How to Unlock Iphone Tied To Apple Id

How to bind iPhone to Apple iD via iTunes

Owners of “apple” devices can see a list of devices that have a connection with Apple ID. Also available is the removal of unnecessary gadgets through iTunes.

When applying a number of functions of iTunes, iOS. devices, as well as ordinary PCs / laptops on the machine are attached to the ID. After that, you can download music tracks, movies, books, and other content purchased from the iTunes Store to your iPhone or iPad. You can also activate the option of automatic downloads on devices connected to each other.

How to Unlock Iphone Tied To Apple Id

But sometimes owners of Apple technology are puzzled by the question of how to untie the ID and make this operation as easy and quick as possible. Today we will analyze this topic. First, let’s talk about what is the binding of an iPhone to an iOS gadget.

What does it mean to bind ID?

We will not talk about how to attach the device to this number or iTunes, since this procedure is very easy. Recall that it is possible to do this with 10 gadgets (no more), of which 50% can be computers.

The list of devices is provided in iTunes. It is absolutely not necessary that it will be identical to those gadgets from which the user ID was logged in. This list can be found on the account ID page. Owners of iOS devices are more concerned with another question. if the iPhone is tied to Apple ID how to unlock it, but we will talk about this in detail below.

For the purchase of products and downloading recent purchases, the connection of equipment units is not required. The associated device is deleted in such situations:

Delete iOS devices

To open the iTunes machine and enter the account information section, click on the viewing link. You can also do this:

  • Open iTunes.
  • Log in using ID.
  • In the menu bar at the top of the PC display, select the accounting item, and then the viewing section.
  • Drive in the password characters and click on the enter or browse button.
  • Proceed to the bottom of the page under the section “iTunes in the cloud” and click on the device management item. If no gadgets are attached to the ID, this item will not be displayed.

By clicking on the device management section, we will immediately see information about all such devices. Next to the names, the dates of binding to the ID are displayed. You can also see how many days are left before the period when the device can be tied to a different ID.

If there is no gadget in the pop-up list, bind it to the ID. Then re-open the list in iTunes and make sure that the name appears there.

How to untie (delete) devices?

An unpleasant situation is when, after flashing an iPhone or iPad, they request data from someone else’s account. Of course, the question immediately arises of what to do and whether the number can be untied.

Usually, those who have acquired equipment from their hands, that is, who have been in use, fall into this situation. And so that such situations arise as little as possible, we’ll talk about how to untie the number, and what to do to make the device unlocked and not ask for someone else’s account.

If you find yourself in such a situation, proceed according to the algorithm presented below. Of course, any case is unique. But one of the methods should help. So, we do the following.

Disable accounting on iOS. device

If the device is available to you, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Proceed to iCloud settings.
  • Go to the bottom of the display and click on the exit button, and then do the same again.
  • When a request pops up what to do with the data. click on the delete item and type in the ID. password.
  • Enter the basic settings and click the reset section, and after that. erase the content and settings.
  • Here, you probably need to drive in the characters of the unlock password, restrictions and re-confirm the erasure of the iPhone.

After the fifth step, all information from the iOS device will be erased, and the new owner of the gadget will be able to log in with his account and make the device active. The functions of the iPhone or iPad can now be used at 100%.

This method will allow you to untie the device from the Apple ID account if there is no access to the iPhone or iPad. For example, they are sold and the like. If the account does not belong to you, ask the previous owner of the device to follow these steps. Only he can fix an unpleasant situation for you.

  • Go to the iCloud resource on the network and log in using the ID to which the iPhone (or other “apple” device) is attached.
  • Go to the search section of the iPhone and select the item of all devices to display a list of devices associated with the account. Click on the gadget to be deleted.
  • In the pop-up window on the right, click on erase the iPhone.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking on the erase item.
  • To end the operation of erasing the device and removing it from the account. type in the password ID symbols. Ignore the windows for entering SMS that appear.

This completes the procedure. The device after the steps taken will be untied from the account. When the gadget is reconnected to the network, a full cleaning procedure will start on it. Upon completion, the phone will have the initial settings, as if you just purchased it. Now it can be configured with a different account.

There are situations when the device is tied to someone else’s ID, but it does not work to connect it to the network. Then the start of cleaning is not possible. In this case, we re-enter the “cloud” and in the list of all devices click on the cross next to the gadget to be erased. After we perform a flashing through DFU.

Apple’s campaign is tightening its security policy every year. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it reaches the point of absurdity. For example, the security of iOS devices is based on the assumption that stolen phones or iPads cannot be used. The developers realized this idea, simply. tied all Apple devices to the Apple owner ID. This protection is activated in the iPhone menu using the iCloud cloud service. Finding the location of a phone or tablet using this function is extremely simple, as well as blocking the device, literally turning it into a “brick” or a “cutting board” —who really like it anymore.

A feature of this protective function is that if binding to a specific Apple ID is carried out, it cannot be eliminated either by a complete reset or by changing the firmware for a mobile device.

But what if you are an honest owner of the iPhone, but not a new device, but bought it already, and the previous owner was not particularly honest or just forgot to disable Apple ID binding before selling? To avoid a lot of problems and even money loss you need to buy a used phone in a complete set, which includes the phone itself, charger, headset, Lightning cable and all this should be packed in a box on which are indicated: serial number and IMEI that match the data on iPhone In addition, it is advisable that the seller provides you with a check on the initial purchase. over, if the selling party cannot offer you all this, then with a 99% probability your purchase will turn into the same idle “brick” on the same day.

If you bought a used iPhone according to all the rules, but it is still tied to the Apple ID of the previous owner, then the easiest and fastest way to “untie” the phone is to find the former owner and ask him to untie the device. If he does not know how to do this, then you can dictate the following actions to him:

    1. You need to go into iTunes and click on the “Login” button, then enter your Apple ID password.
    2. Go to the “Account” section.
    3. Go to the “Device Management” subsection. (Located at the bottom of the page, in the iTunes section of the cloud).
    1. Now it remains only to click on the “Delete” button. Here you need to carefully select the device to be deleted, since there may be several of them.

    If it was possible to contact the former owner, he did all the above items correctly and untied the device. you are delightful and now you can safely use your new purchase.

    But what if the used iPhone is tied to an Apple ID and the track has caught a cold from the former owner?

    Then there is only one way out. You need to contact Apple Technical Support. Apple technical support phone number in the Russian Federation is 7 495 580 95 57. If you live in a country where there is no such service, you need to write a letter in English to the address In the letter of appeal you need to describe in detail your problem, in the subject line indicate “Activation Lock. Purchase Validation”. But that is not all. You will have to scan or photograph all the attached documents that would indicate that you really bought the device, and not stole it around the nearest corner. Best if the seller’s contact details and iPhone serial number were visible on the photo or scan. In addition, the photograph should have all three components at the same time. a phone, a purchase receipt and ID c boxes. If you cannot provide such data, then there is no other way to unlock your phone or any other Apple mobile device. Therefore, be careful when buying and do not contact suspicious sellers!

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    How to bypass iPhone and iPad activation lock using doulCi [instruction]

    Members of the hacker group doulCi launched the service. allowing to bypass Activation Lock technology. The function works on Apple mobile devices and blocks lost or stolen gadgets.

    Activation Lock appeared in the iOS 7 operating system and allows owners of Apple mobile devices to restrict access by unauthorized persons to the functions and contents of the iPhone and iPad in case of theft or loss. However, thanks to the development of Dutch hackers, this technology can be circumvented.

    The doulCi service acts as an intermediary between iOS devices and iCloud. iPhone and iPad at the same time mistakenly identify it as an Apple server. At the time of unlocking, the server intercepts signals coming from the gadget to iCloud and in the opposite direction. Thus, if a person decides to use the service, hackers will have access to Apple ID passwords and other personal information stored in the cloud.

    According to hackers, their invention has gained popularity among users. every few minutes the lock is removed from several thousand devices. Hackers also emphasize that they developed activation bypass technology exclusively for owners of smartphones themselves, so that they can bring them back to life.

    How to unlock iPhone and iPad activation using doulCi:

    Step 1. The first step is to open the hosts file on a computer with iTunes installed. To find the hosts system file:

    • on Mac OS X you need to go to the / etc / folder through the Go. Go to the folder in the Finder.
    • on Windows open C: WindowsSystem32driversetc and find host.

    Step 2. In the hosts file, add ONE of the following lines:


    Step 3. The stolen or lost iPhone or iPad should be connected to the computer and put the gadget in DFU mode. To do this: hold the lock button for 3 seconds; without releasing the lock button, press the main button for 10 seconds; while holding the main button, release the lock button; continue holding the button for 30 seconds, after which the utility will start the procedure. When you see a gray background on the screen, the button can be released.

    Step 4. This stage is the main one. When the device tries to connect to Apple’s servers to verify activation (this happens every time iOS devices connect to iTunes), the hosts file will redirect the request to hacker servers. The latter will read device information, including the serial number and other unique identifiers.

    Step 5. DoulCi servers will process the activation request and unlock it. An iPhone or iPad tied to someone else’s Apple ID can go through the Activate iPhone screen and go to the desktop.

    The only drawback of doulCi is that the iPhone unlocked by this method will not work with the SIM card. The card is blocked due to the features of this method. iOS believes that it is successfully activated, while the iPhone (baseband) modem firmware is not. iPhone cannot be connected to the networks of mobile operators, but you can use all the other functions of the device. Currently, the creators of doulCi are studying the possibility of activating and flashing the iPhone modem.

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    So, now the iPod allegedly connects to the computer (iTunes sees it), but the screen does not light up and it does not turn on. So what’s now. Try recovery.

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