How To Unlock iPad Air Locked In Icloud

How To Unlock iPad Air Locked In Icloud

Company Apple at the request of law enforcement agencies introduced a blocking system iPhone, iPad and iPod beginning with iOS 7. If earlier the device lock function through iCloud just worked and was bypassed in a couple of minutes, now even professional hackers can’t completely get around iCloud Activation Lock.

Blocking any “apple” device on iOS 7 or iOS 8 it is very simple. Just enter someone else’s account in the menu ICloud on the device, then enable the slider on the function Find iPhone, and the device can be remotely locked. Fraudsters take advantage of the gullibility of inexperienced users and block their devices.

Blocking can occur not only at the hands of attackers, but also out of their own stupidity. Often users create Apple ID, enter it on their device, and then just forget the data from it. Of course, what to leave this account on a smartphone with the option turned on Find iPhone will fail, so many begin to flash their device with a complete data reset through iTunes, but the same pitfall awaits everyone: iTunes after installing a new firmware on a smartphone or tablet, it says that the device is locked and you must enter Apple ID, which was introduced in iCloud.

In RuNet, it was believed that activation lock iCloud can’t get by with legal methods, and you can get around it only by entering your account Apple ID. In fact Apple gives an official opportunity that allows you to completely legally remove iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone and iPad, including iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

If your device is blocked, then first of all, do not beat the panic. You can solve the problem of a blocked device only if you have a receipt from your smartphone or tablet, but there is one small nuance. Staff Apple accept only checks from Apple store, as well as from your resellers in different countries, that is, if your device was purchased on the black market, then it will not be possible to restore it in this way.

You need to take a picture of yourself locked iPhone, iPad or iPod, a box from the device, as well as a check for this device. To do this, put the locked device with the back cover up, put the box on the device so that there is a font code on the photo, and do not forget to add the receipt for purchasing the device to the photo. When the photo is ready, and everything will be clearly visible, then you can proceed to the next stage.

Now you need to write a more or less competent letter in English to the post office eu_eng_purchase_validation@apple.com. A photograph must be attached to the letter, where all the inscriptions are clearly visible. On the Internet, many write that it is necessary to write a letter to FMiPLockEMEA@apple.com, but this is far from the case. This department deals exclusively with the remote disabling of the option. Find iPhone, so if your device is already locked, then there is no point in writing there.

After about 2-3 days, an answer should come to the mail that the smartphone with such a serial number has been successfully unlocked. After that, reboot your locked smartphone and you will no longer see a terrible screen iCloud Activation Lock.

In the fall of 2015, Apple updated its iCloud unlock policy. New iCloud Activation Lock removal instructions are available at this link.

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