, unlocking occurs through the recognition of the owner. On budget models like Samsung Galaxy A11, A10 or A30, the function works through time and makes errors. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 uses a retinal scanner that removes the lock, regardless of lighting conditions.

What to do if I forgot the password from Sony

In addition to the general method we listed, which allows using the emergency call button to release the phone, Sony provided users of its gadgets with a special way to unlock.

  • Turn on your Sony phone and go to the emergency call screen;
  • On the emergency call screen in the number set field, type the following combination:

A technical menu from Sony with a section “Service test” will appear;

After it, additional points will be displayed, among which select “NFC → Dag Test”. Slip at this paragraph;

Click on the “Home” key and you can get into your phone without emergency call.

Use the function on Samsung “Find My Mobile” if you forgot the password

Eliminate the new password on Samsung, if you suddenly forgot the old one, the special discharge function of Find My Mobile will help. This function is equipped with the vast majority of the phones of this brand. If you have created your Samsung account, and registered it earlier, then you can use this function.

Gadget reset to factory settings. The last solution that can help you unlock the forgotten password of your phone Samsung. Remember at the same time that all your data on the phone after reset will be deleted.

unlock, samsung, phone, forgot, code
  • Click on “Settings” on your phone;
  • Find the “Reserve and Reset” section there (restoration and discharge);
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