How to Unlock on iPad 4 Mini

Mobile devices have the ability to get lost, and are also one of the objects of close attention of attackers. Protecting the owner of the iOS device from loss or theft will help Apple’s Find iPhone service.

Find iPhone (Find My iPhone) will allow you to detect a lost mobile iOS device, and in case of theft block your iPhone or iPad. In general, the “Find iPhone” feature opens the following possibilities for owners of apple devices:

  • device search and display of its geo-location on the map;
  • the ability to play an audio signal through iCloud on your iOS device to detect it. It is extremely important if you have a habit of forgetting your smartphone in the most unexpected places in an apartment or office, for example;
  • in case of theft of a mobile device, the ability to activate the loss mode via iCloud. When using this feature, the owner is invited to block the iPhone, iPad, after entering a four-digit password code. In the future, it will be possible to unlock the device only through this password code;
  • and the last, no less important, opportunity is the remote cleaning of all personal data stored in a mobile device.
How to Unlock on iPad 4 Mini

What is Activation Lock on iPhone?

Activation lock or Activation Lock is a new “Find iPhone” feature introduced with the release of iOS 7. Thanks to the activation lock, which automatically activates when the “Find iPhone” function is activated, without an Apple ID password, deleting personal information from a mobile device or re-activating it becomes impossible.

The fact is that Activation Lock reliably secures the Apple ID for the iPhone or iPad used, after which, to remove content and reactivate it, you must disable the Find iPhone feature or enter the Apple ID password. At the same time, even flashing and restoring from DFU mode does not solve the problem.

How to unlock activation on iPhone

An activation lock designed to protect Apple’s mobile devices can easily turn out to be a big problem for owners who have forgotten their Apple ID password and are not able to reset it, which makes Activation Lock disabling particularly relevant.

In the present, there are officially no ways to circumvent the “Activation Lock”. However, there are a couple of services with which, according to their creators, you can disable this protective function.

One of these is a service called Chronicunlocks, the owners of which, claiming that they are able to disable the protection of the Cupertinians, at the same time emphasize the impossibility of disabling Activation Lock on smartphones and tablets in the “Lost Mode”. Well, that pleases. The cost of such a service will be about 150. Learn more about ChronicUnlocks here:

The second service, allowing you to bypass the “Activation Lock”, is a joint product of two hacker teams. AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog. and is known as doulCi. Those who chose doulCi were offered to make changes to the hosts file, in which new server addresses were registered. Then the device was switched to DFU mode, after which, instead of Apple servers, a request was made to hacker servers that read all the necessary information and disabled Activation Lock. However, as noted, unlocked devices with a SIM card stopped working with mobile networks.

You cannot use doulCi at the moment, because servers to bypass activation lock are not available. Nevertheless, you can always follow the news of the developers of the doulCi team. Perhaps they will activate the server or find new solutions.

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