How to Unlock Locked Iphone 5s

What to do if the smartphone offers to wait a couple of days before entering the password.

What happens when you lock

iPhone pretty jealously guards the owner’s data. Just turn on the password. A smartphone immediately becomes useless in the wrong hands, unless you take apart the details.

The lock screen cannot be bypassed right away, it is well protected, including password guessing. After five incorrect attempts, the iPhone will only go to the sixth in a minute. By the seventh in 5 minutes. By the eighth. after 15.

Even if the owner received his phone back, he simply cannot enter the password. Example. Once my iPhone was in the hands of my nephew. The blocked brick returned.

Rebooting does not solve the problem, but only slightly decreases the counter. It would seem easier to postpone the smartphone until tomorrow. But this is not a solution, dig further.

There are three ways you can revitalize your iPhone:

Via iTunes
if the Find iPhone feature is disabled

How to Unlock Locked Iphone 5s

Push Restore iPhone

After restoring the firmware, roll up the backup. Then the iPhone itself will ask you to enter a new password.

Via iCloud

Choose Find iPhone. All devices. the device we need.

Push Erase iPhone, then the smartphone connected to Wi-Fi will go through the recovery procedure.

We install the backup through the cloud (or through the computer) and enter a new password.

Through recovery mode

A window will pop up on the computer in which you need to click on the button “Reestablish”.

After the recovery is complete, roll up the backup and set a new password.

Excess headache. However, if a smartphone is needed urgently, there is nowhere to go. Of course, when it is locked for only 15 minutes, it’s easier to wait. Restore longer.

It makes sense to try one of the above methods only if the unit is standing for several hours.

P.S. For those who “found” a smartphone on the street: if you don’t know the Apple ID. don’t even try to get the password off someone else’s handset, it still won’t work.