How to unlock the phone screen if you forgot the password

How to remove locking from the phone if you forgot the password?

If you are the owner of the phone on Android and, like many, take care of the security of personal data stored on your device, then this article is for you. Perhaps you have already encountered a situation where, having put a difficult password on your phone, you understand that once you have forgotten it and cannot repeat it, having lost access to all the contents of the smartphone. And although the lock screen is placed specifically to protect the phone from penetration, remove the lock without knowing the password, you can still. At the same time, the main question remains. How to remove the lock from the phone? So, we bring to your attention 5 ways to remove the screen lock on the Android phone.

Tenorshare 4ukey for Android is a program created specifically to remove the lock of the screen of any smartphone on the Android system. A friendly integration, step.By.Step instructions cited in the program itself, and the rapid achievement of the desired result is the main characteristics of this utility that will conquer you from the first use.

Download the Tenorshare 4u For Android program and install Tenorshare 4ukey for Android on PC or Mac and run it;

The main menu will appear in the program window where you should click on the “Delete” button.

All Oppo Reset Password How to fix forgot lockscreen Password Any oppo Phone

Then connect the device to the computer using a USB cable; When you run your device, Tenorshare 4ukey for Android will install a driver for a smartphone.

Now it is necessary to remove the screen lock. If your Samsung device is early, you can select “Delete the screen lock without data loss”. If not, you can select “Delete the screen lock”. And we will take the second option as an example.

unlock, phone, screen, forgot, password

Then click “Start” to start the process of removing the lock of the Samsung screen;

Then you must confirm that the removal of the password of the lock screen will lead to the removal of all data on the device. If you are sure, just click the yes, then Tenorshare 4ukey for Android will start automatically delete the lock screen.

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After completing the removal process, you will be invited to enter the recovery mode. Turn off the device and at the same time press and hold the “Home Home” buttons “Home” “Nutrition”.

Then you will need to choose the option using the volume keys and use the power key to confirm the reloading of the system: Wipe Data/Factory Reset confirm Wipe Cache Partition to confirm the reboot system Now confirm.

Then 4ukey for Android will automatically remove the lock screen. In a few minutes you will see that the whole process is completed.

Tips on how not to lose a password or information from a smartphone

To avoid the situation when you urgently need to find information on how to remove the lock from the phone on Android, you should use the following recommendations:

  • Create backup copies on the cloud storage (Google Drive, Yandex disc, Dropbox, etc.);
  • Use mnemonics-associative memorization (bind the unlock code with something);
  • Write a password on a sheet of paper, or a sticker and put in a reliable place;
  • Activate tools for unlocking ahead (fingerprint scanner, Smartlock, Face Unlock);
  • Do not change the code too often.

What to do if you forgot the password?

The password installed on the phone can be useful in a variety of situations. He will save from randomly unlocking the phone in a bag or. Protect against excessive curiosity of friends or colleagues, and at the same time save your personal data when the device is theft. And all this, of course, is wonderful. That’s just what to do if you yourself forgot the password?

In fact, nothing terrible in this case will happen. After you bring the wrong password five times in a row, the smartphone will ask you to wait 30 seconds before the next attempt. Then he will offer a choice of two options. Either try to enter the password again, or drop it.

How to unlock phone if forgot password or pattern | Wondershare Dr. Fone ����

Click on the button “Forgot the combination?”Or” Forgotten password “. The system will offer you to enter the Google account data, to which this device is connected. That is, the data that you entered during the initial setting of the phone.

Enter the login in the first line (usually it is a mailbox on Gmail.Com, but there may be another mail), pick up the password in the second line. Please note that here you need to enter exactly the password from the Google account, and not the PIN code for unlocking the smartphone.

If you forgot the password from your Google account or cannot remember what mail is a login, then try to use the password restoration page on the company’s official website.

How to unlock Android without a graphic key using a discharge to factory settings

You can delete a graphic blocking key by resetting all the phone settings to factory. It should be borne in mind that the smartphone files will also be deleted. However, if you created backup copies of the contents, later they can be completely restored. In the new Android phones to reset all the settings, you will need to enter the user name and the password from the Google account. For devices released before 2016, these measures will not be needed.

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Enter the recovery mode on your smartphone. For different Android devices, methods of transfer to this mode are slightly different.

After entering the recovery mode, select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. When a request for erasing the data of the device appears, select “Yes”.

Then select the Reboot System Now option (“Reload the System now”).

Now you can restore all the necessary data from the backup and set the new password / PIN code / screen lock pattern.

Disconnect the screen lock in the Samsung Find My Mobile service

Samsung Find My Mobile is an analogue of Google Find My Mobile for Samsung smartphones and tablets. The service offers more opportunities and allows you to change the lock lock without loss of user data. Over, this method works only if the account is registered in the service.

  • Open the Samsung Find My Mobile service page.
  • Enter account.
  • Wait until the service finds connected devices.
  • On the action panel, select the “unlock” action.
  • Ask a new password. Password can take a few minutes.

How to remove a password using PC. Popular programs

It is easy to solve the problem through a computer using special programs or other methods.

Google reset

  • Open the Safety tab. “Search for a device”.
  • Select a blocked phone from the list, pass authorization.
  • Select. “Delete all data from this device”.
  • Get acquainted with the warning about the removal of all personal data, confirm.
  • The files inside the memory card will remain intact, the rest from the gadget integration will disappear.

When the mobile phone is first connected to the network, the data will be formatted. Will have to re.Set up and connect it with Google as a new device.

Through the Samsung service

Here’s how to reset the password on Android Samsung models (for devices of other manufacturers, the technique will not work):

  • Opening the browser, enter the Find My Mobile Samsung and open the page of the official website https: // findMymobile.Samsung.Com/.
  • Log in, introducing the username and password that the system requests. Choose your gadget by name.
  • Click the unlock button.

This method helps to quickly find the lost / stolen device on the map while it is turned on. And protect the user’s personal data if necessary.

Through Aroma File Manager

  • Attach a smartphone to a laptop or PC using a USB cord.
  • Through the function “conductor” open an internal database. Throw a puffed folder with this program there. Take a memory card if USB does not work.
  • Enable “Recovery”. “Install Update from Zip File”. Find the file in the list and select. “Automount All Devices on Start”.
  • Re.Select the installation option from the archive and the file using “recovery”.
  • Waiting for the end of the load, start Aroma File Manager, in the menu. “Data Folder”. “System Folder”. Delete Gesture keys in it.Key “with” Password.Key “.
unlock, phone, screen, forgot, password

So you can access the desktop of a mobile device on a computer.

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Disconnecting blocking through the Samsung Find My Mobile service

The Find My Mobile service is designed to search for Samsung smartphones and tablets, as well as to unlock the device if you forgot the password. The method allows you to save user data and works provided that Samsung registered earlier than the registered account.

  • Go to the service page.
  • Enter the account using the login and password.
  • Wait for the end of searching for the device.
  • On the action panel on the right side of the screen, select “Unlock“.
  • Enter a new password. A few minutes after changing the password, unlock the device screen with the previously given password.

How to avoid blocking using a safe mode?

If the lock screen disperses a third.Party application, loading the device using a safe mode can help.

To boot in a safe mode, press and hold the power button on the lock screen. In the window that appears, click the “Disable power” button for a few seconds. By pressing OK, the process of starting a safe mode will begin, when third.Party applications will temporarily disconnected. In the settings, turn off the locks and restart the device again, after which the outbreak screen of third.Party software will disappear.

How to reset the Android password through factory settings

Another ways to remove the Android screen lock is to reset all the device settings to the factory, in which all the phone data, including the specified passwords, are completely deleted. It should be borne in mind that all your personal files will also be erased. To protect the telephones from theft after 2016, the function “Protection from reset to factory settings” appeared on Android phones, which, when resetting, requests the user’s account of the Google account installed on the phone.

unlock, phone, screen, forgot, password

Turn a blocked phone into recovery mode using buttons suitable for your device model.

In recovery mode, use the volume/decrease buttons for the selection of options and the power button to confirm the choice. From the list of options, select “Watch data / reset to factory settings” (“Wipe Data / Factory Reset”. After notification of the need to delete all the data, click “Yes”.

unlock, phone, screen, forgot, password

Wait for the completion of the reset process and select “Reload the System now” (“Reboot System Now”). After downloading the phone in normal mode, the screen lock will be disabled.

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