How to Unlock Iphone 8 Plus

How to Unlock Iphone 8 Plus

Most users of Apple technology are accustomed to believing that the process of decoupling the iPhone from the carrier is extremely complex and requires some special knowledge. Most often this is true, but many AT’s iPhoneT give in to unlock after performing an extremely simple operation, which anyone can do. In this instruction in detail about this method.

How to unlock iPhone from ATT

Step 1. Go to the official unlock page AT site smartphonesT.

Step 2. Click on the link. Unlock your device.

Step 3. On the page that opens, opposite the field Are you an ATT wireless customer? check the box No. By this you specify that you are not an AT clientT.

Step 4. Indicate IMEI smartphone in the column of the same name. You can find out IMEI of your iPhone in the menu “Settings“→”The main“→”About device“.

Note: Make and Model fields are filled in automatically.

Step 5. Enter the captcha, accept the rules and click Next.

Step 6. On the next page, specify the first name, last name, email address and click Submit. The mail must be specified correctly so that you have the opportunity to confirm the start of the unlock procedure.

Step 7. In the email from ATT follow the link confirm to confirm the start of the unlock procedure.

In this simple way, you request ATT unlock your iPhone. If there is an unlock option, then the smartphone will be unlocked within the next two days. You can track the status of the procedure on special page AT siteT.

After entering the IMEI and the request number on it (indicated in the letter), the service will inform you whether the unlock is completed or not. If at the moment the request has not yet been processed, in the column Current status will be indicated In progress, as in the image below.

If everything went well and the restriction on working with other mobile operators was lifted from the iPhone, in the column Current status will be listed Approved.

In most cases, the AT serviceT works extremely quickly. With our test iPhone, the lock was released in just a few minutes!

Is it possible to unlock this way from any AT iPhoneT Unfortunately no. If the smartphone is in the blacklist of the operator, the contract for the iPhone remains debts, or there are other various factors, then in such cases it will not be possible to perform unlock on your own. You will have to resort to the services of professionals who conduct the Premium-unlock procedure.

How to determine why it is impossible to unlock?

If the service reports that it is not possible to perform an unlock, along with this, it clarifies why it happened this way, showing an error message.

  • This device is not eligible for an unlock at this time. this message appears if the application for unlock was submitted three times in a row. In this case, you must wait a week.
  • The account holder information you provided does not match our records. iPhone activated by AT SIMT. It is necessary to make a complete reset of the smartphone and not perform subsequent activation.
  • Your device seems to be active on an ATT customer’s account. Please re-submit your device unlock request with the appropriate customer type or device information. the smartphone is tied to the active user account ATT. Only he can apply for unlock.
  • You have not completed all the payments for your device according to your ATT Next service agreement. debts remain under the contract.
  • Your device was reported as lost or stolen. the device is blacklisted, that is, declared by its owner as lost / stolen.
  • The IMEI number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX you entered does not match a device compatible with the ATT network. if you entered IMEI correctly, then the iPhone is not tied to the AT operatorT.
  • You haven’t fulfilled your service contract. the terms of the contract are not fulfilled.

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