How to unlock the phone REDMI if you forgot the password

How to unlock the phone REDMI if you forgot the password

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We keep all the information about ourselves in smartphones: photos and videos, bank cards, contacts, passwords from mail and social networks. Each person sets passwords on their device to hide personal information from prying eyes. This helps to protect the device, but what to do if the owner himself has forgotten the coveted combination? In the article, we analyzed several ways to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot the password.

We keep all the information about ourselves in smartphones: photos and videos, bank cards, contacts, passwords from mail and social networks. Each person sets passwords on their device to hide personal information from prying eyes. This helps to protect the device, but what to do if the owner himself has forgotten the coveted combination?

In the article, we analyzed several ways to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot the password.

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The reasons for the MI account lock

In order to understand which strategy to apply to remove lock, you need to know the reason for blocking the account.

  • Incorrect password entering. The MI account has a security system that completely blocks the phone if the password from the account was incorrectly entered 5 times.
  • You bought a former smartphone. When purchasing used smartphones, you need to be careful. The old owner may simply not leave the account. At the first start, the phone will request a password for accounting, which you do not know.
  • Failure during reset to factory settings. Often after performing the Hard Reset, the device asks to enter a password from the Mi account. And it’s good if you remember him. And if not, then you will have a partial “brick” in your hands.
  • Change of SIM cards. If you changed the phone number with the SIM card, then as soon as the new card is in the smartphone, the system will ask to enter the password from the Mi account (which you have successfully forgot).
  • Banal failure of the OS. As a result of the failure of the system, the settings of the MI account. And now you need a password to unlock the phone. You can also restore such a brick. There are certain methods for this.
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Almost all systems are associated with the program features of MIUI. Now, if the phone does not react to anything at all and does not even start. Then the direct road to the service center.

Reset of settings via Recovery

To reset the settings through the Recovery menu on some models, you will need to unlock the bootloader. How to do this. Read here. There is a chance that you will not have to unlock anything, but it is small enough.

After unlocking, you need to make a trace:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Pour the buttons increase the power volume
  • Recovery menu will open (it may vary on different devices), where we select the Wipe Reset item and click Wipa All Data
  • The device will be rebooted, all data, including password, will be erased.

In more recent versions of smartphones, this menu may look as follows:

Over, it can be in Chinese. In the screenshot above you see where the translation button is located into English, so click on it. Next, click Recovery and OK.

On the latest versions of the firmware after pressing OK, your torment may continue. The device will reboot and require connection to PC. We are waiting for the reboot, but we do not immediately connect, but do the following:

unlock, phone, redmi, forgot, password
  • We go to the site http: // psksuite.Mi.COM, download the program, install on PC and run
  • Now you can connect a smartphone to a computer
  • In the program, click Recovery and follow the instructions

After all the fraud, we reboot the device through the same program, the process can last a few minutes. After turning on, you will have to re.Set up the country, language, time and so on.

With third.Party recovery

Do not forget that there are many third-party auxiliary recovery programs that help solve the problem of blocking with minimal losses. The main condition for their application is that you should be as selective as possible in choosing source so as not to run into scammers.

This is an excellent, and most importantly proven application, which allows many users, which allows you to work with the core of the operating room installed on the smartphone, and this largely expands user capabilities. As for the features of the application of the program, it involves the following steps:

  • After the opening of Recovery, you need to follow the paths of the “Advanced. File Manager” sections, as a result of which the system files are redirected.
  • Next, select “Data”, and then “System”, deleting those files that are responsible for blocking the smartphone. And most often we are talking about five folders, the name of which contains such words as “Key”, “Password” and “Lock”.
  • At the finish stage, the transition to the menu is made, for which the click on “Reboot” is performed.

After performing these actions and rebooting the device, the user will no longer see the lock screen, which is good and bad at the same time. It’s good because he can restore access without data, but bad due to lack of protection as such.


Another effective utility that allows once and for all forget about the screen blocking. And in order to use it, you need to download the program on PC, using an exclusively official site for this.

Next, you should open the application by simultaneously completing a direct connection of the mobile phone to PC via USB. After that, a notification “Removing the screen lock” should appear on the display, by which you need to click. At the final stage, a re.Transition to Recovery mode is made to download recovery files and get full access to a previously flooded smartphone.

Unlock with i.Mi.Com

I.Mi.COM. Cloud service developed by Xiaomi specifically for its smartphones. In many ways I.Mi repeats the service from Google, so there will be no problems in working with it.

Attention! Get access to i.Mi.COM can be if you have a Mi account. For owners of Google accounts, the previous method is relevant.

To reset the graphic key, follow the following:

  • Open the browser on any device and go to the site I.Mi.Com;
  • A welcome window will appear on the display. Enter data from your account and log in to the system;
  • After a successful entrance, click on the “search for the device”;
  • On the screen, devices attached to your account are highlighted. If there is your phone among them, click on it. For a successful completion, the phone must be connected to the Internet;
  • On the right side of the display, click “Wipe the Data” and follow further instructions.
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At the end of the discharge from the smartphone, all data will be erased, so we recommend that you take care of the safety of information.

unlock, phone, redmi, forgot, password

Interesting fact! Reset settings remotely. A great way to save user data in case of loss or theft of a smartphone.

With formatting

Subsequent methods imply complete data removal to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone. Before moving to them, you need to prepare and recall/restore access to the Google and Mi Account accounts.

unlock, phone, redmi, forgot, password

Google password restoration

All smartphones based on Android, except for Huawei/Honor models released in 2019–2020, are tied to Google’s account. This is required for additional protection of the device-after resetting the phone to the factory state, it is necessary to log in under the account from the search giant, otherwise the FRP protection will work. Therefore, when the user does not remember the data for authorization under the Google account, they will have to be recovered first. For this:

  • Go to the form of restoration of access to the account at this link;
  • Answer the questions posed by the system;
  • Indicate the email address where to send a new password from accounting.

Restore access to the account when the device is blocked is more difficult, since the smartphone is used to confirm the user’s actions. A form appears on the screen with a request for access to certain functions.

Recovery of access to the Mi account

Xiaomi also took care of users’ safety and added mandatory authorization under the account in their service, which applies to owners of models from Redmi and. Here, access restoration is in the following way:

  • Visit an official website for entering the account;
  • Under the input form, click on “Forgot the password?”;
  • Confirm the password reset by indicating an email or phone number attached to the account;
  • After entering the data, confirm the action by introducing a combination with captcha, and click on “send”;
  • Now check your phone or email: a combination for a password will come there. It must be introduced into the form on the official website, and slip by “accept”;
  • The user will be transferred to the window where you need to come up with a new password.

A letter with a combination for discharge comes to the indicated mail within 5 minutes. When the receipt is delayed, check the spam folders or update “incoming”. If the sending of the code failed, return to the page of the official site and repeat the sending of the message.

You can unlock the Xiaomi blocked smartphone through the official support service on this site (located below the page). To do this, you will have to confirm that the user is the owner of the phone by providing:

Recovery menu

Through standard recovery, users roll back the settings of the device to the state of the “from the factory”, simultaneously deleting the files stored in the internal memory, bypassing the data on the memory card. Having restored access to Google and Mi Account:

Forget PIN, Pattern & Password: How to unlock Xiaomi Mobile Phones

  • Pull the lock key, select “Turn it off”;
  • When the gadget turns off, hold the power button and the volume swing up (or down);
  • After the brand logo appears in the list of functions, select “Recovery”. If the sensory control does not work, use the volume keys to move up/down, and the lock button for choosing a point;
  • Similarly, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Confirm the action by clicking on “Yes”;
  • After click on Reboot System to start the rollback process to factory settings.

The developers supply new models for simplified Recovery:

  • Disconnect the smartphone and use the combination of the buttons described above;
  • In the menu that appears, select Wipe Data and wait for the completion of the system rollback process.

Before starting the process, connect the smartphone to the charger. If at the time of recovery the phone turns off, it can turn into a “brick” due to damage to system files.

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Search Service

All data from the device is deleted through the company’s company search service from Google.

  • Go to the site. Autominate under the account to which the smartphone is connected.
  • Select the device in the list. On the right under the image of the gadget, select “Configure the lock and delete data”.
  • Now click on the “erase data” and confirm the cleaning of the memory.

The method will not work when wa-fi disconnected on the device.

How to reset the Xiaomi 4x password without data loss

The management is relevant not only for the specified model, but also suitable to remove the lock on any gadget of the Chinese brand Xiaomi.

If after turning on the device you need to enter a PIN out of four digits, but you do not remember it, you should take such steps:

  • Swear the Reset_Lock archive at the link;
  • Using a USB cable and connecting to a computer, transfer the file to the internal memory of the smartphone;
  • Turn off the phone, clamp the volume key (volume) and power button. After 5 seconds, the recovery mode will be loaded. Here we look at the appearance. If you have an inscription Mi Recovery 3 in the corner.0, and below the button. Reboot (restart), wipe data (delete data) and Mi AssisStant, so we are dealing with stock river. It is useful only in a situation where you do not seek to save info. In this case, feel free to wash everything, reboot and get password reset;

So you are lucky. Select the item responsible for installing the update. Install / Apply Update, indicate the path to the reset_lock archive and start the firmware. At the end of the procedure, restart the Xiaomi (Reboot) smartphone and enjoy the result.

If the above options are not available in your case, you should install the custom recovery.

  • If there is a ROOT access (what is it, how to do?), the easiest way is to download the TWRP application from Google Play, run, select your gadget model from the list, download the corresponding image of the IMG current version for it, then activate it and gain access to the recovery regime. And already further you can act according to the instructions that I gave above;
  • If Root is absent and there is no access to the device (since it is blocked), it is worth trying a more advanced method. We watch the video (in English, but very useful) or look for info on the network specifically for your device:

Reset through the search service service

If previous methods do not help, you can use the discharge through the Google service. In the phone settings must be authorized your account of Google Post. You must remember the login and password from it.

FORGOT PASSWORD. How to Unlock and Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus

Yours you need to enter your Google account on any Android girl, then go to Google Play and install the official program for remote control of the devices. In the dialog box, select your device for installation. The application should be remotely installed on a blocked phone.

How to reset the password input unit

In a situation where the wrong password was introduced several times, a message appears on the phone display about the exceeding attempts to enter and temporarily blocking new key options.

This can happen without the user’s knowledge, for example, when randomly pressing in your or children’s games. The time of such a restriction can last from several hours to several days.

If the correct password is known, then do not wait for the end of the limitation period. It is enough to call Xiaomi phone and answer a call.

Then turn the window of the current conversation and find the password shutdown function in the main menu. An important nuance: for unlocking, it will be necessary to introduce the correct combination, without it it is impossible to disable this security function. After the manipulations are over, you can complete the conversation and use the phone without limit functionality.

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