How To Unlock Samsung A6

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 A750F 4 / 64Gb Black (SM-A750FZKUSEK)

How To Unlock Samsung A6

Design that feels reliable

Comfortable to hold and easy to use. The sleek design of the Galaxy A7 features an ergonomic design and an intelligent side key for fingerprint scanning. High-quality 2.5d glass perfectly combines durability and functionality with smooth lines and sharpness of style.

Get creative with everything

Add depth to the frame. And the beauty of your pictures will be revealed in full. With a 24MP camera, a 5MP depth camera and an 8MP super wide-angle camera on the Galaxy A7, you can change the depth of field in the frame and focus on what’s important as you shoot. In this case, the Live Focus function is also available when editing images. Keep everything under control. Now it’s up to you to decide how your photos should look.

Colors that mesmerize

Immerse yourself in the image and literally feel the color. Powerful contrasts and vibrant rich colors in Vibrant 6.0” FHD Super AMOLED Infinity Displays on the Galaxy A7 create a truly immersive experience. The world on your screen has never looked so tangible.

Create your own style

The Galaxy A7’s Pro Lighting mode lets you take stunning selfies with studio lighting effects. Use Beauty and Face Recognition features to highlight your personality and always look great.

Life in every frame

With the Galaxy A7’s 77 Wide-Angle and 120 Super-Wide Cameras, shoot without fear of leaving important details behind the scenes.

How to Remove Photo Lock Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus from Android Smartphone?

If you locked your Android smartphone with a photographic key and forgot it, then you shouldn’t be upset. You have at least a couple of ways to unlock your smartphone.

First way. Enter the photographic key until the system prompts you to enter the login and password for the Google account with which the smartphone was activated. Enter them, but remember that you only need to enter your username before the @ symbol, so you do not need to enter @ In case you have forgotten your login, then connect your smartphone to your computer and run the proprietary utility on it. For example, for Samsung it is Kies, for HTC. Htc Sync. By clicking on the About device menu item, you will find your username, and you can recover your password using standard password recovery tools from your Google account. Google account recovery. “.

Second way. In case you do not know the username and password for the account that was activated by the smartphone, you will have to do a factory reset, but keep in mind that all your information from the phone will be lost. Turn off your smartphone. Press the buttons: “Enable” “Volume up”. After turning on the smartphone, release the “Enable” button, and continue to hold the “Volume up” button. As a result, the smartphone will boot into Recovery mode (engineering recovery menu). Use the volume control buttons to navigate the menus, and select with the left touch button (sometimes the Home button). Find and execute the items “Wipe data / factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”, and then the item “Reboot system now”. The smartphone will reboot and you will have it in the form in which you purchased it.

How to unlock phone Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus locked by operator?
Before we start unlocking Android phones, let’s briefly explain what network / SIM unlocking is.

It is simply the process of entering a specially generated code through the keypad of your phone to remove the restriction imposed by the distributor of the device. This will allow you to insert compatible SIM cards from any other operators and use their services.

Unlocking to use other SIM cards does not give you full access to your phone. Unlocking the bootloader or rooting. This is a completely different matter. Both of these types of unlocking are legal, but unlocking the SIM often requires operator assistance.

Ask your carrier to unlock your device
Starting in February 2015, mobile phone owners in America can ask their cellular networks to unblock their devices to switch to another operator. This puts the United States on a par with the European Union (and repeals an unpopular law passed in 2013). In addition to this, operators are obliged to inform their customers about the possibility of unlocking the device by means of a note on the monthly invoice.

First, find out if your phone can be unlocked. If the smartphone was purchased under a contract, it contains the unlocking conditions. If the original two years have not passed yet, you will have to pay an early termination penalty. After that, you will receive an unlock code and you can safely use another SIM card.

People who buy their phones outright usually need to wait 12 full months from the time of purchase and make sure all bills are paid. Then the network will provide you with the unlock code.

To unblock the network / SIM card, you need to confirm the IMEI. The IMEI code is a unique unique identifier, 15 digits of which are assigned to each GSM telephony device without exception. Unlike a sim card, which is not tied to one phone, but can be removed and used on different media, the IMEI code was developed to track phone devices. For people interested in high technology, it will be interesting to know how it is assigned: the first 14 digits are given by the GSM association, and the last 15th digit is calculated using the Luhn formula, which is uninteresting and incomprehensible to ordinary people. (international mobile equipment identifier.A unique code used to identify your phone on any network) your phone or tablet.

In Android, the IMEI number can be found quickly by dialing # 06 # or by opening Settings About phone Status IMEI information. After sending this 15-digit number, the operator must provide you with a PIN code that allows you to use a SIM card from another network.

(This process may differ depending on the cellular network. For example, a new operator may require you to enter a special code to work with their network.)

This is especially useful if you are traveling in another country and your device does not support dual SIM cards at the same time.

Although carriers in America are not allowed to charge for this service, in the UK and Europe there is sometimes a small administration fee to unlock a phone.

How to unlock SIM card Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus ?
To unblock, use the PUK code The PIN code is requested every time the device is switched on. If you enter it incorrectly three times, then the person will need a PUK code (read as a pack code). It usually consists of eight characters and is indicated on the plastic card in which the SIM card was at the time of purchase. If you enter the PUK code incorrectly ten times, then the SIM card can then be thrown away, it is blocked and it is no longer possible to access it. The PIN code request can be disabled in the phone settings. This can be useful when the SIM card is used in a modem. (indicated on the plastic base to which the SIM card was attached before activation, under a protective layer).
To unblock PIN1, type the command:
05PUK1 code new PIN1 code repeat new PIN1 code #.
To unblock PIN2, dial:
052PUK2-code new PIN2 repeat new PIN2 #

How to Unlock Samsung Proven Unlock Methods

Perhaps none of the above options helped you unlock your Samsung phone. Luckily, some of our readers struggling with this issue were able to find even more creative ways to bypass their lock screen and were so kind to share them. We are very grateful for this.!

(How to unlock Samsung?)

We have not tested them on all devices or versions of Android, so we cannot promise that they will work for you. However, some people have managed to access their phone again and we hope you will.

1) Call your locked phone from another.

2) Accept the call and press the Back button during the call

3) This should give you full access to your phone

4) Go to your phone’s security settings and try to delete the pin or photographic key. To do this, you first need to enter the current one, which you obviously don’t already know. The only way to guess and try different combinations until you find the right one. If you get to this you can disable the pin or install a new one.

Submitted by Zubairuddin Buriro (Possibly applicable to LG phones only):

The very creative Zubairuddin method can help you in case you have a Wi-Fi connection. As mentioned above, this method can only work on LG phones as it uses LG’s own quick note app.

1) Press and hold the volume up key until the Quick Memo app launches.

2) Draw something random in it.

3) Click the share button and select SmartShare.

4) Choosing SmartShare should activate your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wifi is important here).

5) Make sure you are close to the wifi network you are connecting to your phone.

Now you are online again and you can go ahead and try all the above methods that require a data connection.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone without Data Loss?

When you have a lock screen, you will find that your problem is easy to fix.

Android Lock Screen Lock can help you bypass Samsung lock screen directly. Including photographic key, PIN, password and fingerprints, which takes up to five minutes. In addition to removing the password, it will not delete any data on the phone, you don’t need to worry about the phone data being lost. Importantly, you do not need to have advanced skills and knowledge, the operation of the software is very simple.

Even if you are young or old, you can understand the steps and follow the instructions for the job. Currently, the software can be applied to Samsung Galaxy S / Note / Tab series. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about losing any data, the program will not damage your phone data.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone

Launch the software on your computer and select Screen Lock. Then use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer. At this point, the program interface is as shown below, click Start.

(How to unlock Samsung?) (How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 2. Enter Download Mode

Second, you need to manually turn on your phone to enter download mode. The specific steps are as follows:
1. Disconnect your phone.

2.Press and hold the Volume Down Home Power button at the same time.

3. Press Volume level to enter download mode.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 3. Download the recovery package

When your Samsung phone enters download mode, the program will automatically download the recovery package, which will take you a few minutes, please wait patiently.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

Step 4. Remove Samsung lock screen

Finally, when the download of the recovery package is complete, the program will start removing the lock screen. Please be assured that this process will not lose any of your data. When this process is over, you can reuse your phone without entering a password.

(How to unlock Samsung?)

How to Unlock Samsung Using Custom Recovery?

(SD card required). This method is for more advanced Android users who know what the terms rooting and Custom recovery mean. As the name says, you need any custom recovery to do this and your phone must have an SD card slot.

Why SD card? Well, we need to transfer the ZIP file to your phone, and that’s usually not possible if it’s locked. The only way to insert an SD card with a. Sadly, card slots have become something of a rare thing in the smartphone world, so this will only work for some people.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Download Pattern Password Disable ZIP file on your computer and place it on SD card.

2) Insert SD card into your phone.

3) Restart your phone for recovery.

4) Flash zip file on SD card.

Your phone should boot up without a locked screen. If you have a password or gesture lock screen, don’t panic. Just enter an arbitrary password or gesture and your phone should unlock.

How to Unlock Samsung Using Google Sign In?

If you haven’t updated your firmware to Android Lollipop (5.0) then there is a faster way to unlock the photographic screen lock key. (Android 4.4 and below only)

1) Enter the wrong photographic lock screen key five times (shouldn’t be difficult if you don’t remember the correct one)

2) Select Lost Photo Key

3) You can now enter your backup PIN or your google account login.

4) Enter either the backup PIN or Google login.

5) Your phone should now be unlocked.

How to unlock Samsung if you forgot your password?

How to unlock samsung if forgot password, photo key or fingerprint? When we buy a new Samsung phone, we need to install some necessary things first. As far as I know, Samsung phone provides people with four kinds of protection. We may use these models to protect privacy and data security. Mobile phones are closest friends. We always use them to chat with friends, send and receive text messages, take photos, browse the Internet, etc. We have a similar article: How to Factory Reset Samsung?

We use telephones almost all the time. The phone records our lives and messages in silence. Therefore, we set a password so that other people do not view our phone. But have you ever wondered what to do if you forgot your password? How to bypass Samsung lock, photo key, password and fingerprint to remove them and restart phone? How to unlock Samsung Galaxy password?

How to Unlock Samsung with Find My Mobile Tool

This is an easy way to unlock your Samsung device if you have created a Samsung account and registered it in advance.

2) Sign in with your Samsung login details.

3) On the Find My Mobile account interface, you should see your registered phone on the left. This indicates that you are registered with this account.

4) On the left sidebar, select Unlock Screen.

5) Now select Unblock and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

6) You should receive a notification window that your screen is unlocked.

7) That’s all. Your phone must be unlocked.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i and other similar Samsung phones on Android if you forgot your photographic key or requires you to enter a password.

Attention. Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your phone, since no one is immune from this. If you have a new phone that is under warranty or you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by applying this method of resetting to the Samsung factory settings, then you can contact the service center. Good luck.

Here I want to show how I did a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i since I faced a problem when my Samsung Galaxy was locked due to repeated attempts to enter the wrong photographic key. Of course, I knew how to enter the photographic key, but the children played with a bang, they wanted to unlock at random, as a result, the phone was locked and asked to enter an email account to unlock Google account, which I had long forgotten. Another problem was that although I knew how to unlock My Samsung Galaxy using a photographic key, I could not use it, because even after restarting the smartphone, it was not possible to unlock it using a photographic key, you just need to enter your Google account. So you need to write down and save your Google account along with a password so that next time there will be no problems with unlocking.

Now let’s see what to do if, nevertheless, it happened so that you ran into a problem when your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i was blocked, you do not remember your Google account and there is no other way except to make a hard reset on Samsung, which of course will delete everything that is on the phone memory and restore the factory settings of the smartphone. Know that by doing a hard reset on your Samsung you will lose all data on your phone.

To unlock, turn off the phone and on the switched off Samsung phone, hold down and hold three buttons simultaneously: the home button, the volume up button, that is, as if we were adding the volume and the button to turn on the phone. We hold in this pressed state until you see the menu on the screen, which is shown in the picture below.

Attention! Perhaps for users of the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, in order to unlock the phone, you can hold only two buttons instead of three buttons on the switched off smartphone. This is the home button and the power button. Everything else is as described in the article.

After you see that the information shown in the picture appears on the Samsung Galaxy screen, without releasing the buttons, slide your finger on the volume up button down, that is, to decrease the volume and then only you can release all the buttons held. I myself tried several times to release the buttons after the information appeared on the screen as shown in the attached picture below and the smartphone always rebooted to no avail until I tried holding the buttons to move the volume control button down and then it only helped, although in your case it might be different. For those who cannot understand which button on the Samsung phone means home, this button is located at the very bottom of the phone in the center under the screen.

Next, using the volume control button, select the wipe data / factory reset item on the Samsung Galaxy screen and confirm our choice by pressing the home button. Look in the picture below, I have highlighted the line that must be selected to start resetting the phone.

Now we see the following information on the phone screen as shown in the picture below, select Yes delete all user data on the display of your smartphone using the volume control button, look at the picture below, where I selected the line and press the home button.

Next, we see on the screen the information that at the beginning of our process when we pressed the buttons to call up the menu for resetting the settings, only now in order to reset the hard reset on Samsung we select another line reboot system now and confirm with the home button, look at the attached picture below.

After you have done a hard reset on Samsung, your phone will reboot and it should take some time until it is fully loaded, wait a while and see how the already unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone turned on, which no longer requires you to enter either a Google account or a photographic key. Along with unlocking, we lose all our settings, files and other information in the phone’s memory along with contacts. Next, we see the language settings on the phone screen, if you want to change, then select change and there you are looking for the desired language for your phone, if everything is fine, then click on the green android and go to the next settings. Look at the picture below.

Now we are offered to enter our Google account or create a new one, you can configure this item later and select “skip”.

Next, we see a window where you can configure the permission to use the definition of data about your location, leave the checkboxes if you agree, and if not, then uncheck the boxes and click “next”. Everything is now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is completely unlocked and ready to work, set up everything as you need and do not forget to create a Google account and save it along with the password in a safe place so that there are no more problems with unlocking when you forget the photographic key, the set password or children while playing will block your phone.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Ruslan who sent the text and photos for the article. In this article, with the permission of the author, I slightly changed the sent text and photos, adjusting them to the necessary criteria for the correct display of the article on the site page and to improve the results in search engines.