How To Unlock Huawei Bootloader Without Code

Loader. software to track the activities of the core of the internal system for the operation of a mobile phone. The necessary utilities are downloaded on various devices, regardless of the type of system. Downloaders are available even on older phone models. Unlocking the Huawei bootloader is easy. We offer brief instructions for performing actions.

How To Unlock Huawei Bootloader Without Code

Last year, the flagship Huawei stopped issuing codes to disable the bootloader using the official method. The main actions of the company are aimed at improving the safety of customers and their equipment. In the event of a failure, users accuse the company of flaws in the smartphone itself. In fact, problems arise precisely because of customer actions.

Why you need an unlocked bootloader

Not sure how to unlock Huawei bootloader? This article will help you understand the basic actions of shutting down the system. Follow the tips to avoid difficulties. It is worth starting with the fact that the application looks like an analogue of the program on a personal computer. It starts with the inclusion of technology. In addition, it prepares the gadget for normal work. If a malfunction occurs, an android failure signal appears on the display. The error code is lit directly on the screen. Unlock Bootloader makes it possible to reinstall any settings, connect new versions of programs, use various firmware, create backup copies of files without using other devices, and resume operating system operation.

How to check if the bootloader is unlocked on Honor and Huawei?

One of the best ways that works on any model is to use the Fashboot service. To check, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install the platform-tools-archive, which contains the ADB and Fastboot services;
  • activate USB debugging on the smartphone;
  • Now you need to connect the mobile device to a personal computer;
  • in a new window, enter the specific code –adb devices and click Enter;
  • then write down the command. adb reboot bootloader;
  • smartphone reboot and turn on;
  • Next, you need to enter in the line fastboot oem device-info;
  • a new window will open where the status of the bootloader will be visible.

The text should highlight a certain phrase. The word "false" means that the service is blocked, and "true". unlocked. It is possible to use other methods, they are universal for the gadgets of the same brand.

Where to download platform-tools and how to install ADB and Fastboot?

Platform-tools. a set of services in which there are ADB and Fastboot platforms. They are necessary to check the status of the bootloader. Most often on devices there is a ban from the manufacturer. In this case, it will only be possible to carry out a check. You can download a folder with files on the official website. Before downloading, enter the username, password from Jimail. After that, determine the type of operating system where the programs will be installed. To install you need:

  1. Highlight a personal view of the OS on the home computer.
  2. After that, review the agreement and confirm the download process.
  3. Unarchiving some data;
  4. The selected fragments are transferred to a previously created folder on the C: \ drive.
  5. Next, the settings are activated independently.

How to enable USB debugging?

Activating USB debugging is an important step when disabling locking. This is necessary for further flashing. On gadgets with the EMUI module, debugging activation is available only with some settings from the developers.

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To start the mode, you need:

  1. Open the "Settings and options" folder on the gadget;
  2. Go to the "System" section;
  3. Click on the line “Device Information”;
  4. Click on the assembly code several times;
  5. Wait until the message “You are a developer” appears on the screen.

An important nuance is to enable permission to remove the ban on Bootloader. Obtaining permission will not unlock the program, but will make it possible to do so in the future. You only need to know a certain combination of numbers.

5 steps to enable resolution and debugging by USB:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section;
  2. Open the “System” item;
  3. Click on the status "For Developers";
  4. We activate the option "Factory unlock";
  5. In the “Debugging” folder we translate the status, activate the “Enabled” position;

Now, the user has permission to unlock.

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How to get unlock code for bootloader Huawei and Honor?

Unfortunately, obtaining official permission from Huawei is not possible. Clients should turn to other platforms and services to receive special codes.

Official ban on unlocking the bootloader

In mid-2018, representatives of Huawei announced the termination of permissions to unlock for 60 days. At the end of the term, the special code was deleted. Now it is impossible to get it for free, regardless of the phone model and country of the user.


Valid combinations are here:

  • Funky Huawei Club;
  • Ministers of Solutions;
  • Global Unlocking Solyushin;
  • DS Huawei Bootloader Codes.

Unfortunately, not all combinations can work continuously. Some have time limits.

Unlock Bootloader on Huawei and Honor in 2020

Removing the ban on the bootloader is possible with the help of additional programs and applications. Finding the right software is easy. The main problem with Huawei gadgets is finding the right combination for resolution. Without it, any action does not matter.

List of required utilities and components

We offer a list of basic utilities for the operation. They need to be downloaded to a computer or tablet:

Another component to unlock is special drivers. Download from trusted sites. Pirated drivers will harm the system and lead to viruses.

Download and unpack

Pay attention to the detailed widget download instructions:

  1. Download the archive to a computer or tablet;
  2. Open the file and click on the “Export” button;
  3. We determine the location of the Windows folder on drive C and click on "OK."

Connecting a smartphone to a computer

In equipment installations, you will need to gain access to use and debugging via USB. Detailed instructions are posted above. Next, you need to deactivate the gadget. After that, restart the system by pressing the sound increase button and the Home key. At the end of the quick boot, connect the smartphone to the computer.

Editing the unlock.bat file

Next, the user modifies the unlock.bat file. Actions for editing:

  1. Go to drive C;
  2. Open the section with the finished archive;
  3. Run unlock and the file itself;
  4. Enter the code received in advance into the command.

Unlock start

The beginning occurs after pressing the "Enter" button. At the end of the operation, you will need to completely restart the gadget. Here you also need to reflash your smartphone and get new root-rights. After starting, the old files and other information will disappear. We recommend that you back up your data so as not to lose valuable contacts, photos and documents.

Is it possible to unlock the bootloader without a code?

Unfortunately no. You must use some code. Otherwise, the phone will be blocked. Repair is required at a service centric.

Additional Information

When performing all the frauds, they should understand that such an intervention can cause irreparable harm to Android. If you are unsure, contact a service center or support service.

Do I need to backup before unlocking?

Every mobile with EMUI 4.1 module clears the parameters. We recommend that you reset the necessary items to a USB flash drive or virtual cloud. Then you will return it back.

Does this method work after the ban in 2020?

The method is not available on gadget models that have been selling since 2018. There are no proven methods. Users acquire codes from the same users. When choosing a combination will be careful! Often, scammers sell useless codes.

Need to install drivers and HiSuite?

HiSuite is optional. When connecting a mobile to a computer, install the driver. Otherwise, a connection error is displayed on the screen.