How to unlock the Lenovo tablet if you forgot the password

unlock, lenovo, tablet, forgot, password

Through SMS

This option is one of the fast and simple, but will help only those who foresaw the situation with a random blocking of the gadget and installed the SMS Bypass application on it in advance, and also received the rights of a super.User (Root). Naturally, the device should be equipped with a SIM cards reading module.

So, how to unlock an Android planet using SMS Bypass if you forgot a graphic key?

  • Install the application from Google Play. It is not free, but costs only 450.99. For installation, you need access to the global network and an account in Google.
  • Provide the application full access to the device.
  • Install a secret code for resetting a graphic key in SMS Bypass (its default value is 1234). So that outsiders could not do this, it is advisable to come up with a more difficult code.
  • When blocking, send from another phone to the SIM card number of your SMS tablet with the text “Secret_Code Reset”. For example, “1234 Reset”. The graphic key will be dropped.

Through a phone call

Note! This option has one serious restriction. Works only on Android version 2.2 or below. And such gadgets are quite rare today.

How to unlock the tablet with a call if you forgot the graphic key?

  • Make a call to a locked device from another phone.
  • After receiving a call to Android 2.2 There is an opportunity to enter the “Parameters” application. “Protection”. “Screen blocking” and change the graphic key.

Another option is to call from the most blocked tablet. After setting the number and pressing the call button literally for a moment, the desktop opens. If at this time it is necessary to click on the application icon (any), it will be possible to enter the “parameters” and reset the key.

The method uses special programs

There is such an interesting file manager Aroma Filemanager. It allows you to download the device in the recovery mode, find the file responsible for the graphic key, and delete it. This is another answer to the question of how to unlockLenovo“. The phone will not suffer. If something else is not by chance to remove. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Download the program from the official website of the developer and copy it to the flash drive.
  • We insert the USB flash drive into the smartphone.
  • Reload the device into the recovery mode (button “Voice Up” plus “Nutrition”).
  • We open the conductor that was previously downloaded to the flash drive.
  • Find the Gesture file.Key “and delete it.
  • Reload the smartphone in normal mode.
  • We use it.
unlock, lenovo, tablet, forgot, password

This method can help. But it is more suitable for old models. In the new manufacturers blocked the bootloader. But still this is another answer to the question of how to unlockLenovo“. The phone will remain intact and safety. If this option did not help, then we proceed to the next.

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Full reset to factory settings

The sequence of actions in the first method:

  • The device turns off;
  • The “volume” and “shutdown” keys are clamped simultaneously;
  • Retained until the system menu is released;
  • Installation of the Wipe Data/Factory Setting mode with the volume control key;
  • Clicking on Yes-Delete All Data initiates a return to the original settings.
  • The device turns off;
  • Simultaneous clip of keys: volume increase, volume decrease, shutdown;
  • Release the shutdown key, holding the rest;
  • When the green robot appears on the display of the volume reinforcement key;
  • When the strip appears in the lower part of the screen, squeeze the remaining button.

Important! Launch Hard Reset. The operation is irreversible and gives a complete reset of all settings. The gadget will start after rebooting without a password request for erased personal data.

Enter the commands in turn and click Enter. After each method, reboot your smartphone or tablet and check the result, if the blocking remains. Proceed to the next.

There are two types such locks:

If the user has a Google account, then it can easily access the device and at the same time not lose personal data. Just enter the right login and password.

The password is set by the text, which consists of an arbitrary set of numbers (sometimes letters). The correct combination removes the lock from the tablet. This method is quite popular among users, as it does not represent much difficulties; Graphic drawing. Many people prefer to block a personal tablet like that.

The disadvantage of this algorithm is the lack of backup copies, as a result of which all user data will be destroyed. But the iPad will work fine.


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Using a graphic key. Any tablet can be connected to a stationary PC by means of a USB pipeline. Below is the sequence of the graphic key performed when using:

For each device from the assortment line of a certain manufacturer, the unlocking sequence is standardized. In this situation, you can start unlocking only if there is an additional storage of information about the gadget and provided that this iPad was synchronized with iTunes. Only in this case it is possible to resuscitate with the usual restoration. This is done like this:

Types of passwords on Android

The main varieties of the device lock:

  • Text password. A regular combination of numbers (less often. Letters), which must be entered to remove the screen lock. A fairly standard method, which is most often used because of its simplicity;
  • Graphic pattern. I personally do not really like this option, since it seems that it can be easily recognized or simply guessed, since it is noticeable from the side that a person draws. Then this can be used to break the tablet and throw off the password on it. And what’s the point in such a protection that is so easy to get around. But everyone has their own opinion and some users prefer this particular way to protect.

Restoration through SIM

A rather cunning method that has stopped working in new devices due to the fact that it was a serious gap in the protection of the system. It consists in using SIM cards and is suitable for old tablets with GSM support. The trick is that the SIM card must be called from any other device. On a locked apparatus, it is necessary to accept a call and, without dropping it, just turn the call. Now the user will be able to get into the settings and, including completely remove the defense of the device.

Important! The minus of the method is that the developers at Google learned about such a loophole and in more new versions of the OS closed it. In addition, the method will not help if the owner of the device has forgotten the PIN code from the SIM card, and it is it that does not allow the entrance.


USB debugging

The next method will work if the device has been turned on in advance by USB. Download the ADB Run program on PC Install it.

  • Connect your device to PC. The program integrates is simple and understandable.
  • You will need only one team, click on the keyboard number 6. Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will restart and on the lock screen you will need to enter a new password.
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The method also does not work with all smartphones.

unlock, lenovo, tablet, forgot, password

Service center

If you have tried all the ways to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot the password, but nothing helped and you have a warranty card and a check after buying a gadget, then you can take your phone to the service center and they will help you there. This pleasure will cost a certain amount, but you will save data on the smartphone. Another drawback-it can take some time.

This, of course, is not all ways, here we described, probably the simplest. But for most devices there will be enough of them. And remember-remember passwords, or better write them down in a notebook or somewhere in a reliable place, so that in such situations you do not break your head and do not risk precious photos, hundreds of SMS contacts and other data stored on the phone.

unlock, lenovo, tablet, forgot, password

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