How to unlock the phone forgot the graphic password Fly

Resetting factory settings Fly BL8001

You forgot the password or introduced incorrectly a graphic pattern, after which Fly was blocked on Android? In this article we will see how to make Hard Reset and unlock the Fly if the pattern was introduced incorrectly on the screen or forgot the installed password. Also in this way you can remove the virus from the phone. Now there are a lot of viruses that block the android screen and demand to pay a fine or something similar to unlock the phone. I warn you that even if you pay fraudsters they will not unlock your smartphone, you will just lose your money. You yourself will have to look for a way to unlock the Fly or you will have to pay money to specialists in the service center so that they helped you delete the extortionist virus.

Attention. All you do with your device, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not liable in case of a malfunction of your phone. If you have a new phone, which is under warranty or you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by applying this method of complete discharge to the factory settings of the Fly, then you can contact the service center. Good luck.

This method is suitable for Fly 4404 and similar Android devices. If you introduced a graphic drawing or password several times, then Android will ask you to enter the Google account and password, for those who do not remember mail and password, they may try to make Hard Reset full reset to factory settings, which will help unlock the screen and reset all the passwords. After you make Hard Reset from the phone’s memory, all files, settings and other information will be deleted. Also in most cases, Hard Reset will help clean the viruses on your Flae.

Attention! This procedure restores the phone as from the plant and everything that was on Android will be cleared including: installed applications, games, files, contacts, messages and other information and therefore, before reset, save all the important information and files especially the contacts. After removal, the contacts and everything else cannot be restored.

If you still decide to do make a Hard Reset on Fly to unlock, do the following actions:

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When you forgot the password from the screen of your Samsung and urgently need the phone, I recommend using Tenorshare 4ukey for Android. This is definitely the tool that you were looking for. It is compatible with any Android phone, and allows you to “unveil any lock”. He is also able to drop Google Akkuant successfully. So, the use of Tenorshare 4ukey is a quick, light and best solution for a blocked screen.

Unlock, Прошивка и Hard Reset Fly FS553 Cirrus 9

Steps for removing the screen password:

Install Tenorshare 4ukey for Anfriod and click on “Remove the screen lock” 2. Wait a few minutes, then the screen password will be successfully removed.

Install Tenorshare 4ukey for Anfriod and click on “Delete the lock of the Google (FRP) account” 2. Will send a notification to your Samsung device. 3. After receiving a notification, click on the View option on the Samsung device, and follow the step.By.Step instructions displayed on the screen to control the device. 4. At the end, you will need to restart the device and use the unlock mechanism that you just installed to access samsung.

unlock, phone, forgot, graphic

Remove the screen lock using a call

This method works only on old versions of the Android system. You need to try to call from another phone to a blocked. After accepting the call, the gadget is activated automatically. Similarly, you can bypass the input of the graphic key and other types of screen lock.

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If new versions of the OS are installed on the phone (from 5.0 and above), then using a simple call to restore work will not work. In this situation, access can be restored by using third.Party computer programs that the saved key script is removed automatically. Examples of utilities:

The essence of this software is that first it needs to be installed on a smartphone and on a computer. The process of resetting the file on the gadget can be launched by the function of remote recovery from the computer. Then the phone should be reloaded so that the settings of the graphic key disappear.

If the BYPASS utility was installed in advance on a smartphone, then to unlock it is enough to send SMS with the following text to the device: 1234 Reset. BYPASS scans messages, and when it finds a secret text in one of them, it will reboot the phone and delete the graphic element. After accessing access, you must immediately go into the safety settings of the smartphone to turn off the lock function.

unlock, phone, forgot, graphic

Unlocking phone via SMS Bypass

You have endowed your phone with the rights of a super sex and enjoy the possibilities inaccessible to other users? In this case, you need to take care that you can forget the password. We will try to create a bypass path. To do this, we will use an extremely useful SMS BYPASS application. Download it, install it in the phone, go into settings and set the digital code. It will serve as the key to unlocking the tube.

How to unlock the phone using SMS Bypass? To do this, send to your SMS number with the text “XXXX Reset”. Instead of XXX, enter the previously specified digital code. Having received an SMS, the phone will go to the reboot, after which he will again offer to enter the password. We enter arbitrary numbers and get an unlocked tube at our disposal.

To obtain a ROOT-right, use the instructions from our site or look for a more suitable solution on specialized resources and forums.

Ways to unlock the graphic password

The methods described below are intended exclusively to unlock their own device, cannot be applied to stolen devices. An important remark is expressed in the fact that the name of the menu items may look different depending on the manufacturer.

Unlock the phone through 4ukey

Perhaps the easiest option is to use a special program to remove the screen on the Android device-4ukey for Android. The advantage of this method is that it is effective and does not require complex operations (the program itself will perform all the necessary operations to achieve the desired results).

  • Download the installation file of the program and install it on your computer. Then twice click the icon on the computer desktop to open the program and connect the blocked Android phone to the PC using the USB cable;
  • After the program automatically finds your smartphone, press the “Delete” option on the screen;
  • When it is proposed to delete all the data saved on the phone, select OK. After completing the process, you can again access your smartphone. If you previously created copies of phone files on another medium, now you can copy them back to your device.

Selection of combination

Everyone knows that numerical combinations like “123456” are unreliable, easily selected by ordinary people. A similar problem is observed in passwords in graphic representations. The letters of the Latin alphabet are often used. Given that about 75% of the world’s population is right.Handed, the entry of keys like “m” or “and” should be led from left to right to right. It makes sense to try the symbols: “c”, “g”, “l”, “s”, “z”, “7”. Geometric shapes are popular: sharp, straight triangles; large square; two small rectangles connected in the center; stars.

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In mathematics, the reconciliation of solution options is called the “gross force method”, in the circle of IT specialists-“Bubors”. The difficulty in using the method is caused by the presence of a system of protection from it that works in a simple way: 5 incorrect combinations will lead to a locking of the device for 30 seconds, all subsequent unsuccessful attempts will force the user to wait again for the timer expiration.

Call to the smartphone (for Android 2.2 and below)

The method involves the use of Android bug for 2.2 inclusive, and looks as follows:

  • From another smartphone, call a blocked gadget, take a call;
  • Turn the call window by clicking on the “Home” or “Back” button;
  • You will get full access to the system, but in order not to repeat the steps taken again, remove or assign a new password;
  • Open the settings program, select the “Safety” item, in the window that opens, go to the “Screenshot blocking” tab. Models working on old Android do not request the instructions of the previous key.

Despite the fact that this error was fixed by specialists, the “side effect” remained from it. On modern versions of the OS, you can drop a timer that protects against the selection through it. The bug has a temporary effect: the next 5 wrong attempts will lead to a request to wait or take advantage of the cunning again.

Opening of a low charge notification

Когда уровень заряда аккумулятора падает до 15%, на экране появляется окно с советом подключить гаджет к источнику питания. Together with the OK button, a “battery state” is located nearby, after clicking on which statistics of the charge will be displayed. From this tab you can go to the parameters, and then make a fourth step from the previous method.

To “catch” the window, it will take a lot of time. The situation is complicated by its automatic closure within 15-20 seconds from the moment of occurrence, so you need to keep the device at hand all the time. As advice, lithium-ion batteries are rapidly discharged in the cold: when temperatures from room to zero to zero, 7-11% of the charge is instantly lost.

Emergency call call

Even with the full blocking of access to the device, from it you can call contacts from the White List by clicking the “Emergency Call” button at the bottom of the screen. By default, it contains the numbers of rescue services: 101, 112 and similar. After an instant bell-cut for a couple of seconds, the device desktop will open, go from which you can go to the parameter menu with a good reaction. Further steps are the same as in the second method.

The commission of false challenges can lead to negative consequences like overflowing the communication channel with operators, in view of which this method is the least recommended from all described in the text.

Restoration through a Google account

The convenience of the method is that it can be used immediately after an unsuccessful brutfort. Several wrong attempts will lead to the appearance of the window with a request to repeat the attempt later. After closing it, the button “Forgot the key to the bottom?”, After clicking on which the entrance field to the Google account will appear. In it you need to indicate the login and password. If they are also forgotten, they can be restored using a PC or other smartphone using recovery by e.Mail. In the case when you can access the profile by confirming the mobile number, it is worth rearranging the SIM card to another gadget.

What you need to know first of all?

It is supposed to unlock the graphic key through pressing on:

All indicated manipulations must be carried out simultaneously. After this is completed, the subscriber will need to click on “settings” in the menu called “backup”. It appears when the mobile device is included in the safe operating mode. As soon as the subscriber is located inside the system, you can press:

After it is completed, the mobile device is rebooted. Further, its use will be in the “initial access” mode: there will be no files or records. In other words, a mobile phone rolls back to the settings from the factory.

There are several more ways to unlock the phone Fly. We will talk about this a little lower in the article right now.

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Important: do not forget that using the data on the X-Tarif website.Ru means soon resolving issues of unlocking mobile phones, as well as connecting or disconnecting options on certain mobile communication operators. All that needs to be done right now is to figure out which method of release will fit, and then proceed to them until the very end. The relevance of the material. August 2014.

Fly unlocking through Smart Lock options.

This option of resetting the password of a blocked screen is possible only on phones models not older than 2015. (on Android 5.0 and older). It was from this time that the Smart Lock function has become available on electronic devices.

Help: To use this method, you had to configure the Smart Lock function in advance. You can find the option in the gadget settings in the section responsible for the lock screen and safety.

The SMART Lock function allows you to install the phone lock settings depending on the three parameters:

FC. The device remains unlocked while it is in contact with the owner (finds in motion).

RL. Smartphone is blocked if it recognizes its owner in your face (you need to look at the front camera).

Unlocking the graphic key using ADB

The next solution is borrowed from the topic on the 4pda forum. Using this method, it will be possible to unlock the graphic key without deleting data from the phone. But for its implementation, USB debugging should be included, and an ADB utility will be needed. The method is suitable for devices operating on old versions of Android up to 5.0. In new firmware, the vulnerability used is fixed.

If the device is not activated on USB, or Android version. 5.0 and above, this decision is not for you, proceed to the next. And if the debugging is turned on, and the firmware is suitable, download the archive with the ADB, the Java installer and download the USB drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Make the contents of the archive to the root of the disk “C:”, install Java and the drivers, then open the “Platform-Tools” folder and, pressing the “Shift” key, click on the empty area of ​​the empty area. In the list of options, select “Open the Windows” (“Open PowerShell” in Windows 10).

Copy and insert one line. To execute the command, press Enter every time (in PowerShell in front of ADB add./ or.\):

Update System Set Value = 0 Were Name = ‘Lock_pattern_autolock’;

All it fly mobile phone keypad Mobile phone Password unlock code

Update System Set Value = 0 Were Name = ‘Lockscreen.Lockedoutpermanently ‘;

Now restart the smartphone and check if the graphic key is left. If so, try to enter any pattern. If it did not work, complete the following command:

Adb Shell Rm/Data/Data/Com.Android.Providers.Settings/Databases/Settings.DB

How to return Fly to the factory settings mode?

If you have a nuisance and your Fly telephone turned out to be blocked by a graphic key, you will have to delete this blocking. If you have the opportunity, use the entrance with the Google account for this. But if the entrance from Google has been for you for some reason inaccessible, there is another way to unlock, namely this return to factory settings. To return the Fly to the factory settings mode, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the mobile, fully extinguish it, it is advisable to even pull the battery for a few seconds, and then insert it back,
  • Not including the device, at the same time press the sound control keys, “down-up”, and the key to turning on the device,
  • Now we enter the menu, here we are looking for items: Reset, Wipe, Set Default (what would be clearer you need to do this by adjusting the volume and confirmation is carried out using the “Option” button),
  • Next, select Reboot System item,
  • Now check the settings, all data on SDCARD will be saved.
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