How to Unlock Protected Folder on Samsung

Where can it come in handy

To understand how you can use the hidden folder, it is enough to remember what a modern smartphone is for most people. Here are stored recipes for your favorite dishes and notes for the day. Photos and videos of relatives and friends or even intimate ones. Documents, personal data, bank numbers, cards, passwords from accounts in various social networks, services. The telephone is an integral part of life, and it will be unpleasant at best if someone gets hold of it. Even simply handing over the phone to a work colleague to view vacation photos, immediately after the gadget falls into other hands it becomes uncomfortable: suddenly a person minimizes the gallery and sees some program on the desktop, or scrolls too quickly to photos that he should never see. These thoughts haunt you even when you are in close proximity with a person.

Often, when crossing the borders of countries, censorship obliges customs officials to check the smartphones of visitors. Any person has the right to refuse, and any customs officer may not allow him to enter his country or send a request to higher authorities. Even if you immediately change your mind and still transfer the gadget for verification, there will be more suspicions and they will look for something there more thoroughly. A hidden folder will allow you to transfer the device for verification without fear and delay and be sure that nothing personal will be found there.

This is a brief refreshment for those who, when reading the title, could not immediately remember, and what and from whom, in fact, to hide, there seems to be nothing important. The key word is “like”. It has already been said above that people are used to, and it is even easier not to think about security, relying on minimal means in the form of a password for the entire device. But if there is a password, then it can be deceived, and the fingerprint scanner is forced to use. If the attacker does not find anything suspicious or interesting on the smartphone, then he will not look further. The main thing is not to forget to hide the folder.

How to enable secure folder on Samsung

The application does not need to be downloaded or installed, it comes as standard operating system software. You just need to activate it and add your files there. This requires:

  • find the program “Hidden folder” in the application menu. You can use the search;
  • in the brief description, click “Next” or “Skip”. When the start button appears, click on it;
  • sign in to your Samsung account. If not, then you need to create. It is required to work in all proprietary applications of the company. This can be done in the application, through the settings or on the company’s website;
  • press the confirmation button;
  • choose a protection method. Come up with a password or pin code that is difficult to guess, but easy to remember.

Now you can start using the protected folder. Sometimes the setting you need is in the Biometrics and Security section. Depends on the firmware version and smartphone model.

To enter, you need to click on the icon and enter your password. Buttons for adding files and programs will appear below. To remove an application from the protected folder, you need to hold down the icon and press the delete button.

In the upper right corner there is a vertical ellipsis, after clicking on which a small menu will open, where you can close the folder (to enter you need to enter the password again), change the appearance and name of the icon on the desktop, go to the settings, as well as the button for contacting technical support.

What it is

As the name suggests, it’s just a folder that sits on your desktop. It does not stand out from the rest of the icons. It can be hidden in a bunch of other buttons, renamed or completely hidden. In the latter case, it will be available only when performing some manipulations that reveal its existence. In order to enter it, you must enter a password or configure unlocking by biometric parameters. a fingerprint or face scanner.

Anything can be inside. from simple text files to entire applications that will be accessible only from this folder. over, they will disappear from the normal desktop. The system creates a copy of the application for hidden mode, which will contain its settings, its own search history in the browser, accounts.

How to hide protected folder

This can be done in two ways. The first is to deactivate the protected folder in the notification bar. To do this, you need to lower the curtain and find the appropriate button.

The second method will hide the folder along with the button on the panel. To do this, go to the application settings and find the appropriate item. In this case, it will be possible to make the folder visible only by re-activating it in the settings.

Deleting a protected folder

To delete a protected folder on Samsung, you need:

  • click on the vertical ellipsis;
  • select settings;
  • go to additional;
  • at the bottom, tap on the delete button;
  • in the pop-up window, confirm the deletion, agreeing with the transfer of data to the device’s memory.

Using Secure Folder on Samsung Phone

The transition of life to the digital space has long ceased to seem an attribute of fantastic literature. Today, many personal data, passwords and generally all information about a person in one form or another is on the Internet or, at least, in electronic format. Different companies need them to identify their customers and protect them from fraudsters. In this case, the organization requesting personal data takes responsibility for the safety of information about the client. In this regard, people are used to the fact that they have nothing to fear: all their gadgets are reliably protected, and it is difficult to hack a computer, and there is nothing special to look for there.

Therefore, the smartphone stores files that can lead to dire consequences if they fall into the wrong hands, and attackers use this. To simplify the process of protecting against strangers, Samsung has developed the Protected Folder application on its Android phones. It is a simple yet functional method of keeping valuable data safe.

If you forgot your password

It is highly undesirable to forget your password. If you can restore access to the phone as a whole and reset the password using your Google account, then the protected folder will not open so easily. In order to get into it, you only need a password or a pattern that was invented at the start. For reliability, do not come up with something too complicated. If it is possible to write down the password somewhere in such a way that even when it is detected it is not clear what kind of character set it is, then it makes sense to make a corresponding note. Although this will severely undermine protection anyway.

if you forgot the password for a protected folder, you cannot view its contents.

You can use the protected folder on all Samsung smartphones running Android, starting with the budget A01-A50 and ending with the top-end Galaxy S line.


DirLock is another free program for setting passwords on folders. It works as follows: after installation, the item “Lock / Unlock” is added to the context menu of the folders to lock and unlock these folders, respectively.

This item opens the DirLock program itself, where the folder should be added to the list, and, accordingly, you can set a password for it. But, in my test on Windows 10 Pro x64, the program refused to work. I also did not find the official website of the program (in the About window, only the developer’s contacts), but it can be easily found on many sites on the Internet (but do not forget about checking for viruses and malware).

How to put a password on a folder in Windows

Everyone loves secrets, but not everyone knows how to password protect a folder with files in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7. In some cases, a protected folder on a computer is a rather necessary thing in which you can store passwords for very important accounts on the Internet. work files not intended for others and much more.

This article contains various ways to put a password on a folder and hide it from prying eyes, free programs for this (and paid ones too), as well as a couple of additional ways to protect your folders and files with a password without using third-party software. You may also be interested: How to hide a folder in Windows. 3 ways.

Lim Block Folder (Lim lock Folder)

The free Russian-language Lim Block Folder utility is recommended almost everywhere when it comes to setting passwords on folders. However, it is categorically blocked by the Windows 10 and 8 defender (as well as SmartScreen), but from the point of view of clean (one detection is probably false).

Official website of the program.

Another way without programs

This method is not too serious and protects little in fact, but for general development I bring it here. First, create any folder that we will password protect. Next. create a text document in this folder with the following m:

Save this file with bat extension and run it. After you run this file, a Private folder will be automatically created, where you should save all your super-secret files. After all files have been saved, run our bat file again. When asked if you want to lock the folder, press Y. as a result, the folder will simply disappear. If you need to open the folder again, run the bat file, enter the password, and the folder appears.

The method, to put it mildly, is unreliable. in this case, the folder is simply hidden, and when you enter the password, it is shown again. In addition, someone more or less computer savvy can look into the contents of the bat file and find out the password. But, nevertheless, I think that this method will be of interest to some novice users. Once upon a time I also learned from such simple examples.

Anvide Seal Folder

Anvide Seal Folder (earlier, as I understand it, Anvide Lock Folder) is the only adequate free program in Russian for setting a password for a folder in Windows, without trying to secretly (but openly offers Yandex elements, be careful) to install any unwanted Software on your computer.

After starting the program, you can add to the list the folder or folders to which you need to put a password, then press F5 (or right-click on the folder and select “Close access”) and set the password for the folder. It can be separate for each folder, or you can “Close access to all folders” with one password. Also, by clicking on the “Castle” image on the left in the menu bar, you can set a password to start the program itself.

By default, after closing access, the folder disappears from its location, but in the program settings you can also enable encryption of the folder name and file contents for better protection. To summarize. a simple and understandable solution that will be easy for any novice user to figure out and protect their folders from access by unauthorized persons, which also includes some interesting additional features (for example, if someone enters the password incorrectly, you will be informed about this when you start the program with correct password).

The official site where you can download the Anvide Seal Folder program for free


The free open source Lock-a-folder is a very simple solution to set a password on a folder and hide it from the explorer or desktop from strangers. The utility, despite the absence of the Russian language, is very easy to use.

All that is required is to set a master password on the first start, and then add the folders that you want to block to the list. Unlocking happens in a similar way. you launched the program, selected a folder from the list and clicked the Unlock Selected Folder button. The program does not contain any additional offers installed with it.

Details about the use and where to download the program: How to put a password on a folder in Lock-A-Folder.

Paid programs for setting password on folders

The list of free third-party folder protection solutions that can be recommended in any way is limited to those indicated. But there are also paid programs for these purposes. Perhaps some of them will seem more acceptable to you for your purposes.

Hide Folders

The Hide Folders program is a functional solution for protecting folders and files with a password, hiding them, which also includes Hide Folder Ext for setting a password on external drives and flash drives. In addition, Hide Folders is in Russian, which makes it easier to use.

The program supports several options for protecting folders. hiding, locking with a password or their combination, it also supports remote control of protection over the network, hiding traces of the program’s work, calling by hot keys and integration (or lack thereof, which may also be relevant) with Windows Explorer, export lists of protected files.

In my opinion, one of the best and most convenient solutions of this kind, albeit a paid one. The official website of the program is (free trial version works for 30 days).

IoBit Protected Folder

Iobit Protected Folder is a very simple program for setting passwords for folders (similar to the free DirLock or Lock-a-Folder utilities), in Russian, but paid.

An understanding of how to use the program, I think, can be obtained simply from the screenshot above, and no explanations are needed. When you lock a folder, it disappears from Windows Explorer. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, and you can download it from the official website

How to unlock Android without data loss

How to unlock Android if you forgot your screen lock pattern or password. A simple and effective way to unlock Android without data loss.

I want to say right away that you can unlock Android in any case, it is only important if you lose all your data or not.

In this article, we will look at ways to unlock:

  • Using an internet connection
  • Unblocking with your Google account
  • If you forgot your username and password from your account
  • Using Aroma File Manager
  • Factory reset

I will describe the way how to unlock Android using the feature provided by Google. The only snag is the Internet connection, since we cannot go to the settings for this. but it also turned out to be quite solvable. If your Android was already connected to the Internet before blocking, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all. go straight to the next item.

Option 1.

If you had Wi-Fi turned on. you can go to any place where you have already connected and did not change the password there. when you find such a Wi-Fi network, your Android will automatically connect to the Internet.

Option 2.

Insert another SIM card with activated internet and minimal traffic. when you change the SIM card, your 3G-enabled phone or tablet will automatically turn on mobile data. If it doesn’t, try restarting your device or using a SIM card from another operator.

After you have connected your Android to the Internet, proceed to the next step on how to unlock Android.

Now that your Android has access to the Internet, you can unlock your pattern or password using your Google account. To do this, you need to enter the wrong password or picture 5 times, then the “Forgot password” button will appear. Here you will need to enter the data of the Google account (login and password) to which your Android is linked. If such a button does not appear, enter again. of course, there may be exceptions, but it should appear.

It may happen that you do not remember your account details. This usually happens when someone else did the registration for your account. Therefore, after recovery, I advise you to spend a little time and create a new account yourself. The article How to set up the Play Store will help you with this, or watch the video tutorial below. And now you need to find out your data.

Forgot your login

How to Unlock Protected Folder on Samsung

Follow the link: select “I forgot my username”. Here you will need to enter your phone number, to which the account and data are linked during registration.

If this option does not suit you (you do not know the data specified during registration), then try another method: connect Android to the computer using a cable and run the proprietary utility for your android (you can download the program and drivers on the manufacturer’s official website). In the “About device” section you can find your Google account login.

You forgot your password

Follow the link: Problems signing in to Google. select “I forgot my password”. You will need to enter your e-mail, then phone number.

How to register in the Play Store from PC (video instruction)

If for some reason this method of unlocking Android without losing data did not suit you, there are still other, more sophisticated ones: a backup with overwriting the files responsible for locking the screen using the Adb run program. “USB Debugging” must be enabled before the problem occurs. We have analyzed the easiest and most versatile way to unlock Android without losing data.

This method will allow you to save all the data to the device, and it is also very simple: but there is also an important point. this method will only work on devices where there is a Recovery Mode and an SD card in the device. On different devices, entering the recovery mode happens in different ways and you have to google it yourself, but the most common way to enter recovery is used by all Xiaomi smartphones and many others:

  • Turn off the device
  • Press the power button and the “volume up” button
  • If you are lucky, you will be taken to the Recovery menu

Did you manage to enter the recovery? Congratulations! Then go to the instructions below, otherwise try the other 4 methods, if nothing helps, then you just have to reset to factory settings. Don’t know how to get into recovery. see this instruction.

Instructions for installing Aroma File Manager via recovery

    Download the archive from Aroma from the link below (IMPORTANT! Do not unpack the archive! The first archive v1.80 is more stable, the second v2.00. with the program in Russian) [1.43 Mb] (Downloads: 18257) [1.92 Mb] (Downloads: 12302)

  • We drop the archive with the program to the root of the SD card of the device (you may be lucky and when you connect to the device with a USB cable, you will be able to transfer files, otherwise you will have to use a card reader, do not rush to buy it right away. in almost any cellular salon you will be helped with the transfer of the archive to a memory card for a nominal fee)
  • We enter Recovery and select the “Install Zip from SD Card” item and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager
  • After installation, the program will start right in the recovery
  • We go into the settings and look for the item “Automount all devices on start”
  • We exit the program or from recovery and enter again, install the program again as in step 3 (this is necessary so that the system partition where the key is graphically stored is mounted)
  • Now using the program, go to the folder: “Data Folder” “System Folder” and look for “gesture.key” or “password.key”
  • We delete the found file and reboot the device, a surprise awaits you. the device is unlocked 🙂
  • If you have synchronized your data or backed up your android, then perhaps you should not waste time looking for another way to unlock Android, but do a Hard Reset. If you do this, you will lose all your data.

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    Decrypting a device or memory card

    Almost always, security manipulation is the culprit for the inability to remove the screen lock. For example, built-in encryption algorithms may be the cause of the problem. In an effort to protect the configured settings and personal data from hacking, you are forced to put a password on the gadget, but in order to subsequently disable the PIN, you must first abandon encryption:

    • Open the menu and go to “Options”.
    • Choosing “Security”.
    • We are looking for the section “Encryption and tap on it.
    • Choose “Decrypt.
    • Go through the line “Encrypt external memory” and click “Disable”.

    To successfully complete the changes made, open the “Lock Screen” and tap “No”. After disabling encryption, the key will be removed.

    Removing certificates

    Another “culprit” of the impossibility of unlocking in the standard way through the settings menu is once installed applications, which demanded, in the name of security, to put a digital or graphic password on the smartphone used. One of the applications that you once downloaded from the playmarket contains special security certificates, and while they are valid on your smartphone, you will not be able to remove the key.

    There is only one way out. to remove the notorious security certificates, following the step-by-step instructions:

    • We open “Security”.
    • Looking for ” options”.
    • Click “Delete credentials”.

    The system will ask you to confirm the deletion, after which it remains to wait for the cleaning to complete, reboot and try to remove the pin in the standard way through the menu.

    Third-party security certificates are not always to blame: if the line “Delete credentials” is not active when opening a section, then there are no programs on Android that make it impossible to unlock.

    How to remove password from Samsung phone

    How to remove password from Samsung phone? A seemingly simple task, sometimes not feasible due to malfunctions in the smartphone. The article provides working methods on how to get rid of the service that has become unnecessary.

    Disable administrator rights

    A number of applications require administrator rights for stable operation, but providing them with this functionality sometimes leads to errors when trying to remove the smartphone screen block. It is easy to fix the problem by following the instructions:

    • We go into the Samsung settings and look for the “Lock Screen”.
    • Here we stop at “Other parameters”, then tap on “Device Administrators”.
    • The list contains all the “privileged” programs. Next to each, move the sliders to disable administrator rights for them.

    In standard cases, all sliders move, but if one of them is inactive, there is a virus on the Samsung device. Remove it using a mobile antivirus, and then perform the manipulation to disable administrator rights again. The culprit program, of course, will also need to be removed from the phone, thoroughly cleaning up its traces on the device.

    How to disable password on Samsung

    The algorithm for canceling a security and privacy feature is quite simple:

    • We go into the settings of the smartphone on Android and look for the item “My device” in the menu.
    • We enter the section and look for “Lock Screen”.
    • We tap on the tab and evaluate what protection methods are used by the smartphone. To prevent the phone from asking you to enter the pattern / numeric key, select “No”.

    The standard method does not always work: in some cases, the screen block is not canceled, and then you have to look for the reason: the enabled secure network, running memory encryption, using administrator rights and other technical nuances prevent the service from being disabled.

    Top Reasons to Remove Password from Samsung Phone

    There may be several reasons to learn how to remove a password on an old Samsung:

    • you keep forgetting your pin;
    • you gave your smartphone to relatives who find it difficult to enter the key;
    • you were given a smartphone or you bought it from your hands;
    • the key was installed accidentally and is absolutely unnecessary;
    • the smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen does not respond well to touch.

    Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already worked out a sufficient period of time, and the touchscreen responds with malfunctions. Entering a password in such a situation becomes a real pain.

    VPN Removal

    An enabled VPN is the main culprit for inability to unblock. A virtual network provides secure access to the network, and when activated, the transmitted data is effectively hidden from strangers and fraudsters. But using a VPN has a downside: the function requires all-round protection of the device, therefore, before starting the virtual network, the system will require the user to install a key to remove protection.

    The installed security key is not disabled during VPN operation by standard methods. To remove a pin, you need to remove the virtual network using the following algorithm:

    • Go to the smartphone menu.
    • Select the section “Connections”.
    • We tap on the “Other settings” tab.
    • Select the line “VPN”.

    Open the properties of the virtual network used on the smartphone by tapping on the “gear” icon and select “Delete”. After manipulation, reboot the phone and delete the block in the above standard way.

    Data reset

    If the above methods did not help, then how to unlock the phone if you forgot the picture password or you no longer need it? In a situation, only resetting Samsung to factory settings will help, since everything indicates a serious system failure.

    To reset your device, you need to prepare. A total reboot of the phone will completely destroy all settings, programs and applications that were installed on Samsung. Save all passwords in Google through the “Backup and reset” section of the settings menu, back up software and instant messengers so as not to lose important data or access to online banking and accounts. Pay special attention to media files. transfer video, photos and audio stored in Samsung’s memory to your PC. After completing the preparatory activities, proceed with the reset:

    • Opening the settings.
    • Go to the section “Accounts”.
    • At the bottom, tap the section “Archiving and reset”.
    • Select the line “Data reset”.
    • Click “Reset”.

    After manipulation, Samsung will revert to factory settings. The procedure allows you to eliminate the consequences of system failures, and the gadget starts working conditionally “like new”. Now the owner has a serious and laborious work to install the necessary programs and applications, the passwords of which have been successfully saved in the Google account.

    Disc is write protected

    An error in which you receive a notification that the file cannot be deleted can manifest itself in two forms:

      Disc is write protected.

    You need permission to perform this operation.

    In both cases, the solution is the same and in most cases it should help.

    Find the file you want to unlock.

    Right click on the file and select Properties.

    Open the Security section.

    Click on the Change button.

    Uncheck all the boxes in the Deny column.

    Save your changes and close the properties window.

    After completing this instruction, try deleting the file again. If the method did not bring the desired result, pay attention to the last chapter. In it, we will take a closer look at how to forcibly take away the rights to any file in the Windows 10 operating system.

    Deleting files using the command line

    The method of deleting files via the command line is not very different from the usual one, however, it has the highest rights and in some cases can help. At least worth a try.

    Run Command Prompt as Administrator.

    Next enter the command del d: \ work \ file.txt
    The formula is as follows: [delete command] [path to the file, including the name and its format]. All conditions must be met, otherwise the system will not find the right path and you will receive an error.

    Upon completion of the process, the file must be successfully deleted.

    How to delete a folder or file that cannot be deleted

    Lack of permission to modify files

    This problem occurs in users who use a standard account and try to open a file that only system administrators have access to.

    The error is manifested as follows:

    Unfortunately, this problem can only be solved by acquiring administrator rights. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to access the file. Solve the issue with the PC administrator.

    File or folder is open in another program

    An error in which you receive a notification The action cannot be performed, since this file is open in “Program name” occurs when the file acts as one of the main elements of the application. In this case, it may seem to you that nothing is running on the computer and an error, in principle, cannot occur. However, the error will not occur just like that.

    To fix this error, we need to reset the process of the program blocking access to the file. It’s easy to do this:

    In the error message, pay attention to which program is using your file.

    Open the Run utility with the Windows R keyboard shortcut.

    Enter the command resmon.exe and press Enter.

    In the window that opens, find the application you need. Based on the example above, we will consider the situation with Total Commander. Right click on the program and press the End Process key.

    After the process is reset, try deleting the file again.

    How to delete protected folder in Windows 10

    Learn how to unblock and delete a protected file in less than 2 minutes. Success guarantee

    It is difficult to imagine a more unpleasant picture than the inability to delete any file. For example, on the desktop. I want to leave more free space so that my favorite wallpapers look as beautiful as possible and without unnecessary garbage, but the result is the opposite. Regardless of the reason, the “immortal” file can cause significant inconvenience, up to the annoyance of the user. And this must be avoided.

    In this article, we will look at three ways to delete a folder or file with a ban on this action. And the last chapter will tell you how to take the rights to any document and delete it, even if the previous methods had no effect. Let’s get started!

    Ultimate solutions

    This section contains “heavy artillery” for deleting files. We have specially moved these two methods into a separate block. The reason for this is simple: they are more complicated and often not even needed in everyday life. In most cases, the first three methods do just fine with deleting folders and documents.

    However, if for some reason you run into difficulties, let’s annihilate this annoying file that does not want to go to the trash.

    Could not find this item

    “This item could not be found” is a common error that probably every user has encountered. There are two reasons why it could arise:

    • System crash.
      For example, the logic in the rights to a file was broken, and even as the administrator of the document, you cannot open it. Or, for example, “strange” characters appear in the file path line that cannot even be read.
    • Virus attack.
      Your computer is infected with a virus that affects the problem file in one way or another. You can fix the problem by scanning your computer and removing malicious software.

    If you cannot open the file and the system reports that it has disappeared, we recommend using the Total Commander application. It works at a deeper level than “Explorer” and, as a result, allows you to influence even those documents that are usually inaccessible.