How to unlock the phone if you forgot Xiaomi password

What to do and how to unlock the Xiaomi phone if you forgot the password?

Today, many users are faced with the question of how to unlock the Xiaomi phone if you forgot the password. Despite the banality of this situation, it happens very often and puts the owners of Chinese smartphones at a dead end. People immediately go to the service center, although in practice the problem can be solved by “little blood” and without contacting specialists. Below we give all the methods that allow you to unlock the smartphone if the user suddenly forgot and cannot remember the password. We also give recommendations that allow us to prevent such errors in the future.

Before taking global steps associated with the reset of the device, try to unlock Xiaomi Redmi 5 or a device of another model using one of the accounts. Mi or Google. Each of the methods has its own characteristics, on which we dwell in more detail.

How to unlock through a Google account

The first thing the user encounters is the inability to restore the phone, if you forgot the password, with the standard method. The reason is that SMS confirms the blocked apparatus. You can log in through PC, but with a long break, authorization of an attempt to change the key through safety and the entrance will not be crowned with success. The system requests the input of the old password that the user has forgotten.

But there is one method on how to unlock the Xiaomi phone bypassing existing prohibitions. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Enter data that requires the system.
  • Try to accurately indicate the password, e-mail address and other data.
  • If everything is done correctly, the system will allow you to change the password without a smartphone.
  • On the lock screen that appears five times, click on the button forgot the password?
  • Use the proposal of the system to change the Google password.
  • Write down new data and write it down in a separate document so as not to forget.

The last method does not work on MIUI versions from 8 and above. If a person suddenly forgot the password, you have to use other options.

As for the first method, it allows you to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone if you have a network connection. The situation is more difficult if the Internet was not connected at the time of blocking. In this case, install the SIM-card smartphone with an active connection to the network or quickly turn on, turn off the smartphone, and then put it down the curtain and activate the Internet.

How to unlock through m

Another way to unlock the Xiaomi phone, if you forgot the password is the use of the Mi account (if any). The situation here is simpler, but there are not so many ways to restore access. The only solution is to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone through the mailbox (the one that is tied to the profile). In this case, you can drop the data if a person suddenly forgot the password. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Enter e-mail and find a letter from the system in it. Find the code and insert it into an empty line, then click on the Submit button.
  • Indicate the new key.
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If the letter does not come for a long time, look into the spam folder or incoming. If nothing comes after five minutes, make a request again.

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How To Unlock Redmi Note 4 Forgotten PIN/Pattern/Password On Xiaomi Redmi all models (100% working)

To unlock Xiaomi in this way, if you forgot the password, access to mail from the computer is needed. If this is not possible, it will not work to drop the key. If the code does not come in the process of unlocking, you can write in Support Xiaomi. Data for communication is easy to find by the Mi link.COM/Global/Support/Contact/. The letter must be issued in English. It is not necessary to know the language-just use the online translator. In circulation, describe the situation, they say, I forgot the password and you need to return to the normal use of the phone.

Note that the given method allows you to unlock Xiaomi and install a new password from the Mi-account. If you need to restore access to the smartphone, you will have to write in support. If there is no important information on Xiaomi, you can make a complete demand on the principle that is considered below.

When applying to technical support for consideration of the application, it takes about a week. Sometimes the process is delayed and for a longer period. For a successful solution to the issue, it is important to prove that the Xiaomi phone really belongs to you. The evidence base may be a purchase check, proprietary packaging, IMEI phone and other data. If nothing helps, the only solution is to remove the Mi account.

The reasons for the MI account lock

In order to understand which strategy to apply to remove lock, you need to know the reason for blocking the account.

  • Incorrect password entering. The MI account has a security system that completely blocks the phone if the password from the account was incorrectly entered 5 times.
  • You bought a former smartphone. When purchasing used smartphones, you need to be careful. The old owner may simply not leave the account. At the first start, the phone will request a password for accounting, which you do not know.
  • Failure during reset to factory settings. Often after performing the Hard Reset, the device asks to enter a password from the Mi account. And it’s good if you remember him. And if not, then you will have a partial “brick” in your hands.
  • Change of SIM cards. If you changed the phone number with the SIM card, then as soon as the new card is in the smartphone, the system will ask to enter the password from the Mi account (which you have successfully forgot).
  • Banal failure of the OS. As a result of the failure of the system, the settings of the MI account. And now you need a password to unlock the phone. You can also restore such a brick. There are certain methods for this.

Almost all systems are associated with the program features of MIUI. Now, if the phone does not react to anything at all and does not even start. Then the direct road to the service center.

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Reset of settings via Recovery

To reset the settings through the Recovery menu on some models, you will need to unlock the bootloader. How to do this. Read here. There is a chance that you will not have to unlock anything, but it is small enough.

After unlocking, you need to make a trace:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Pour the buttons increase the power volume
  • Recovery menu will open (it may vary on different devices), where we select the Wipe Reset item and click Wipa All Data
  • The device will be rebooted, all data, including password, will be erased.

In more recent versions of smartphones, this menu may look as follows:

Over, it can be in Chinese. In the screenshot above you see where the translation button is located into English, so click on it. Next, click Recovery and OK.

Unlock Android Phone Password Without Losing Data | How To Unlock Phone if Forgot Password

On the latest versions of the firmware after pressing OK, your torment may continue. The device will reboot and require connection to PC. We are waiting for the reboot, but we do not immediately connect, but do the following:

  • We go to the site http: // psksuite.Mi.COM, download the program, install on PC and run
  • Now you can connect a smartphone to a computer
  • In the program, click Recovery and follow the instructions

After all the fraud, we reboot the device through the same program, the process can last a few minutes. After turning on, you will have to re.Set up the country, language, time and so on.

If there is no access to the mail and the phone

Password reset on the phone via ID Mi.COM is complicated if you do not have access to an attached mail or number. In this case, ordinary methods are not suitable and will have to come into contact with the Xiaomi support service.

You can do this from the recovery menu:

As soon as the support service responds to the request, describe them the problem. After that, they will tell you how to unlock the phone mi. This will need to present all the necessary information.

To reset the Xiaomi password (Mi, Redmi, Poco) using the support service may be required:

  • Phone number or mailbox, to which the MI account was tied.
  • Personal data of the owner of the smartphone.
  • Previous passwords and devices through which the entrance to the account was carried out.
  • IMEI smartphone and Wi-Fi network, which were used at the last input.
  • Latest purchases in Mi or saved contacts.
  • Photo boxes and checks.

The main task is to provide an employee of the Support Service that the phone is really your.

Reset of a forgotten PIN code using third-party applications

In addition to official programs, there are third.Party ones, for example, Recovery Twrp. This program can also be downloaded from official sources. Software works on the same principle:

Since the application itself in English, there may be a lot of incomprehensible. However, if the user still does not understand what is written, then you can use Google as a translator. So that the data does not disappear, we extract a memory card and SIM card. The DR program also works.Fone Toolkit:

Unlock Xiaomi through a Google account

This is the easiest way, but he has a couple of nuances. It will work if the smartphone was synchronized with Google, and its firmware is not lower than MIUI 8. What are we doing:

Enter the wrong code into the smartphone so many times so that the question “Forgot the password to be on the screen?”, And click on him

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In the window that appears, we write the data of the Google account

unlock, phone, forgot, xiaomi, password

Change the password when the system offers this

Ready, the smartphone is unlocked, the data is not lost, you are great. But remember that this method is suitable for those who have an account synchronized with the device.

How to turn off the lock on Redmi forever

If you no longer want to ask the question of how to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone, you should turn off the protection or delete this opportunity (this may be needed, for example, if the gadget sometimes falls into the hands of young children who press everything in a row). But take into account that in the case of the theft or loss of the device, your data, including information about the connected bank cards will not be protected from outsiders.

Delete all the files with which the lock is carried out can also be through the TWRP program:

  • Turn off the mobile device;
  • Enter the FASTBOOT service using the simultaneous holding of the inclusion and increase button;
  • Click Cancel to cancel the proposal to set a new graphic password;
  • Open the Advanced menu “Extended settings”;
  • Next, click File Manager;
  • Go to the DATA section;
  • Open the System folder;
  • Find and delete Ocksettings files.DB-Shm, Locksettings.DB-Wal, Locksettings.DB-Wal, Gesture.Key and Password.Key;
  • Return to the main screen and restart the device.
unlock, phone, forgot, xiaomi, password

It will not be possible to allocate several files for deleting in the program. It is necessary to open and demolish each of them separately.

Reset through the search service service

If previous methods do not help, you can use the discharge through the Google service. In the phone settings must be authorized your account of Google Post. You must remember the login and password from it.

Yours you need to enter your Google account on any Android girl, then go to Google Play and install the official program for remote control of the devices. In the dialog box, select your device for installation. The application should be remotely installed on a blocked phone.

How to reset the password input unit

In a situation where the wrong password was introduced several times, a message appears on the phone display about the exceeding attempts to enter and temporarily blocking new key options.

This can happen without the user’s knowledge, for example, when randomly pressing in your or children’s games. The time of such a restriction can last from several hours to several days.

If the correct password is known, then do not wait for the end of the limitation period. It is enough to call Xiaomi phone and answer a call.

Then turn the window of the current conversation and find the password shutdown function in the main menu. An important nuance: for unlocking, it will be necessary to introduce the correct combination, without it it is impossible to disable this security function. After the manipulations are over, you can complete the conversation and use the phone without limit functionality.

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