How to unlock phone without Samsung password

How to unlock the phone with Samsung if you forgot the password or there was a failure

The question of how to remove the lock from the phone Samsung if I forgot the password when you turn on can stand before each user. Perhaps you simply forgot the combination you need, or there was a software malfunction, and logging into the phone using the standard methods is no longer available. In any case, to unlock the Samsung Galaxy with your own hands is real.

If you still have the receipt and (or) the box, you can call or write to the company’s tech support with a request to unlock the Samsung. it is not the fastest way, but it is effective nevertheless. But if you want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy by yourself, you can try the following methods.

Service Find My Mobile

This method is suitable if the smartphone is logged into the account, Samsung, as well as have access to the Internet. To allow the device to access the network when the screen is locked, you can insert a SIM card with 3G or LTE connected.

  • Go to the official website of the service from the browser of your computer or another phone;
  • enter the login and password from the Samsung account that is used on the locked gadget;
  • click the “Login” button;
  • If you have several Samsung gadgets connected to your account, select the item with the name of the desired device in the upper left corner;
  • Click on the “” button in the left menu;
  • Tap Unlock my device;
  • In the window that appears, type your account password;
  • confirm the action, the smartphone will reset the password from the lock screen.

Restore the login data for your Samsung account on Find My Mobile by clicking on the “Find your ID or password” line, which is located slightly below.

Security pin code

If blocking using the graphic key, the system requires entering an additional PIN code. It is recommended to record this combination in a safe place (not on the phone).

Subsequently, if you need to unlock Samsung without a pattern key using an additional PIN, you just need to click on the line “Additional. PIN” line and enter the saved code.

Deleting the Pattern Lock via Google Account

This method of how to unlock a Samsung phone works on models with Android up to and including version 5, and helps only if the user has forgotten the pattern key. To release the lock:

If the desired inscription is not on the screen of your smartphone, it means that it has a newer firmware, or you have not logged into your Google account.

Safe Mode

The safe mode on Android devices allows to fix the failures, occurred during the OS work, and also to restore the access to the gadget, which password was forgotten.

How to unlock Samsung phone from safe mode:

  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds until “Disconnect” appears on the screen;
  • tap on the line and hold your finger till you’ll see a message about entering safe mode
  • confirm the action;
  • go to the settings and disable the login using the password (or change it);
  • Reboot your device to reset it to its original state.
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How to unlock a Samsung phone Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile. it is a special service for Samsung users that allows you to use various functions. This will help you unlock your Samsung in minutes. In addition to unlocking, you can use this service as a backup and recovery platform, or you can erase your data and more.To understand how to unlock your Samsung phone if you forgot your password, follow these steps. Note that to use this you will need to enable the remote control feature by selecting “Settings” “Lock Screen and Security” “Find My Mobile” enable “Remote Control”. Also, don’t forget to sign in to your Samsung account.

Open a web browser and visit the official Find My Mobile website.

Log in using your Samsung ID and password.

Select the “Unlock” option from the tabs provided.

Now click on “Unlock”. It will reveal all the information about the locked screen.

How to unlock Samsung using the Find My Mobile tool

This is an easy way to unlock your Samsung device if you have created a Samsung account and registered it in advance.

2) Sign in with your Samsung log-in information.

3) On the Find My Mobile account interface, you should see your registered phone on the left. This tells you that you are registered in this account.

4) On the left sidebar, select “Unlock screen”.

unlock, phone, samsung, password

5) Now select “Unlock” and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

6) You should receive a window notifying you that your screen is unlocked.

unlock, phone, samsung, password

7) That’s it. Your phone should be unlocked.

Social methods of unlocking your mobile device

In addition to purely technical, there are other ways to learn or overcome the PIN code, or the graphic code (pattern) of the lock screen. In some cases, social methods can be more effective than technical solutions and help unlock devices that the existing technical developments pass up.

This section will describe methods of unlocking the screen of your mobile device which do not require (or require only limited, partial) use of technical means. Social attacks require learning as much as possible about the psychology of the owner of the locked device, understanding how he generates and stores passwords or graphical patterns. Also, the explorer will need a little bit of luck.

When using methods related to password guessing, keep in mind that:

  • Entering ten incorrect passwords on Apple mobile devices can erase a user’s data. This depends on the security settings that the user has set;
  • Root of Trust technology may be used on Android mobile devices, which will cause the user’s data to be either inaccessible or erased after 30 incorrect passwords are entered.

ask for a password

It may seem strange, but the unlock password can be found out simply by asking the owner of the device. Statistics show that about 70% of mobile device owners willingly give up their password. Especially if it will shorten the investigation time and, therefore, the owner will get his device back faster. If there is no possibility to ask the password from the owner (for example, the owner of the device has died) or he refuses to disclose it. you can get the password from his close relatives. As a rule, relatives know the password or can suggest options.

Protection tip: The password from your phone is a universal key to all data, including payment data. Talking, transmitting, texting it in messengers is a bad idea.

spy a password

The password can be spied while the owner is using the device. Even if you remember your password (symbolic or graphical) only partially, it will significantly reduce the number of possible variants.

A variation of this method is the use of surveillance camera footage of the owner unlocking the device with a graphic password [2]. The algorithm described in “Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts” [2], by analyzing video recordings, allows you to guess variants of the pattern lock and unlock the device in several attempts (as a rule, it takes no more than five attempts). According to the authors, “the more complex the graphical password, the easier it is to crack.

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Recommendation for protection: Using a graphic key is not a good idea. The alphanumeric password is very difficult to spy.

Find the password

Password can be found in the device owner’s notes (files on the computer, in the diary, on the fragments of paper lying in the documents). If a person uses several different mobile devices and they have different passwords, sometimes in the battery compartment of these devices or in the space between the smartphone body and the case, you can find scraps of paper with written passwords:

Security tip: don’t keep a password pad. This is a bad idea, except for the case when all those passwords are known to be false, in order to reduce the number of attempts to unlock.

Fingerprints (Smudge attack)

This method allows to detect hand traces on the display of the device. You can see them by coating the device screen with light fingerprint powder (instead of special forensic powder you can use baby powder or other chemically inactive fine powder of white or light gray color) or by looking at the device screen in oblique rays of light. By analyzing the mutual location of handprints and having additional information about the device owner (for example, knowing his year of birth), one can try to pick a text or graphic password. This is what the post-imaging layer on the smartphone’s display looks like in the form of a stylized letter Z:

unlock, phone, samsung, password

Protection tip: As we said, a graphical password is not a good idea, nor is glass with a poor oleophobic coating.

artificial finger

If a device can be unlocked by a fingerprint, and a researcher has samples of the device owner’s handprints, then a 3D printer can produce a three-dimensional copy of the owner’s fingerprint and use it to unlock the device [3]:

To more fully mimic a live person’s finger. for example, when the smartphone fingerprint sensor is still detecting heat. a 3D model is put on (leaned against) a live person’s finger.

The owner of the device, even forgetting the screen lock password, can unlock the device himself, using his fingerprint. This can be used in certain cases where the owner cannot provide a password, but is nevertheless willing to help the researcher unlock their device.

The researcher should keep in mind the generations of sensors used in different models of mobile devices. Older sensors can detect almost any finger, not necessarily the owner’s. On the contrary, modern ultrasonic sensors scan quite deeply and clearly. In addition, a number of modern sub-screen sensors are simply CMOS photo cameras, which cannot scan the depth of an image, making them much easier to fool.

Protection Recommendation: If a finger, only an ultrasonic sensor. But don’t forget that it’s easier to put your finger against your will than your face.

“Mug attack

The method is described by the British police [4]. It consists of covertly following a suspect. The moment the suspect unlocks his phone, a plainclothes agent snatches it from the owner’s hands and prevents the device from locking again until it is handed over to experts.

Using the back button to unlock your Samsung

In some cases, the old tried-and-true method of unlocking your Samsung screen may work.

  • Take a loved one’s phone and call your locked device;
  • Accept the call on your locked device, and without disconnecting, press the “Back” button;
  • You will be able to access the locked device without a password;
  • Go to your gadget’s security settings and try to remove your existing password.

What to do if nothing helps

Despite the fact that today we have considered all the options on how to unlock the Samsung screen lock or password, there will still be people who will not be able to bring the case to its logical conclusion. In such a situation, the owner of a Samsung GT, J2 Core or any other model is recommended to review all the ways once again to find out at what stage an error was made.

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If even in this case, unlocking the Samsung screen proves impossible, you will have to turn to the method offered by the company itself. Those who do not know how to unlock the phone number or other smartphone inputs, the manufacturer advises to contact one of the service centers. To find the nearest one, you need to visit a special page.

Also, just in case, write down the number on your Samsung phone, which is assigned a call center who can help. 8-800-555-55-55. Specialists will help to solve the problem, both on the smartphone and on the tablet. Technical support is available from 05:00 to 22:00 Moscow time.

What to do if you forgot your Sony password

In addition to the general method we listed that allows you to use the emergency call button to unlock your phone, Sony has provided users of its gadgets with a special way to unlock.

  • Turn on your Sony phone and go to the emergency call screen;
  • On the Emergency Call screen, type the following combination in the dialing field:

You will see a technical menu from Sony with “Service Test” section;

After it, additional items will be displayed, among which select ” NFC→Dag Test “. Tap on this item;

Press the “Home” key and you can get into your phone without dialing an emergency call.

Bypass Samsung screen lock, password, pin code and fingerprint without data loss

Run Android Toolkit on your computer Download and install Android Lock Screen Removal Data Recovery on your computer. Then start the program and tap “Remove Android screen lock”.

Start the uninstall process Click on the Start button to start the uninstall process.

Connect your Samsung to your computer Once you see the prompts below, connect your Samsung to your computer using a USB cable. Note that the USB debug mode on your device must be enabled before.

Remove password on Samsung Completed Now Android Lock Removal Data Recovery has unlocked your Samsung without a password. You can go to your phone and confirm if your device has a lock screen password or not.

The whole removal task is so easy, isn’t it? In addition Android Lock Screen Removal also allows you to recover deleted data from your Android device after losing data under any circumstances, it allows you to recover data from Android SD card/Android memory card as well.

Use the function on Samsung “Find My Mobile” if you forgot your password

To remove a new password on Samsung, if you suddenly forgot the old one, a special reset function ” Find My Mobile ” will help. This feature is equipped with the vast majority of phones of this brand. If you have created your Samsung account and registered it earlier, then you can use.

Reset your gadget to factory settings. Latest solution that can help you unlock forgotten password of your Samsung phone. Keep in mind, though, that all your data on your phone will be deleted after the reset.

  • Click on “Settings” on your phone;
  • Find the ” Backup & Reset ” (Restore & Reset) section there;
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