How To Unlock Samsung Without Data Loss

Photo key unlocking

Let’s consider the simplest option, how to hack a Samsung account. If the phone was connected to a Google profile, then restoring the ability to access the smartphone is easier than ever. We drive in several combinations at random until the system stops you with a message that attempts have been exhausted. Below will be the standard phrase “Forgot your photographic key?”. We tap on it and expect to switch to a Google account. We follow the instructions and restore the ability to use the phone.

Owners of Androids under version 2.2 are real lucky ones, since there is a significant flaw in this operating system, which the developers later successfully eliminated. So, to crack the key, you just need to call yourself from another phone and take the call. Next, we reset the connection and go to the menu, where in the “Security” section we deactivate the current code.

On some models, the following method works: we wait until the smartphone starts signaling about discharge and during the notification display, go to the menu and remove the request for a photographic code.

Special software for hacking the phone

The latest Android models are simply stuffed with chips that increase security, so even after recovery, the damn photographic code appears on them again, without which it will not work to unlock the phone. But craftsmen found a gap here too:

Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify to your PC and transfer it to a USB flash drive.

  • We take the On-the-Go adapter and use it to connect the USB drive to the smartphone.
  • A smartphone reset to factory settings will automatically open the contents of the flash drive through the file manager.
  • Launches the ARK file. We are not afraid of the message about the prohibition of installation. Go to the settings, where we allow the smartphone to install applications.
  • We try to launch and install again.
  • Access to all device settings is unlocked.
  • Disconnect the USB flash drive and again initiate a smartphone reset to factory settings.
  • We are waiting for the phone to turn on and the standard offer to enter the account data in Google or register. The last message indicates that the device has been successfully jailbroken.

    There is another interesting hacking software: through a PC and a web interface, you need to download the Screen Lock suppressor utility from Google Play to your phone. After that, we try to download any other application, during the installation process of which the lock will be reset by itself. At this point, you need to go to the smartphone settings and change the code.

    How To Unlock Samsung Without Data Loss

    How to jailbreak an Android phone

    The choice of the method depends on what services the phone was connected to before the blocking was established. If you managed to synchronize your smartphone with your Google account, consider that the job is done. It is even better if the Samsung service “Find My Phone” was connected. In other situations, you will have to sweat.

    How to Hack Password on Samsung Phone

    How to jailbreak a Samsung phone with a photographic password set? The instruction is intended not for dishonest citizens, but for those who have forgotten the combination of signs or become the victim of an innocent joke of friends who have climbed into the settings of a smartphone. Hacking methods will also be required for young parents, whose children accidentally set a photographic password and, as expected, do not remember it.

    Breaking the security code

    The security code can be hacked, but for this you need to have certain skills in working with the phone and its firmware:

    Using a PC, we search the network for Pattern Password Disable for Android. The file must be in zip format.

  • We transfer the file to the sd card and insert it into the smartphone.
  • We initiate a reboot of the device by holding down the necessary keys.
  • We wait.
  • Restart the phone again.
  • If the method works, the rebooted smartphone is unlocked in the standard way. By swiping your finger across the screen. In some cases, the field for entering a photographic key is still displayed, but this is not a reason for panic. Just type in an arbitrary combination.

    How to unlock Samsung without data loss

    The above have already listed ways to remove the lock without losing data. For forward-thinking users, there is another convenient method. If you managed to register on the Samsung website and, in particular, in the Find My Mobile section, you just need to go to the service and follow the algorithm:

    After authorization, we look for our phone on the page.

  • On the left panel, click “Unlock Screen”.
  • We confirm the decision and wait for the connection of the smartphone with the service.
  • A notification about successful unlocking will appear on the PC screen.
  • As you can see, for a successful unlocking, it is better to attend to a potential problem in advance. When buying a smartphone for a child, immediately create accounts in Google and on the Samsung website, so as not to suffer with the search for hacking methods. Foresight will save you time and nerves.

    How to unblock Xiaomi if you forgot your password?

    If a person has forgotten the code, he will not be able to enter the device menu. How to remove a gadget from a block? There are many options. The user can select the desired method. Unlock.

    Some options are based on minimal interference with settings. Others are deep and radical. The method should be chosen based on the conditions. These are the factors that led to the failure. If it is a blocking, a generic statement can be used. She will help you quickly return the code.

    How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password: from a photographic key, Mi account and without data loss

    How to unlock the phone if you forgot the Xiaomi password is a question that the owners of these devices face. The manufacturer offers users to protect information by setting a password. The code is a photographic or digital sequence of characters. To access the information, the password is entered on the screen. But what to do if the code is forgotten? The answer to this question is presented in the note.

    From mi account

    When deciding how to unlock a xiaomi phone if you forgot your photographic password, you must follow these instructions:

    Go to developer portal.

  • Download and install Mi Unlock software on your PC.
  • The phone connects to it.
  • Login to Mi Account.
  • The gadget turns off by clamping the power and volume.
  • Going to Fastboot.
  • The device is connected to the PC and the Unblock button is pressed.
  • This scheme restores access. Does not cause loss of information. If there is no access to Mi, you will have to reset the system or Hard Reset. The operation removes contacts, files and applications. For this reason, it is worth saving the information on a third-party medium. Another condition is that the gadget is charged up to 80%.

    After completing these preparatory measures, you can proceed to reboot. This process is carried out in this way:

    • Volume activation buttons are simultaneously clamped;
    • It should be kept up to 10 seconds, until vibration;
    • Recovery and Wipe data are selected;
    • The phone restarts. Device data is cleared, codes are removed.

    If you have the skills to work with software, you can act through root-rights. This is a safe reset guarantee.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot xiaomi password without losing data?

    There are ways to recover without losing information. This can be done via mail or mobile number. They must be linked to a profile. Here’s what the user needs to do:

    Going to your mi account.

  • The Forgot password option is pressed.
  • Phone combination reset is confirmed.
  • Enter box data.
  • Captcha is introduced.
  • A link comes to the mail. To mobile key.
  • You need to go to it and write a new code.
  • If verification information does not come, you should contact support. You will need to write a letter in English. You don’t have to be puzzled and don’t set a password initially. Then you don’t have to restore anything. This is convenient, but not secure. If the gadget is lost, the information will fall into the hands of scammers.

    At the same time, you should not go to extremes. When setting security levels, you need to keep in mind the difficulty of getting access back. There is a risk of resetting access data. To prevent this, you need to regularly synchronize your smartphone with your PC and the cloud.

    If you forgot your photo password

    If you lose the code, you should try to enter. On the fifth approach, Forgot your password will appear. You need to activate the recording. Next, easy steps are taken, how to unlock xiaomi if you forgot your password. The following manipulations are performed:

    In the field, enter the name of the owner of the Google profile and a combination from the registered profile.

  • This is the account assigned to the smartphone.
  • After entering the data, click on Login.
  • A request will appear. Register a new combination.
  • The code is entered and remembered.
  • In the absence of communication, you can perform the following manipulations:

    • Sim card change. Should be inserted into a device with activated internet;
    • Turning the gadget on and off. Between them, you need to pause for two seconds. At this time, the curtain moves and the connection is activated.

    If there is no profile data, you can also act through Forgot your password. In this case, you need to rely on hints.

    The presented option does not return access to gadgets of version 4x, 5, 6a. Here the password from the Mi-profile is reset. To carry out a recovery operation, you should write to support. This method is suitable when you have important information on your device. If there is no secret information, the method based on Recovery will do.

    The support problem is considered for three days. In order for her to decide, it is worth providing information that the phone belongs to the applicant. Providing packaging, receipt or imei will do. If the method does not work, you will have to delete your Mi-account.

    Summing up

    There are many options for restoring access without losing data. There are easy and understandable schemes of action. There are global options related to data reset. A note 4 or redmi user will be able to find a suitable instruction for themselves. If you strictly follow the scheme, you can quickly return the previously installed code from xiaomi.

    How to unlock android without data loss

    How to unlock android if forgot photo key or screen lock password. A simple and effective way to unlock android without data loss.

    I want to say right away that you can unlock android in any case, it is only important if you lose all your data or not.

    In this article, we will look at ways to unlock:

    Using an internet connection

  • Unblocking with your Google account
  • If you forgot your username and password from your account
  • Using Aroma File Manager
  • Factory reset
  • I will describe a way how to unlock an android using the option provided by Google. The only snag. Into the Internet connection, since we cannot go to the settings for this. But it also turned out to be quite solvable. If your android was already connected to the Internet before blocking, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Go directly to the next item.

    Option 1.

    If you had Wi-Fi turned on. You can go to any place where you have already connected and have not changed the password there. When such a Wi-Fi network is found, your android will automatically connect to the Internet.

    Option 2.

    Insert another SIM card with activated internet and minimum traffic. When you change the SIM card, your 3G enabled phone or tablet will automatically turn on mobile data. If this does not happen, try restarting the device or using a SIM card from another operator.

    After you have connected your android to the Internet, proceed to the next step on how to unblock your android.

    Now that your android has access to the internet, you can unlock the photographic key or password with your google account. To do this, you need to enter the wrong password or picture 5 times, then the “Forgot password” button will appear. Here you will need to enter your Google account data (username and password) to which your android is linked. If this button does not appear, enter again. Of course there may be exceptions, but it should appear.

    It may happen that you do not remember your account details. This usually happens when someone else did the registration for your account. Therefore, after recovery, I advise you to spend a little time and create a new account yourself. The article How to set up the Play Store will help you with this, or see the instructions below. And now you need to find out your data.

    Option 1: You forgot your login

    Follow the link:, select “I forgot my username”. Here you will need to enter your phone number to which the account is linked and data during registration.

    If this option does not suit you (you do not know the data specified during registration), then try another method: connect the android to the computer using a cable and run the proprietary utility for your android (you can download the program and drivers on the manufacturer’s official website) In the “About device” section you can find your Google account login.

    Option 2: You forgot your password

    Follow the link: problems with logging into Google, select “I forgot my password”. You will need to enter your e-mail, then phone number.

    How to register in the Play Store from a PC (instruction)

    If, for some reason, such a method as unlocking an android without losing data did not suit you, there are still others, more sophisticated: a backup with overwriting the files responsible for locking the screen using the Adb run program. Usb Debugging must be enabled before the problem occurs. We have analyzed the easiest and most versatile way to unlock Android without losing data.

    This method will allow you to save all the data to the device, and it is also very simple: but there is also an important point. This method will only work on devices with Recovery Mode and an SD card in the device. On different devices, the entrance to the recovery mode happens differently and you have to google it yourself, but the most common way to enter recovery used by all Xiaomi smartphones and many others:

    Turn off the device

  • Press the power button and the “volume up” button
  • If you’re lucky. You will be taken to the Recovery menu
  • Did you manage to enter the recovery? Congratulations! Then go to the instructions below, otherwise try the other 4 methods if all else fails. Then you only have to reset to factory settings. You don’t know how to get into the recovery. See this instruction.

    Instructions for installing Aroma File Manager via recovery

      Download the archive from Aroma from the link below (IMPORTANT! Do not unpack the archive! The first archive is v1.80. Stable, the second v2.00. With the program in Russian)
      aromafm-1_80.Zip [1.43 Mb] (Downloads: 16289)

    Ru-aromafm-2_00b7.Zip [1.92 Mb] (Downloads: 10985)

  • We drop the archive with the program to the root of the SD card of the device (you may be lucky and when you connect to the device with a USB cable, you will be able to transfer files, otherwise you will have to use a card reader, do not rush to buy it right away.At almost any cellular salon you will be helped with the transfer of the archive to a memory card for a nominal fee)
  • We enter Recovery and select the “Install Zip from SD Card” item and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager
  • After installation, the program will start right in the recovery
  • We go into the settings and look for the item “Automount all devices on start”
  • We exit the program or from recovery and enter again, install the program again as in step 3 (this is necessary so that the system partition where the key is photographically stored is mounted)
  • Now using the program, go to the folder: “Data Folder” “System Folder” and look for “gesture.Key” or “password.Key”
  • We delete the found file and reboot the device, a surprise awaits you. Device unlocked 🙂
  • If you have done the synchronization of your data or backup the android, then perhaps you should not waste time looking for another way to unlock the android, but do a Hard Reset. If you do this, you will lose all your data.

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    Using this utility, you can reset the block from the screen of a smartphone from Samsung and LG brands. This program has established itself in the convenience and efficiency of work.

    • Download the program and install it on your PC.
    • Run the utility.
    • Click on “Unblock”.
    • Use a cable to connect your phone to your computer.
    • Tap “Start”.
    • In the window that opens, select the model of your device.
    • Click Next.
    • Enter the text “confirm” and click a button with a similar inscription.
    • Follow the instructions of the program to put your smartphone in download mode.
    • After the download is complete, the utility will remove the lock.

    Option 1. Via computer

    There are many programs with which you can flash an Android phone: Fastboot, Odin, KDZ Updater, Flash Tool, etc.

    • Download one of these programs on your PC (it is better to download to drive C so that the path to it is C: \ Android). We will look at the process using Fastboot as an example.
    • Connect your smartphone with a USB cable to your PC. The automatic installation of drivers should start.
    • Download the firmware that matches the version of your phone. It should be downloaded in a zip archive.
    • Move the archive to the C: \ Android folder.
    • Unlock the bootloader on your phone:
    • Go to the “Start” menu;
    • Enter “CMD” into the search engine;
    • Select cmd.Exe and click on the file with the right mouse button;
    • Further. “run as administrator”;
    • At command prompt enter C: \ Android \ Tools;
    • Press Enter;
    • Enter the fastboot devices command.
    • If the program correctly recognized your device, then its code will appear. This means that the device is ready for firmware. If the message “waiting for device” is displayed, you need to disconnect the device and repeat the above steps.
    • If everything worked out, enter the command “fastboot update firmware file name.Zip”.
    • The process of flashing the android should start. When the procedure is over, restart your smartphone.

    Removing Photographic Password Samsung Using PC. Method # 5

    This option will help to save data on your smartphone if you forgot your digital password or photographic key from it. There is a file in the phone’s memory that is responsible for the operation of the photographic key. If you delete it, the system will not ask for a key to enter.

    • Connect your device with a USB cable to your computer or laptop.
    • Download and install adb run program.
    • Run the utility and enter the query “adbBLOCK GEST”.
    • Confirm file deletion.

    Calling Samsung from Another Unlock Device. Method # 4

    Every smartphone user knows that in order to receive a call, the phone does not need to be unlocked. This trick can be used to gain access to the gadget’s system if you suddenly forgot your photographic key or pin code.

    • Call your mobile from another number.
    • Accept an incoming call on the device.
    • After the conversation starts, the phone is unlocked. Open the top notification curtain.
    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Disable password.

    Remove Samsung Lock Using Program. Method # 13

    By downloading a special program to your computer and connecting your phone via USB, you can unlock the password on your phone.

    Use Batteries To Unlock Samsung. Method # 8

    You can remove the screen lock of the gadget if you have forgotten the pin code through the power management system.

    • Wait until the phone charge drops to 10-15%.
    • When the low battery message appears, click on the link that carries over to the battery menu (power management settings).
    • From there go to the device security section.
    • Disable password.

    How to hard reset on android without data loss?

    In the article, we will tell you how to reset the settings on an android device to factory settings (hard reset) without losing important data: files, contacts, SMS, etc.

    Google drive

    Google Drive is a special service that allows owners of Android devices to store personal information on the Internet (analogous to Apple’s iCloud cloud). You can download and install the application on Google Play. You can store up to 5 GB of various data in Google Drive for free. For an additional fee, the space can be expanded up to 1 TB.
    If you set up synchronization with your smartphone with your Google account, contacts, emails and calendar events will be copied automatically.

    Copy contacts

    Use the Export Contacts feature to copy phone numbers from the phone book. You can transfer the saved data to a memory card or to a computer connected to a smartphone via USB. You can also post phone numbers to Google Drive and even share them with other users.


    Backup allows you to save data on another device. Connect your smartphone to a personal computer using a USB cable. Wait for the data to sync, then open the information folder and transfer it to your PC. After hard reset and factory reset, the data can be downloaded to the smartphone in the same way.

    Memory card

    Micro SD cards are supported by almost all modern smartphones. When buying a gadget, it is recommended to immediately purchase a memory card for it. The larger its volume, the better.

    If, for some reason, you saved information exclusively in the device’s memory, it must be copied to a card. The data transfer procedure differs depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the device. Photos and taken with an Android smartphone camera are most often found in a folder called DCIM (Digital Camera Images). You can get into it through the file manager. Then you need to select the necessary files and copy them to the memory card.

    How to save important information on Android. Smartphone when factory reset

    Resetting your Android device is one way to deal with system problems. Rollback to factory settings, aka hard reset, sometimes helps to solve the problem with freezes and other “glitches” in the smartphone, to speed up its performance or restore the firmware after an unsuccessful reinstallation. It is important to understand, however, that the reset does not act selectively on any particular part of the device. All information stored on your smartphone is destroyed: applications, documents, photos, contacts, and everything else. The device returns to the state in which it was at the time of purchase. Of course, you can restore data to Android after a hard reset, but not all.

    Before clicking “reset phone settings”, you must make sure that all information of interest to you is saved on an alternative medium. Otherwise, after a factory reset, it will most likely not be possible to return it even with the help of special data recovery programs. An external storage device (Micro SD memory card) or another device connected to a smartphone can be used as such a medium.

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